nuance microphone not working
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Nuance microphone not working

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This usually tends to happen if you get your Citrix Receiver reinstalled or updated or after Windows installs some of the automatic system updates. After running repair, you should be able to uninstall or reinstall the plug-ins. You can try to move the microphone to a different USB port.

If this solves the problem, than you have a bad USB port. If you are still having issues, check the USB cable and the connector.

Just wiggle the microphone and see if the mic is disconnecting or if you hear the system notification sounds as if you were connecting and disconnecting a USB device. Replace the cable if necessary. I found this PowerMic repair kit on Amazon that comes with replacement cable and required tools. The whole repair process took me less than 5 minutes. You can also watch my video to see how I did it:.

Make sure that the access to microphone is turned on overall and that the Dragon app has access to microphone as well:. There you have it! These are the most common issues with Dragon Medical One dictation software that I frequently run into.

I hope this information was helpful, and if so, please let me know in the comments section below. Thanks for checking out my article. Have a great day! Skip to content. Citrix Plug-In vs. While dictating, watch the sound input bar in the Status Window. If it seems very high or low, try these steps to solve the problem. Ensure the microphone is positioned properly and has not moved away from where you originally positioned it when you ran Microphone Setup.

For more information, see Microphone placement. To make sure your microphone is properly calibrated for your voice and environment, you must go through Microphone Setup for every profile and every audio source you use. For best recognition, you should always try to minimize background noise. Many microphones have noise canceling capabilities, which filter out background noise, but it's still a good idea to keep background noise consistent.

If the above steps do not solve the problem, try dictating some text into a document, then select the text and say Play the selection. If you hear gaps in the audio, or interference such as crackling sounds, your microphone may be the source of the problem. The more Dragon hears you speak, the better it understands you. Voice Training helps Dragon learn your speech patterns, intonations, and accent.

See Voice Training for more information. You can use Vocabulary Training to teach Dragon how you use language. Dragon will read one or more text files you select to analyze what words you use and when, and how often, you use them. See Vocabulary Training for more information. If you are struggling with recognition on a specific word, go to the Vocabulary Editor to train Dragon to understand how you pronounce specific words.

In Dragon for Mac version 5. This will preserve all your custom vocabulary and commands, while allowing Dragon to improve how it recognizes your voice. Under Dictation Sources , click the button.

Optional : Go back to the Profiles pane and delete the old audio source by selecting it from the Dictation Sources list and clicking the button. All Files. All iMac and MacBook computers have excellent built-in microphones.

Nuance encourages users to dictate using the internal microphone where possible. USB devices must be plugged directly into your computer. USB hubs are not supported. To use a Bluetooth audio device, you must have a USB adapter dongle. The audio quality of the built-in Bluetooth receiver is too low. No audio signal If Dragon is unable to hear you speak, try these steps to solve the problem. Check your microphone mode Make sure that your microphone is turned on.

If the button is red , your microphone is off. Click the button to turn the microphone on. If the microphone button does not turn green, your microphone may not be properly connected. See Check your connection below. If the button is blue , the microphone is in sleep mode. Say Wake up to turn it on.

Check your connection Make sure your selected microphone is connected to your computer. If your microphone is missing, do one of the following: Select another microphone from the Dictation Sources panel and click Load.

If you don't have an alternative audio source listed, click the icon under the Dictation Sources panel to add one to your profile. See Profiles and audio sources for more. Unplug the microphone and plug it in again. Check microphone settings If your microphone is not shown as missing, check for problems with the microphone itself. In the Apple menu, select System Preferences. Click Sound. The Sound Preference Pane appears.

Click the Input tab. Make sure the microphone appears in the listed devices.

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