nuance and dragon
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Nuance and dragon

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Watch these short videos and learn new tricks to help improve mobile productivity and more. Find more tips and advice on how to improve documentation tasks on the go. When you're ready to share your dictation with your other devices or colleagues, simply use your voice to email your document or save it to the cloud.

Even import existing documents for further editing on your mobile device. With Dragon Anywhere, you can:. Use the new Correction Menu to quickly correct the spelling of words. Select, edit and paste words using simple voice commands, such as "Correct that". The Train Words feature makes it quick and easy to train individual words or phrases.

By doing so, teach Dragon exactly how you pronounce words to eliminate any spelling errors as you dictate. Get more done whether you're on the road or in the office. Custom words and auto-text commands are automatically synchronized with your Dragon desktop for supported editions next time you log in so you can work seamlessly by voice anywhere you go.

Watch the video to learn how. Dragon Anywhere and Evernote Sync: Create and access content everywhere. All your dictated notes captured using Dragon Anywhere can be synchronized with Evernote.

Your notes, documents and more are instantly available on all your devices and wherever you go. Empower field workers, lawyers, social workers, insurance adjusters, public safety officers and other professionals to keep up with documentation demands even when they are away from their desk. Dragon Anywhere—professional-grade mobile dictation app. Get documents done anywhere Version 1.

Train Words feature to teach Dragon how you speak Access customized words and auto-text across all devices Share documents by email, Dropbox and more. Available in US and Canada 1 week free trial.

Get it now. For groups. Contact us. Accessing your Dragon Anywhere app is easy Fast dictation and high recognition accuracy that continually improves as it adapts to your voice. No time or length limits; speak as long as you want to, capturing all of the details needed for complete, accurate documentation.

Robust voice formatting and editing options, including the ability to select words and sentences for editing or deletion. Voice navigate through fields of a report template, and apply common formatting like underline and bold. Dragon Anywhere in action Watch, read and learn. See it in action. Watch feature demos. Read our blog. An Internet connection for product download and automatic product activation a quick anonymous process. Dragon Professional Individual for documentation productivity.

Drive documentation productivity—all by voice Put your voice to work to create reports, emails, forms and more with Dragon Professional Individual, v15—now with 12 months access to the Dragon Anywhere Mobile app included at no additional cost. Act now. Ready to purchase To order in volume Contact sales. Find your solution. See Dragon at work Let Dragon work for you As a business professional, you face heavy documentation demands each day.

See how Dragon Professional Individual can work for you. Dragon learns the words and phrases you use the most to minimize corrections Optimizes accuracy for speakers with accents or in slightly noisy environments such as an office cubicle Smart Format Rules automatically adapt to how you want abbreviations, dates, phone numbers and more to appear Apply formatting by voice, such as bold or underline Work within popular business applications.

Work on the road Get documentation done anytime, anywhere Keep up with documentation even on the road or out in the field. Learn more about Dragon Anywhere. What people are saying about Dragon Professional.

Dragon is a part of my window. It helps me do what I do. I use Dragon to dictate my messages and don't even have to hit the enter key to send them. A simple "click Send" command is all it takes. The more my hands are off the keyboard, the less pain I have, both literally and figuratively. Dragon should be a mandatory purchase for everyone that wants to increase their productivity.

Responding to e-mails, writing documents, developing Excel spreadsheets…things that took hours before, now take minutes. Import and export custom word lists for acronyms or other unique business-specific terminology Create custom voice commands for inserting frequently-used text and graphics Create time-saving macros to automate multi-step workflows or business processes via simple voice commands.

Complete transcription quickly and accurately with no voice training required—even for third-party speakers Transcribe from. Get a head start as you review or correct your transcription results with automatic application of basic punctuation that are not dictated Save time and eliminate reliance on costly transcription services.

System requirements. Dragon Professional Individual digital download. Free hard disk space: 8GB Supported operating systems: Windows 7, 8. Dragon will never leave you speechless.

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Dragon solutions. Streamline business documentation. Work with documents anywhere. Meet the Dragon family Choose the best speech recognition solution for you. Dragon Professional Anywhere. Dragon Legal Anywhere. Dragon Anywhere. Dragon Professional Group. Dragon Professional Individual, v Productivity There's a Dragon for anyone who wants to be more productive From making status updates and searching the web to creating reports and spreadsheets, Dragon speech recognition software lets you do it all—faster and more efficiently—whether you're a student, a professional or an enterprise user.

Find your Dragon. For home use. Dragon Home. For professional use. Accuracy Control your computer by voice with speed and accuracy Dragon speech recognition software is better than ever. Dragon products overview. See Dragon at work Let Dragon work for you Speed through documentation. Dictate anytime, anywhere. Short-cut repetitive tasks. Boost efficiency. Dragon means business Solutions for your type of business. Learn how Dragon works for business. Built for teams, built for enterprise.

Need help? We've got you covered. Access resources. Tanner Health System improves patient care and streamlines their clinical documentation workflow with Dragon Medical One. Physician Assistant Dignity Health Read case study pdf.

Open a new window. Nuance Dragon Medical One. The 1 clinical documentation companion just got better Go beyond dictation with a comprehensive solution that can aid, assist, and advise. Explore how. See recent testimonials. Off-the-charts accuracy.

Dictation done better. Smartphone mic. Workflow assistant Integrated voice skills that make workflows work your way Take the monotony out of repetitive tasks with custom voice skills that enrich your workflow experience with automated shortcuts, easier access to specialized information, and seamless navigation of the EHR. Custom skills. Advanced skills. Premium skills. Inpatient guidance. Outpatient guidance. ED guidance. Epic Haiku and Canto. Epic Rover.

Cerner PowerChart Touch. Temple Health uses Dragon Medical One to improve their clinical documentation efficiency Play a video. What customers are saying. We saw our physicians increase their documentation efficiency with speech recognition. It made sense to offer our nurses the solution as well, with the idea it would empower them to tackle pressing documentation responsibilities.

Nuance not only met that criteria but also could provide a strong technology foundation to improve provider efficiency and enable timely documentation in the patient record. We're excited about Dragon Medical One and being able to tie that into our Imprivata Cortext application for secure texting. We're really hoping to be able to give back a little bit of time to our providers who are super busy with everything that they have to do, so that they can care for their patients.

The amount of free time I now have on the weekends to spend time with my children is priceless. Before Dragon, I would spend anywhere from three to six hours on a Sunday, reviewing, editing, and signing numerous charts that took away family time. Dragon changed that for me, and I am grateful. Physicians are more mobile than ever, both inside and outside the hospital.

There is also an increased need for patient stories to become immediately available. Integrating Nuance Dragon Medical with our Cerner physician documentation tool has enabled us to meet both of these needs.

This workflow has been essential for us. Data sheets. Dragon Medical One pdf.

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