positive changes in healthcare
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Positive changes in healthcare nuance professional 5

Positive changes in healthcare

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Home healthcare allows healthcare professionals and caregivers to keep their patients healthy and safe at home—a trend that will result in increased demand for home health jobs , thus opening more opportunities for traveling healthcare professionals as more people will see value and safety of this job.

The healthcare workforce is mostly always in the frontline of disasters — whether manmade, pandemic or natural disasters. During disasters, all available resources are needed to further help the healthcare workforce. Naturally, healthcare professionals are trained to respond to these things. Being equipped to do that depends on the measures taken to keep our healthcare workers safe, such as providing personal protective equipment PPE , the personal risks they consider, and the overall value healthcare professionals see in their job.

With most disasters, a high percentage of victims usually come from minority, underprivileged, homeless and chronically ill populations. A way to address that problem is by providing enough resources to ensure that facilities locate the people in these categories, instead of expecting them to find their way to hospitals and clinics. The shortage in healthcare workforce was obvious when, at some point, limited testing was being conducted and contact tracing became difficult as the number of new COVID cases increased daily.

One emerging healthcare trend during this viral outbreak that could continue post-pandemic is the adoption of the Uniform Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioner Act UEVHPA by many states, which permits out-of-state healthcare professionals to work once their licenses are verified.

Learning from our shortcomings and increasing the healthcare workforce during emergencies will put everyone in a better position to give and receive care during a crisis.

The idea of large hospitals turning into health campuses is on the rise. This new healthcare trend will allow healthcare professionals to provide a structured community experience relating to healthcare services such as: elderly care, housing for healthcare professionals and employees, health clubs and fitness facilities, complex care.

According to the Food and Drug Administration FDA , only 28 percent of the factories that make active ingredients for pharmaceuticals for the domestic market are located in the U. There was a time when large percentage of drugs were manufactured domestically until recent years when a lot of drug-manufacturing companies moved overseas to countries like India and China.

Overseas drug manufacturing brought tax incentives and cheaper labor, but there have been instances of shortages in drugs and medical supplies since the outbreak of the pandemic due to border closures, change in exportation policies, and work interruptions.

In the last few months there have been talks about lawmakers confronting this problem and will hopefully continue to find a solution going forward. With companies like Pfizer having more of their manufacturing infrastructures in the U. The effect of the pandemic on the economy is pushing companies and employers to reduce costs wherever possible.

This makes a case for Health Reimbursement Accounts HRAs : an employer-funded healthcare package in which employers reimburse employees for medical expenses, and in some instances, cover health insurance premiums instead of providing insurance as a company to employees.

This gives employers the chance to have more certainty over their healthcare costs and, in the same track, gives employees more flexibility to choose healthcare providers, plans and services. Private health plans will equally devolve financial medical cost risk from the government and compete on cost, quality and patient experience. Another healthcare trend that could emerge involves health insurance coverage not being linked to jobs, which means that coverage and access to healthcare can become more stable over time.

These emerging trends will only improve post-pandemic healthcare insurance options. Although COVID has had devastating effects on the country and around the world, it has also underlined the need for new emerging healthcare trends to keep everyone healthy, safe and well cared for in the future. It has allowed us to balance the scales in terms of what we need to move forward and what healthcare trends will stop trending and become failsafe.

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