centene ethical behavior and staff boundaries course
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Centene ethical behavior and staff boundaries course consumer choice plan cigna

Centene ethical behavior and staff boundaries course

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Develop data specifications for individual trials or pooling across trials and provides guidance to internal programmers or vendors as well. Performs database consistency checks on databases delivered by vendor and sponsor oversight of programming activities performed by vendor. Support in-house production of tables, figures, and listings by writing programming code following good programming practices and ensures the same for project programming team members.

Support in-house QC process by applying the appropriate measures that include writing of code, review of code and ensures the same for project programming team members. Support submissions by ensuring programming deliverables are consistent with current agency standards and guidelines.

Supports resource planning and outsourcing of programming activities. Supports developing and reviewing standard processes and templates. Creates an environment for knowledge sharing within the project programming team and acts as a mentor for new or junior team members.

Drives process improvements within the programming department. Contributes to ongoing improvements in cross-functional and global collaboration and sharing of better practices and knowledge. Maintains up-to-date knowledge and competencies within relevant therapeutic and professional areas.

Proactively develops and maintains good working relationship with stakeholders and colleagues. Participates and represents programming function in teams and meetings both internally and externally.

May represent programming function during inspection related activities. Develops, maintains, and ensures proper documentation is available and properly stored e.

Provides guidance on data structure, organization, and contents of the SDTM-databases to the Dashboard- developers and programmers. Strong experience and technical proficiency in the SAS software package. Experience working in a global context. Oncology and regulatory submission experience a plus. Strong SAS programming skills. This client expects candidates to proactively engage in department activities, lead various initiatives within the department and proactively contributes to support a global organization.

Integration Manager - Healthcare. Geode Health. Texas At Geode Health, we offer: Geode Health is a rapidly growing, national provider of outpatient mental health services. At Geode Health, we take our commitment to patients and providers seriously. Tata Consultancy Services. Senior Manager. Bloomin' Brands. As a Manager, you are eligible for benefits on the first of the month following or coinciding with your hire date or promotion date.

Proposal Manager. Terma Group. Leveraging the outstanding Terma reputation and our strong relationship with the US DoD, Homeland Security and large Prime Contractors for more than three decades, Terma has developed a significant presence in the U.

The Proposal Manager will lead a cross-functional team of experts to analyze customer requirements, develop and organize estimates of work to meet those requirements, coordinate approvals of Senior Terma Leadership and create high-quality finished proposals that comply with internal and customer requirements to enhance Terma's ability to capture new business. Project Manager Remote. Entry Level. Program Manager Remote if in Northeast Region. Conduct lessons learned meetings on an as needed basis with internal AVI-SPL stakeholders to drive corrective measures to retain the highest level of client satisfaction AVI-SPL is a digital enablement solutions provider who transforms how people and technology connect to elevate experiences, create new value, and enable organizations to thrive and grow.

Develop and maintain account specific playbook consisting of standard operating procedures to ensure alignment with internal AVI-SPL stakeholders for consistency in delivery model Host regular meeting cadence with necessary internal AVI-SPL stakeholders to ensure alignment with customer needs and strategy.

Program Manager. The Village Market. Maintain web pages accessible by small business owners and the community at large. Assess the on-going needs of small businesses using various methods course evaluations, periodic surveys, word of mouth and submissions via website. Build and sustain the community by conducting outreach activities, presentations and conversations that convert to new and renewed community engagement.

Lead, plan and review the promotion of all programs by exploring new marketing and outreach opportunities. In order to ensure that each program in their care is executed efficiently, Program Manager regularly perform a variety of tasks that are conducive to Our Village United overall success.

Coordinate the newsletter, periodic email blasts, digital marketing and promotional campaigns. Adapt to working in different locations throughout the c The main function of a Program Manager is to oversee Our Village United's program funding, execution, contractor assignment, budget and goals from start to finish. OSP Project Manager. Telforce Group LLP. Manager, Revenue Optimizer. NielsenIQ is committed to reflecting the diversity of the clients, communities, and markets we measure within our own workforce.

