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Nuance grammar builder

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Home Help Search Login Register. Send this topic Print. Pages: [ 1 ] 2 Go Down. Sosy Newbie Posts: 44 Karma: 0. Hi guys, We've been asked to develope an application than can take letters as input based on italian city names pronouced by the callers eg.

I verified that using builtin grammars it actually works eg. Is there a specific grammar builder I can use? What is the correct Input block configuration when an external Grammar is being used? I'm referring to the samples provided in the Composer templates but I keep getting the "Speech Recognition Error was detected, Goodbye" message when I try to use the following grammar built with Composer: Quote.

Well you won't find such information on Composer as you are using a Nuance product. MCP is just a GW for it. So you need to search for Nuance ASR samples. There is documentation for developers available at their site. Go for it, study it and practice a lot. You can also ask into Nuance forums around. And why don't just use Composer Grammar builder? Hi Cavagnaro, Thanks for you reply, you're always really helpful!

Sorry if I sound a little confused and maybe unprepared I received a lot of different but conflicting advices on the ASR.

I need to understand first if I have to build a grammar and if this grammar can be build via Composer Grammar builder or it needs something else eg. Quote from: cavagnaro on June 19, , AM. Check at Nuance logs to see why it is not accepting the ASR grammar.

If you built it with Composer Grammar Builder, don't forget to click the Default option at the root. Otherwise you will need to specify the section as name. Enviado de meu SM-G usando o Tapatalk. V-Builder falls into the first category. It is truely a complete VoiceXML development environment. You will need to register as adeveloper first before you can download the tool.

For me, the installation process was painless. I installed it on a fresh Windows box without having any other Nuance tools installed. Once V-Builder is installed, there are a number of additional packages that need to be installed, including one or more language packs. Fortunately, Nuance provides built-in support for over 30 languages and dialects, so chances are, your target language will be supported inV-Builder.

One of the highlights of V-Builder is the ability to automatically download and install packagesfrom within the tool with the AutoUpdate Wizard screen shot. This really makes the installation process a breeze. Interface Layout The interface is very intuative and is simple to learn. Icons representing each of the VoiceXML elements aredisplayed in a menu on the lower left side of the screen.

Building a simple VoiceXML document is a matter of dragging an element from the menu into the main composition window. This provides simple enforcement of the VoiceXML standard and reduces the hours that would have been spent troubleshooting bugs as a result of improperly nested elements. A set of menus on the right-hand side of the screen changes based upon the element that is currently selected in the main composition window.

It provides fields to fill in values for the element attributes. In some cases where the attributes have been pre-defined in the specification, a dropdown list or set of radio boxes appears. This reduces the learning curve and transition into developing VoiceXML documents and applications for authors that are just getting started with VoiceXML. The Source tab in the main composition window provides source editing capability for developerswho want direct control of the code.

Thankfully, you can switch back and forth between Design and Source modes without losing your changes. If you were to add a form in the source for exampleand then switched back to design mode, the new form would be represented as a new box in the dialog.

The top left side of the application contains a number of folders that contain the dialogs or VoiceXML content , grammars in GSL format and prompts recorded prompts.

You will also see SpeechObjects menus for prompts and grammars if you installed the SpeechObjects packages. These pre-made components providea great deal of functionality that would otherwise take you tens of hours to develop on your own.

From the Project menu, you can add new or existing prompts, dialogs and grammars to your project. Once new componentshave been added to a project, they can be selected and dropped into a dialog in the compose window. This enables developers to stay in the tool when its time to make the app more dynamic or access database content. You can intermingle dynamictags with grammars and VoiceXML elements.

Still, some developers who have a good handle on VoiceXMLmay prefer to drop back to their preferred editor when developing back-end scripts that querydatabase content through a Web or application server.

SpeechObjects Speaking of database content, V-Builder includes a number of draggable SpeechObject components that make querying a database, scraping content from a Web page, or submitting form content to back-end Web scripts easy. Of course, this can also be done with the embedded scripting tags as well, but its a nice addition that rounds out a terrific tool. SpeechObject components are accessible from a draggable menu of items inthe bottom left hand portion of the interface.

