baxter springs missouri
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Baxter springs missouri

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A creek runs along its southern flank. Turn left along E 6th St. At East Avenue www. Don't miss the Korean War tank or the railroad caboose. Here the Osage camped close to the spring. There is a historic marker on the corner of E. Return to Military Ave Route 66 and head south for 3 blocks. Here on 10th St. This is a great example of a "Cottage-Style" service station used during the s and 30s as marketing strategies by the major oil companies: homely gas stations that blended in with their urban setting.

This soothed the locals and gave a sense of security to the travelers. Independent Oil and Gas Service Station. The style used in these gas stations imitated medieval English cottages; it had simple lines, steep pitched roofs, tall windows, brickwork walls and high chimneys.

It turned service stations into "automotive cottages", conveying travelers a warm homey feeling. The building was enlarged in , but its style was preserved. Originally part of the Independent Oil and Gas Co. The main features of the cottage style were a pitched and gabled roof, brick and stucco walls, neat windows and a chimney. Notice the bay window by the front door. No longer open as a filling station, you can still see its concrete gas pump island and its double bay garage.

The curved glass window panes of the office give it an Art Moderne style it dates back to the s, and you can see it below in a "Then and Now" sequence. Diamond Petroleum Co. You are now entering the downtown commercial district with its red-brick buildings from the late s. Here the town's Main Street is, Route 66, and it displays the typical architecture of an American "small town".

Its red-brick faced buildings are remnants of a bustling past, when the street was packed with cars and travelers, during the hey-day of Route when it was "America's Main Street". Drive one block south, to 11th Street, the place where the following "Then and Now" photo sequence was taken. On the SW corner of W 11th St. It servees traditional American Comfort Food with a Twist. Local lore says that the Bank was robbed in by Jesse James - ; an outlaw, murderer, bank and train robber.

Facing it, is another mural by John Gibbons, painted in depicting the "Cow Town" period. Pictured below. Pictured on the left side of the "Then and Now" sequence further up. The Indiana Hotel was built here in The present building was erected in and over the years it served as a feed store, grocery store and as in the black and white photo a clothing store. It has been restored and now it a Real Estate Agency. See its street view. To the south of Indiana Hotel, at Military Ave. This building has its original facade and dates back to the s.

It housed a feed store, the local newspaper and the Wells Fargo Station. Great neon sign pictured further up.

Just along the block at Military Ave. In it was acquired by a Trust and a Foundation and restored. Now it is a youth center and community educational facility. September ". A great way to restore and preserve a building and add value to Route 66 and the community. Decades of Wheels neon sign. It has a rotating display of all types of cars from old to modern, chic and comic book. There is an admission fee but its worth the stop. The building was built in and served as a Dry Goods Store, over the years it was reformed and became Reedy's Pharmacy in , and Hartley's drug store in It was a donut shop and in the early s it became a cafe and restaurant.

It closed in and is part of the Decades of Wheels complex. The Ritz neon sign lit up. Street View. The Ritz Theater opened April 30, so it is six and a half months older than Route It closed 30 years later, becoming a restaurant. Recently it has undergone renovations and reopened as a movie theater, it still shows movies!

Route US , running west to east across the city. It is an original route from the US Highway system, so it was born together with Route It is a spur route, and therefore has a three digit number, the last two are the number of its "parent" highway US 66 and the first digit is the number of the spur.

It was extended to Springfield MO in Now it ends at I's Exit 1 in Missouri. It is a frieze, a brick sculpture by Paula Collier, created in It portrays the history of Baxter Springs and includes Route 66's shield. At Military Ave. This service station was built around , and was known as C. Shouse Service Station. The original building is on the south side. The one flanking W 19th St.

It has a more "modern" look to it with a slanted canopy over the pump island supported by round metal tubes. Below are three Then and Now pictures of the old gas station.

Drive south and after crossing E 22nd St. At 24th St. This roadbed has been removed in this section, but survives south along Roberts Road. Turn off the main highway by taking a left to take Roberts Rd. This alignment curves too, and both alignments meet ahead, at W 30th and Route At the southern end of the "S" curves of Route 66 to your left is an old gas station, it has been rebuilt and enlarged quite recently. Below you can see the older and the newer versions of the station.

It had three garages and a central office area, Parapets atop a flat roof, no canopy and a single pump island area. Now it is a garage Express Auto Transmission. Head south for 0. Now the road is straight and you will pass beside the now gone Twilite drive in theater. It opened in and was operated by Louis Stein. In May a storm blew the screen down and the place closed for good.

You can see the concrete access from Route 66 in the grass next to the highway red arrows in the image below. Just 0. You can do some short tours near Baxter Springs, read on below. It was named in , and is fed by the crystal clear springs of the area.

A cable-ferry boat was built in and replaced by a bridge in the s. The river turned the turbine water wheels of the Baxter Springs flour mill in the late s, the town's only industry. Now it is used by campers and fishermen: Kiwanis Park is located to the east of the town, on the north side of E 12 St.

Riverside Park on Spring River. On the south side of Highway It has a boat ramp, tables, grills, rest rooms. Camping and RV facilities. Map with Directions. There is a map on the maker set in the ground and an inscription on a plaque above it detailing how this point's position was established in The adjacent stone marker was built in by the National Youth Administration. The US government established it, with a soldier's plot where the victims of the Fort Blair Massacre were buried in a common grave in The names of the 88 men buried there are engraved in the monument.

The Tri-state corner area, where Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma meet is the site of a mysterious phenomenon known under various names: "spook lights", "ghost lights", "Indian lights" and "Hornet lights" after the town of Hornet, Mo. A Guide Book to Highway Enable Javascript for a better user experience, and to see the images on this webpage About Baxter Springs, Kansas Facts, Trivia and useful information Elevation: ft.

Baxter Springs Massacre On October 6, , a guerilla band of Confederate men Quantrill's Raiders attacked the fort but were repelled. Lodging West, along US66 15 mi.

Afton 51 mi. Vinita 87 mi. Claremore mi. Almost three thousand dollars were said to have been taken from the bank. The locals will also support this, though historians believe that the James Brothers were not directly involved and were nowhere near Baxter Springs at the time of the robbery.

In the late s, lead and zinc were discovered across the state line in Missouri and helped Baxter Springs economically by attracting more residents. Soon the mining operations grew and reached into the southeast corner of Kansas, and the town once again became a prosperous business center. With the influx of miners, the dependence on the mineral springs disappeared, and the bathers eventually stopped coming. Then, in Route 66 came through the town, providing an additional source of revenue as gas stations, cafes, and motor courts sprouted up in the town.

As the legend goes, Bonnie and Clyde came through Baxter Springs and robbed the store, only to return just a week later when they traveled through town again and robbed it once more. In , while playing a baseball game in the park, Mantle hit a ball into the Spring River. Later, when a rainstorm delayed the game, Mantle was approached by Tom Greenwade, a scout for the New York Yankees, and signed Mantle up to play.

However, Baxter Springs continued to thrive through the diversification of business, agriculture, and industry. Today, the small town is called home to about 4, residents. The original spring for which the town was named and used long ago by the Osage Indians ceased to flow with the advent of lead and zinc mining. The town still boasts many remnants of the Route 66 era and additional history of the Civil War.

The town offers a historic walking tour as well as several museums. Route 66 Main Page. Civil War Main Page.

Fort Blair, Kansas. Route 66 Photo Galleries. To Oklahoma Return to Route To Riverton. Primary Menu Skip to content. Baxter Springs, Kansas Fort Blair, Baxter Springs, Kansas. Cattle Drive by Barbara Lightner. Route 66 Products.

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