Manager, Revenue Optimizer advises our clients on effective strategic revenue management strategies and tactics, to drive improved business performance. Capgemini Government Solutions. Federal Government. Gather and present metrics regarding project status to clients, technical leads and CGS Program Manager As a Program Manager you will: Capgemini discloses salary range information in compliance with state and local pay transparency obligations.

A global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation, Capgemini is at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of client's opportunities in the evolving world of cloud and digital platforms. Building on its strong year heritage and deep industry-specific expertise, Capgemini enables organizations to realize their business ambitions through various services from strategy to operations.

Capgemini is driven by the conviction that the business value of technology comes from and through people. Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta. The Program Officer should have a deep passion and commitment to increasing the power, resources, and capacity of underrepresented communities in our democracy. The Program Officer will be a key member of the Community team, collaborating with colleagues across the organization to help shape and lead the Foundation's new strategic plan.

The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta works to inspire and lead our region toward equity and shared prosperity for all who call our region home. Mi-GSO Pcubed. Search Max, Inc. Rapidly growing mid-sized general contractor based in the Atlanta-Metropolitan area is seeking a Project Manager!

The Judge Group. Contact: This job and many more are available through The Judge Group. Doctorate Required. Management Consultant.

Strive Consulting. As an employee at Strive, you will grow your skills and experience through a variety of exciting project work across industries and technologies with some of the top companies in the world! Our executive leadership team is dedicated to fostering a strong company culture that encourages our associates to STRIVE for more.

We could boast about our awesome perks but that's not all that separates Strive from the rest of the pack. At Strive we recognize that prospective job seekers are searching for something different.

With 9 individual company culture focused groups committed to professional growth, giving back to the community, learning opportunities, and team camaraderie, there is something for everyone here at Strive.

Strive's Management Consulting practice is growing as we continue to partner with fun and notable clients in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. Our Corporate Recruiting team is excited to talk about our open positions and the opportunities to join the Strive team.

CMES, Inc. Please see below for full Job Description. Project Manager Job Description Experience 1. Cast in place bridges concrete and steel girder , retaining walls, box culverts, MSE walls, sound walls, permanently anchored wall, pedestrian bridges, temporary shoring Productivity 1. Quality a. Strives for excellence in all aspects of work required. Initiative and Output a.

Prioritizing the most important tasks and spends time efficiently to maximize output to achieve established deadlines. Consistent communication with manager about progress Communication 1. Explain contract and technical information to Team to reach objectives.

Takes the lead and initiative to communicate to leadership. Takes the time to hear and understand what direct report s and team members are saying and utilizes that information in decision making, recommendations, and output.

Project Planning and Scheduling 1. Thoroughly reviews and understands all plan details and specifications. Prepare and submit project submittals as required by specifications. Provides schedule and recommendations to direct report s and superintendents. Reviews and provides schedule and expectations to superintendent s and crew.

Plans all phases of the construction lifecycle from initiation to completion. Plans and schedules subcontractor and suppliers weeks in advance. Communicating schedule with superintendents and leadership on a regular basis and making adjustments and recommendations as necessary to achieve project schedule.

Ensuring projects are tracking and completed on schedule. Project Budgeting and Cost Control 1. Thoroughly reviewing and understanding all project cost budgets. Completes a revised cost to completion on a monthly basis. Completes a revised month revenue projection on a monthly basis. Identifies and addresses potential pitfalls that can take a project off budget.

Ensuring that projects are tracking and completed within budget. Professional and Leadership Skills 1. Taking full ownership and responsibility of each project to track and complete within budget and schedule using the company's technology investments. Provides training and mentorship i. Ability and willingness to handle difficult tasks, personnel, and challenges to achieve the best possible outcome. Sets the example as a driven, go-getter that takes initiative and challenges with enthusiasm and optimism.

By Andrew Singer The corporate ombuds office struggles against a perception. By Joe Murphy For a compliance and ethics program to work, it needs support all up and down the line, from the top of the corporate structure to the employees on the front line.

