videos del alcon de la cierra
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Videos del alcon de la cierra madhan kumar cognizant agency

Videos del alcon de la cierra

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Gruperos often sing ballads, called "narcocorridos," about drug trafficking and drug traffickers. Ortega's body, along with two others, was found riddled with bullet holes on a highway. While unconfirmed, drug-related violence is suspected. Carlos Gonzalez, a spokesman for the local prosecutor's office, said the bodies had multiple gunshot wounds and looked like they had been killed by several men, judging from the number of empty bullet casings.

Musicians like Ortega often compose "narcocorridos" in honor of particular drug traffickers. The corresponding videos frequently appear on YouTube. The songwriting is "not always an outright celebration of the cartel bosses," says Elijah Wald, a music journalist and author of Narcocorrido: A Journey Into the Music of Drugs, Guns, and Guerrillas. Ortega is known for his song " Puros huevos y frijoles ", Only scrambled eggs and beans , which explains the temptation of drug-trafficking to many Mexicans.

And find better things he did -- along with a criminal record. That arrest, and the seizure of the illicit goods, took place on a yacht off the coast of Baja California, while Ortega was in the company of a hitman for drug kingpin Teodoro Simental , who earned the nickname "The Stewmaker," for having the corpses of tortured rivals dissolved in acid.

Ortega was the fifth grupero singer killed in Mexico in just three years. Other narcocorrido musicians who met the same fate were Valentin Elizalde, known as the "Gallo de Oro" Golden rooster , Sergio Gomez, of the group K-Paz, and Sergio Vega, known as "El Shaka," who was killed earlier this year as he made his way to a concert in his red Cadillac.

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