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Nuance radport

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You will also learn how to access and log into iSupport, configure your iSupport profile, search our knowledge base for solution, manuals and quick reference materials, and how to use iSupport to submit a request for service. Optimize Your iSupport Profile If you're already an iSupport subscriber, you may want to consider accessing the Getting Started with iSupport - RadWhere link above and view the instructions. There is valuable information which will help you optimize your iSupport User Profile, thereby enabling you to submit a service request in minimal time.

You will also learn how to enable additional time-saving features, requested by our customers, on the iSupport home page. We will continue to update you as information becomes available at www. Contacting Support.

PowerScribe customers who have an active maintenance contract with Nuance are serviced by a dedicated Healthcare Support team available 24x7x Nuance Healthcare Technical Support This organization can offer assistance via remote on-line connectivity to your systems.

It's available toll-free at via our " Say Anything " menu. So Say, " RadWhere Support " at the prompt. If you are not an iSupport subscriber click here to learn more about iSupport and how you may get started. Click here to navigate to the Nuance Technical Support website for additional details on contacting Dictaphone Enterprise Speech Systems customer support. We are very much interested in your feedback regarding this e TIPS newsletter. Click here to reply to this email with your comments or suggestions.

We would love to hear your ideas for future e TIPS newsletters. Thank you for taking time out of your busy workday to allow us this opportunity to keep you informed about Nuance Healthcare Solutions Global Support Services. In the lower half of the left frame, choose Graph for this example.

Note that Pivot Table and PowerPoint are also options. From the Select Project drop-down list, select the project you just published. In this case, select the project named Guide. A list of graphs you saved to a Web page appears. Click Second Graph. The graph that you created appears. Perform the following to send a Verify alert to an Ordering Clinician: Log in to RadWhere for Radiology application and either start a new report or open an existing report. Click the Communicate Critical Findings button.

Use the Recipient and Cc: drop down lists to select up to three recipients who will receive the message. Select a Security Level by using the Severity drop-down list.

Dictate your message by pressing the Dictate button on your microphone and record your message. When finished, click Send. The ordering clinician then dials a toll-free number and enters an access code to listen to the message from the reporting clinician. To check the status of messages from the RadWhere Explorer window, click My Critical Communications, which is located in the lower left portion of the window.

A separate window opens. The top of the following illustration shows an open message, while the bottom section shows the details of that message. In the Setup group, select the Sites tab. Hover the mouse over Procedures Search for the code you would like to edit by: Type all or part of the code number or description. Do not use wildcard characters. Select Mammography to narrow your search to mammography codes, if applicable. Click Search. Any codes that meet your criteria appear in the list.

Click the Edit icon next to the code you want to modify. Make your desired changes to the code, description, or both. Select or clear the Mammography check box, as applicable. Click the Commit Changes disk icon to save your changes. Highlighted features included in RadWhere Version 3. Amirsys teams with Nuance, November 28, Nuance debuts RadPort 2. Related Reading. If you like this content, please share it with a colleague! Member Sign In:. Do you have a AuntMinnie.

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Nuance Unveils RadPort for Radiology 2. To prevent automated spam submissions leave this field empty. Leave this field blank:. This press release is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3. Read full copyright information here. Nuance Communications Press Release More Nuance Communications Press Release.

Remember me. Create new account Request new password. Search Search this site:. Page traffic. Analyze content. The system then scores the exam and either verify the order or recommend something cheaper.

The doctor can accept the recommendation of the system or override it. The RadCube system is a dashboard that highlights productivity, ordering and forecasting. My reaction to the RadPort, RadCube news was one of surprise. Nuance has a stealthy, yet successful healthcare unit. Some parts of Nuance's healthcare business are blatantly obvious fits. Nuance's voice recognition software is a great fit for the healthcare industry, which relies on dictation.

Nuance has the following parts:. The ICSI win comes a month after IBM and Nuance said they are collaborating on clinical language understanding technologies that will combine natural language processing and healthcare processes.

Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor on Nov.