By Joe Murphy Have the board adopt a resolution establishing and empowering the compliance and ethics program. By Andrew Singer Corporate citizenship reports make easy targets. By Joe Murphy For the compliance and ethics program to work, there must be a compliance and ethics officer, and the necessary compliance infrastructure to make the program successful. By Andrew Singer The Internet continues to change the world in ways that were completely unforeseen a generation ago—from the way people communicate to how they receive their news to where they purchase their books, clothes, and music.

Foodservice Delivers Some Laughs. By James Weber and Virginia W. Gerde How well is ethics integrated into your organization? By Joe Murphy Include compliance and ethics points in the company values statement, such as a commitment to integrity.

By Carrie S. Penman Your board and executive management are numbers oriented. Gerde For more than a century, managers in some businesses created ethical and compliance safeguards to enhance employee decision making and behavior.

By James E. Lukaszewski This article, appearing in two parts, suggests a template for use in forecasting and pre-empting those opportunities for unethical, or at the very least, questionable behavior by management and others in times of crisis.

By Andrew Singer As deregulation lit up the energy industry in the late s, companies expanded into new and sometimes perilous ventures. Lukaszewski All too often when large companies and organizations fix mistakes and cope with disaster, embarrassment, and difficulty, a familiar pattern of initial behaviors occurs that actually generates more adverse results and more serious ethical lapses.

Corporate Priorities: A Powerful Paradox The key to understanding why corporate reputation is so easily threatened is to comprehend the different priorities communities and individuals set versus the corporation. By Andrew Singer As corporate scandals go, this one was decidedly low megawatt. The Financial Crisis and Greed. By Ron Duska How many times have you heard that greed was the cause of the present financial crisis?

By Andrew Singer Coffee is a stimulant, and its social lubricity has long been celebrated. By Robert F. By Jeffrey M. By Joel A. Kaplan Testing Out. By Linda Lipps. Berenbeim, Richard S. Gruner, W. By Preston M. By Mark T. Calloway and Catherine L. By John F. Ritter: Implications for Directors and Compliance Programs. By Joseph E. Murphy and Daniel R.

By Donna C. Kaplan Chronikos: Sarbanes-Oxley. Compliance committees. General Electric Co. By Patricia J. By Carrie J. By Andrew Singer 'Mandavolent' Compliance. I'm the American Express Ombudsperson. By Paul E. By Ed Petry. By David B.

By Mollie Painter-Morland. Seeks The 'High Road'. Kaplan Lights! Lockheed Martin's Ethics Film Festival. By Andrew Singer When starting your compliance program, survey what's already in place-and in practice. Just Ask The Competition. Sentencing Guidelines. By Andrew Singer Review. Taking On ' America 's Broker. By William J. Lead Directors. By Dana H. Freyer and Rebecca S. By John A. By Lee Essrig. Kaplan, Joseph E.

Murphy and Winthrop M. By David W. By Andrew W. By Michael G. By Rebecca S. Kaplan Ethics Programs and the Changes in the Boardroom. By Frank Daly. By Jim Berg. Part 2. Kaplan Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. Review: Turning the Tide in the Tobacco Wars.

By Rober E. Government's Perspective. By Stephen Potts. Lockheed-Martin Corp. By Charles Howard and George Wratney. By Christine Parker. By Bill Dee. By Mark E. Brossman, Rita A. Hernandez and Laurie C. Kaplan Tests of Strength in Compliance Programs. Rockefeller: Devil or Angel? By Paula J. By Walter W. By William T. Bell Atlantic Mobile.

By Debra M. By Andrew Singer At Raytheon, the hotline is an early warning system. By Andrew Singer Corporations can be too timid in internal ethics investigations Ethical principles for 'downsizing' companies How PEPCO convinced the government of its good faith—and avoided prosecution Review: Two books highlight consequences of ignoring good ethics.

Ambassador's role when overseas competitors are paying bribes. Deputy Attorney General calls for 'an age of partnership' in fighting corporate crime 'Effective' communications about compliance requires formal and informal channels Integrity testing: validity, consistency, legality Review: The concealment scheme that imploded Barings.

