cpl number cummins
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Cpl number cummins conduent merges with acs

Cpl number cummins

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The Critical Parts List or CPL is a 4 digit number that tells the dealer which software is approved for the particular engine, and what is the maximum power rating for that engine. Engine Part Promotions. Filter Promotions Free Shipping. Light Systems Manufacturers Baja Designs. Light Systems Promotions. Steering Promotions Free Shipping.

Cummins Replacement Parts. If you don't have your owner's manual and don't have access to Quickserve, Please use the below reference as a means to find the location locate the EN on your Cummins engine. CPL serial number range: through?????? Many believe that the change from non intercooled to intercooled was simply adding a charge air cooler CAC and that was it. By reducing the injector size and increasing injection pressure, it raised the combustion pressure which required:.

Due to sluggish engines with the large 21 cm turbo housing requiring longer spool up times and being a bit too big to fully spool, the turbine housing reduced to 18 sq cm to answer complaints of low power. Engine Info. Home Engine Info. This is what a typical ID tag will look like: 1st Gen Rams used three different engines over the production run.

They are as followed: The following information was put together by the Turbo Diesel Register many years ago after some digging through Cummins records. These are the serial number ranges that the 1st Gen Rams fall into: Known production range there may be others : CPL serial number range: through , Build dates: 23 Oct through 31 Dec The change from CPL to Many believe that the change from non intercooled to intercooled was simply adding a charge air cooler CAC and that was it.

Turbocharger boost reduced to control NOx Turbine housing increased from 18 to 21 sq cm Head Casting improvements to improve fuel combustion and reduce PM Intake ports modified to increase intake swirl to a factor of 3. Engine Specs The following are the basic specs for the 5.

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It includes the following information:. The dataplate is located on the top side of the gear housing. The dataplate is located on the fuel pump side of the engine, on the rocker housing. The dataplate is located on top of the rocker lever cover. The dataplate is located on the left bank side of the front gear cover.

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I trust the fuel pump codes much more than the original engine dataplate. When guys update the engine, they usually don't update the dataplate, but the pump shop puts the new fuel pump code on the rebuilt pump. Dan www. Posted Thursday, August 20, PM. Glenn and Dan, thanks for the great info. Nice to know that it wasn't my eyesight to blame for not seeing a CPL number.

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