If you decide to use the SpeechObjects components, you shouldmake sure that your production platform fully supports the Nuance platform including SpeechObjects. Recording prompts Another valuable feature is the ability to create and record prompts and drop them into applications. This is done by loading and editing an existing.

Whencreating a new prompt, you are provided with a text field where you can type the prompt script for whoeverwill be recording the prompt. You can then have your voice talent record and review the prompts by selectingeach prompt and pressing the record button. This is possibly the feature that sets V-Builder apart from its competition. By hitting the green play button, V-Builder starts up the Nuance server software and, using the sound card, allows you to interact with the application using the same software that would be run in production.

This is also a great time saver where you may have otherwise spent several hours tuning your prompt delays and synthesized output overthe telephone. Being able to run the application through the Nuance software is a time saver. Probably my favorite V-Builder feature is the ability to test grammar files.

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The language of a grammar also has to match the language of the recognizer engine it is loaded into. Type declarations : declarations of all possible attributes are made in the declaration section of the header part of grammar file. In the declaration section all attributes have to be declared along with their specific type and concept to which they related.

The following are possible generic types: boolean, integer, float, date, string, and list. Definitions of rules contain information about defined concept. For each concept there need to be:. A concept definition can be also recursive, i. The grammar definition can optionally contain O nly defined attributes in declaration section can be used within definition of rules area of a grammar file. Please note that defined attributes will be available to your application once command has been recognized via SSemanticAttribute SafeArray parameter of OnCommand event.

In most circumstances our integrators use semantic attributes in order to differentiate quickly among different set of commands. The grammar must contain phonetics for each Terminal Symbol. These can be generated with:. Additional Information. Since actions are not defined in grammar file, but actually are implemented in event handler, it is possible to have more than one alternative commands for the same action.

Skip to Main Content. Home News and Events More. Expand search. Log in Account Management. Nuance Healthcare Products. Information Article Number. URL Name. Previous Article Number. Summary Briefly describe the article. The summary is used in search results to help users find relevant articles. You can improve the accuracy of search results by including phrases that your customers use to describe this issue or topic. External Article Body. This is also a great time saver where you may have otherwise spent several hours tuning your prompt delays and synthesized output overthe telephone.

Being able to run the application through the Nuance software is a time saver. Probably my favorite V-Builder feature is the ability to test grammar files. A detailed report of the match results against the grammar is displayed after you stop speaking.

Since grammars are the most difficult part of developing a production qualityVoiceXML application, this tool provide a great resource for tuning and refining your grammars beforeyou deploy them to a VoiceXML gateway for testing.

This makes production rollouts easier for Web developers who may not have a good handle on packaging, distributing, and installing software. It uses the WebDav protocol, whichis usually turned off by default on most Web servers, so you will have to turn it on if you wantpush button publishing capabilities. For me, FTP is just as easy. Weaknesses Even though V-Builder is a strong tool, it still has its weaknesses. This is forgiveable given that it isas new as VoiceXML.

A feature that still needs some work is the graphical grammar builder. While I think a visual representation of a grammar can be helpful, V-Builder has a tendancyto erase the contents of the grammar when switching from the diagram to the source view.

This can probably besolved by adding additional memory however. Every now and then, I get an erronious non-critical Java errorthat causes the interface to do strange things, requiring me to restart the application. Also, keep in mind that theseerrors are irregular.

They happen to me maybe once or twice over the course of a day under whichmy machine is usually using all available memory to run several large applications in addition toV-Builder. Conclusion Overall, I give V-Builder a 4 out of 5 rating.

Also, the tool does not yet support the VoiceXML 2. From what I hear, these issues will be resolved in the next release of the productand will likely receive a 5 from this reviewer in the future. From examining and using V-Builder,I really appreciate the time and effort that has been spent to make it easy for developers tobegin developing VoiceXML applications with minimal effort.

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