Kaplan Levi Strauss' global sourcing guidelines come of age. By Robert C. Holland Review: What effect does loyalty have on business success? By Tim C. By Andrew Singer Olin Corporation goes digital with its new ethics game A survey of common compliance practices that may contribute to a poor ethics environment Companies have few concrete procedures to protect whistleblowers, study suggests When and how to launch an ethics investigation Review: A great fortune builder who did it without victimizing others: Warren Buffett.

Kaplan What's in a name? Plenty, when the subject is hotlines. By Andrew Singer Sundstrand Corporation's Responsible Executive Program A report on the mandate: Ethics training in the futures industry Business ethics is 'catching fire' overseas Review: When a people look to the law for all the answers.

Purchasing survey: when is a 'thank you' really a bribe? Employee'' query: Is this hotline friend or foe? Review: The dark side of Wall Street. By Andrew Singer Anonymous calls are rare on Jostens' ethics hotline Columbia University's ombuds office stands in the neutral zone Hong Kong Conference: Business ethics as a 'competitive edge' Review: Life's lessons from a businessman and poet.

By Priscilla Lundin A veteran ombudsperson's message: Always offer choices Review: A seminar on ethics management practices.

By Andrew Singer Tailhook: An Assistant Secretary's message to the fleet An in-house or outside hotline operator: pros and cons A new general counsel fortifies Paine Webber's compliance efforts.

By Andrew Singer Who's on the hotline case? The Pinkertons! No lack of activity on WMX Technologiess' hyperactive? By Joan Elise Dubinsky Three ethical challenges for sales managers. By Gene R. Lacznaik and Patrick E. By Andrew Singer Ethics investigations, even by non-lawyers, may soon enjoy legal 'privilege.

Kaplan and Barry S. Pollack Downsizing and layoffs: A comparative analysis Ten steps to follow when investigating a sexual harassment complaint. By Stuart H. Brody and Wm. Lee Kinnally, Jr. A lawyer may not be the ideal compliance officer.

Review: Robert McNamara: Auditing managerial genius. Mazur Telecommunications industry forums define 'industry practice' in compliance. Tandem Computers' Corporate Practices Committee keeps things in perspective. Review: No 'slap on the wrist' for this business criminal. Kaplan Was Milken unjustly 'demonized'? Pollack How Morehead Kennedy's crisis simulations reveal the 'Ayatollah in each of us' Structural analysis: managing the ethics steering committee.

By Daniel A. Kile Prosecutorial thinking: Some insights for corporate consideration. By Andrew Singer Competitive information gathering: Where to draw the line? The rationale for stern employee discipline in compliance cases.

Only in America: The most massive ethics education effort ever attempted. By Stuart C. Gilman On structuring the corporation's ethics office. By Priscilla Lundin Review: Can ethics be taught? Harvard sought an answer. By Andrew Singer Activating 'activist' compliance programs. How to maintain a workplace free of sexual harassment. Sentencing guidelines: Are corporations being 'snookered?

Review: How much is too much toxic contamination: The engineer's dilemma. By Andrew Singer Questions a company should ask in light of sentencing guidelines. When a company is confronted with a resume fraud. A new era of responsibility in American business?

By Robert Sobel Review: In search of 'corporate culture'. Was General Motor's pickup truck flawed? By Andrew Singer Ethics officers are gaining acceptance at many firms, study reveals. Review: Five filmed scenarios highlight moral issues for U. By Andrew Singer Federal Express employees can go right to the top with grievances. Investigating a sexual harassment complaint. Interactive video takes compliance training to a new level at GE Aerospace.

What are the costs of corporate fraud? A study assesses the price. Review: In search of the healthy company. The roots of American business ethics. By Priscilla Lundin Are there ethical dangers in commission-driven sales systems?

Review: The sentencing guidelines: A video symposium. By Tim Mazur Back to basics: Character education in the schools. Martin Marietta and Texas Instruments: An ethics exchange program. Did J. United Technologies' ombudsman seeks to hear what isn't being said. Review: Prognosis: Unless retrained, U. By Laura Nash. Northrop Corp. Irwin Miller: Socrates, Saarinen, Stradivari. By Andrew Singer The case of the whistle-blowing general counsel.

Nurturing: How Branch Electric transforms truckers into managers. Review: Bankruptcy: 'If no man will relieve him, let him die in the name of God. Recommendation for MBAs: A year on the factory floor!

Sentencing guidelines: An unprecedented offer from government. By Jeffrey Kaplan Seven questions to ask before using 'integrity tests.

By Andrew Singer Utility ordered to rescind ethics code: Consequences for unionized employers? By Tim Mazur Do good ethics make good profits? The 'prisoners dilemma. They left good bank jobs to work at a failing bank. By Tom Leander How 'hypotheticals' can drive home the business ethics message Review: A picaresque journey through disorganized labor.

How Boeing Company moved beyond the prohibition list toward inspiring right behavior. By John Impert. Should chief executive officers be more accountable, morally? Review: How a cure for camel mange came to dominate the world's economies. Kaplan Are shareholders the primary constituency? Boone Pickens, James Burke debate.

Review: An American romance: Nucor's steelmakers. Review: Daily realities, distant ideals. Global Standards too high? Defense industry on cutting edge with ethics programs.

How the numbers are obtained is as important as what the numbers are. Review: Harold Ickes: political liegeman, conservationist, defender of the downtrodden. What is 'due diligence? The Red Cross' ethics officer: A 'lightning rod' for questions about proper conduct.

Making ethics part of the corporate mythology. Eugene McCarthy on 'Agents of Influence. Methods for handling ethics complaints at MIT and the U. Secret Service. Communitarians: Pushing the pendulum back toward community responsibility. Review: Fitting corporate punishment to corporate crime. By Andrew Singer The view from Tallahassee. By Charles E. The ethics committee: A vehicle to keep the process moving. Eastern Europe turns to us for inspiration.

By Richard G. Kidder Peabody's outside ombudsman. Review: Who's to blame for the savings and loan disaster? By Andrew Singer Corporate codes of conduct: Is the effort warranted? Bell Helicopter seeks a soft landing for ethical employees. Chicago Merc orders ethics training for 2, Review: Thomas Watson Jr. Union Carbide and Bhopal: 'Determined not to forget.

Review: More light: Edison revised. By Andrew Singer Should U. Six suggestions for a more ethical corporation. By Elmer W. Ending Superfund litigation by way of a corporate cooperative. Directors take a harsher view of boardroom shenanigans than students do. Raytheon's hotline keeps ethics on-line.

Review: Russell Baker's subjective examination of a life lived. By Andrew Singer Is it moral to export a pesticide that is banned in the U. How the Pentagon scandals prompted one association to rewrite its ethics code. Contemporary telemarketing is ethically untenable—and a poor way to do business. By John Graham. Community Capital Bank aims to spur housing in Brooklyn's battered neighborhoods. Has GM broken its word? Or is that just part of the employee benefits game?

Review: The fall of the House of Hutton was no Greek tragedy. The amended False Claims Act. By Andrew Singer 'Get the ethics pill:' A prescription for failure. How are Corporations handling the homeless in their midst? Shortening the distance between victim and victimizer. By Jeffrey Kaplan Almost all buyers accept favors, but few are unethical, study concludes. Review: Japan: The Enigma remains.

By Andrew Singer After the takeover: Does corporate giving decline? Toward a new economic theory: One that includes a place for altruism. Ethics claims attention at Massachusetts Mutual Life. The myth of cowboy capitalism. Group fights for affirmative action in the aftermath of Supreme Court decision. Review: Newt Gingrich's 'Window of Opportunity. Georgia Power vs. IBEW on random drug testing. Conviction on two felony counts: 'I wanted to beat men at their own game.

By Robert Sobel Testing prospective employees for honesty. Whistleblowers: Spearheading a new ethical movement. Many substance abuse programs are not effective, study suggests.

A compliance program that uses the carrot and the stick. By Gerald E. Ottoson Global warming: Do corporations have a role to play? RJR Nabisco takeover raises a host of ethics questions. A code of conduct discourages fraudulent financial reporting. Review: The Decline of the Bank of America. A point program to curb corporate crime. Kaplan Review: Abe Fortas: A study of hubris and nemesis. By Tom Leander. Reflections of a white collar criminal. By Andrew Singer St. Augustine and ethical reasoning: A model for whistleblowers.

Ottoson How to identify an ethical computer consultant. By Pat Adams. Rudolph Giuliani: State of ethics education is a 'scandal' Ethics Resource Center survey: Ethics in business schools is no longer a 'novel idea' Business ethics in the Soviet Union: What can we expect? By Lynn Turgeon. Review: The moral rules that managers really follow. Review: Armand Hammer: The man who did business with Lenin. A model for ethical decision making. Ottoson 'These are the files on your desk. Surveying a troubling issue: business ethics.

Review: Roy Cohn: A career marked by chicanery, broken promises, neglect. A bank jobs program continues—despite controversy. Santa Clara University: Reviving the 'lost art' of ethics. Has the lesson of Challenger been ignored?

Business Roundtable profiles 10 ethical companies. Entrenched management is using Ivan Boesky as a shield. By Asher Edelman. Review: Henry Ford's was an empire founded on four bicycle wheels. By Andrew Singer Ethics training seminars: Set clear objectives.

Ottoson Defense contracting issues: On video. Are corporate raiders bad for America? Review: Dr. Franz Kafka, insurance executive. By Andrew Singer Employee health screening looms as a key ethical issue in the s. Conference Board study. Five moral rules for multinationals operating overseas. By Richard DeGeorge. Managing financial ethics in the fast-paced s. By John L.

A new phenomenon: ethics experts in law courts. By Robert Sobel Walker vs. Bell Labs: 'I thought it was my company. Michael Hoffman. The coming of age of ethics in management.

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Epicor software and accounting By Tom Leander. Sentencing guidelines: An wtaff offer from government. As deregulation lit up the energy industry in the late s, companies expanded into new and sometimes perilous ventures. Manager Trauma Program - Emergency Department. By Rebecca S. By Andrew Singer Corporate codes of conduct: Is the effort warranted?
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A toll-free Fraud and Abuse Hotline is available to U. Our policy concerning pre-approval of related party transactions is incorporated into the provisions of the Policy. Most countries have established laws that prohibit private businesses from improperly influencing government employees. Centene complies with all applicable anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws of the countries in which it conducts business.

It is unlawful for employees, business partners, and anyone else acting on behalf of the Company to directly or indirectly offer anything of value to a foreign government official or their representative to:. Whenever the recipient of a gift or entertainment is a government official or employee, there is a risk that such actions may be viewed as an inappropriate attempt to influence his or her decisions. Furthermore, employees are prohibited from using intermediaries such as agents, advisers, or independent contractors to give or receive gifts or make payments to foreign government officials without the appropriate pre-approvals.

We have established a number of controls in order to promote and monitor compliance with our anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy, including:.

Centene does not tolerate retaliation for reports of possible violations made in good faith, using any of the procedures described. Any employee who knowingly retaliates because of such a report, or who interferes with an investigation based on such a report, will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Creating an Inclusive Workplace for Individuals with Disabilities. Compliance Training Program. Conflict of interest. It is unlawful for employees, business partners, and anyone else acting on behalf of the Company to directly or indirectly offer anything of value to a foreign government official or their representative to: Obtain or retain business Influence business decisions Secure an unfair advantage Whenever the recipient of a gift or entertainment is a government official or employee, there is a risk that such actions may be viewed as an inappropriate attempt to influence his or her decisions.

We have established a number of controls in order to promote and monitor compliance with our anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy, including: Use of a confidential, enterprise-wide Ethics and Compliance Hotline.

Any reports are promptly investigated. See Also Who We Are. Learn to provide direction on how to process and find solutions to ethical dilemmas in the workplace.

Understand the ethical guidelines to following HIPAA laws when working in a health care setting or working with health care providers. Explain the importance of cultural humility and ethical responsibility as it is written in the code of ethics. Registration Deadline: Feb 1. Registration Deadline: Mar Change Font Size AA.

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