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Adecco conduent

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The members calling in were typically mean, with the call center taking the brunt of every complaint from dissatisfaction with Humana insurance, screw ups with orders and prescriptions, etc. The supervisors did not have your back when you got an irate caller. I always felt that I was in a no win situation. There were constant policy changes with how to handle callers that were never fully communicated until I screwed up. Overall, I believe there ought to be a complete overhaul of the system or Humana should reconsider its contract with Conduent.

Although it is very time consuming I have learned much more about new technology and how to go about certain issues in regards to customers. The hardest part dealing with customers who are upset or angry with Verizon in general. The most enjoyable for me would be solving issues and creating solutions that best fits all customers long term needs.

I work Wednesday- Saturday 10am-9pm, with one hour lunches and three 15 minute breaks that are scheduled. Cons Breaks and great benefits for employees as well as pay rates. Pros working with people. Cons short breaks. Worst and dirtiest place i have ever worked. I have never worked anywhere where during training they tell you its mandatory for you to shower everyday the women's bathroom smells like fish everyday.

The roof started leaking during a storm. The mangers, supervisors, and team leaders all have attitudes over everything every single day. If you work here you will hate your job. Pros Hour lunch and easy to advance. Cons Dirty work place, awful people, roof leaks during storm, chainsmokers. You cannot go to the bathroom unless its scheduled in your aspect-in other words you are chained to you desk. You are constantly being micromanaged-I'm a good worker, and feel this is ridiculous-but hey if they want to hire people who can't follow the rules about using your badge and no tailgating-and can't use a toilet correctly, then what do you expect.

Pros I just make it with my bills. Cons everything. This place is very relaxed as long as you do your job. Easy to just answer the phone and help the caller on the other end. And they train you in each program you are under. Pros Very easy going. Cons no advancement. Having an awesome supervisor stands out most for me with this company. Overall the company is well put together in being successful for the demands of the client and the members, we as customer service reps interact with throughout our shifts.

Of all my jobs, this one was not something I could say I liked. Its unprofessional and very stressful. Things are always changing and there are a lot of petty things that goes on there. I don't mind change at a job, but every day??? Working from home Answered Jul 2, How often do you get a raise at Conduent?

When you get a promotion Answered Jan 14, What is the promotion process like at Conduent? Apply after 6 months and be considered Answered Jan 16, Once your hired and get a promotion you get a raise Answered Jan 14, What is a typical day like for you at Conduent? Very busy Answered Oct 20, Providing patients and providers with information about benefits, claims, insurance.

Answered Oct 19, If you were to leave Conduent, what would be the reason? The pay is ridiculous. People are jumping ship left and right and nobody is applying so the people stuck here are experiencing burnout. Answered Mar 7, Salary Satisfaction. Health Care. Dental Insurance. Vision Insurance. Life Insurance.

Paid Time Off. Stock Options. Business Controller Sr. Call Center Representative Reviews at Conduent 1. The San Antonio TX location has many issues that have been swept under the rug and no one has fully taken the time to examine these issues nor do they care. The management staff of this call center the majority of them have immortal practices in which cause hardships for their employees in regards to pay, race and inappropriate misconduct.

The building in which this company is housed has a bed bug issue that continues to not be resolved everyday, although the company pays to have post control come and spray within the last few months I was employed there I have encountered bugs, rats and seen an infestation of bed bugs, the company seems to hire cleaning crews that do not take pride in making sure rats, bed bugs or any kind of bugs are kept from being entrapped within the building they dont even have the decency to keep the restrooms clean or even clean out the refrigerators to make sure that mold doesn't grow in them more less do they even make sure the restrooms are sanitary for those whose immune systems are already compromised with illnesses.

The management staff has rules in their handbooks that dont abide to their policy in which intermingled with agent employees for sexual relationships within the work place. I started out liking my job but when I tried to apply for positions after being with the company for 90 days and others were getting the positions based on favoritism it became apparent I was never going to succeed towards advancement.

Another thing that frustrated m Pros None. Cons Short breaks paychecks inconsistent. Alright place to work, easy to get, but not very cooperative workplace. It starts with a training period where you learn all about the products at Verizon, and the system you'll be working with. The training staff is great, and a lot of fun to work with.

I got a great schedule, I moved over to this state for the job, it was further away then I'd be able to work at normally, but as all my roommates worked there one with an identical schedule it worked perfectly. However, after a shift bid, I got a shift that no longer matched, and left me unable to get to work.

I worked with management to attempt to fix my schedule, which partially worked, but still left me not sharing shifts for most of my work-week, making it very difficult to get to work. I was told that after a while I'd be able to work with management to get it fixed more effectively, but after working with them that has not only not happened, but other employees have gotten more appropriate schedules, including my roommates, causing even more transport difficulty.

Additionally, when mandatory overtime comes about, it does not have options for configuring scheduling to allow it to better fit one's schedule. On top of that, they have instituted a site-wide writeup for anybody who's missed a single instance of this mandatory OT, occasionally with no warning to the employee before starting their shift even if said OT is before the shift, thus they've already missed it preventing any advancement in the company for 90 days.

There are definitely some great people in management, and I The one good part of the job here is that I have had two very good managers. Everything else is an egregious error of monumental proportions.

When I initially started, I was told that I could get a raise every quarter. That changed after about a year. After that, employees were told to write their own goals, and if you met them, you would get a raise. I exceeded my goals, but I still do not have a raise after two years. The benefits are abominable.

It took our maintenance people over six months to clean a drinking fountain covered in mold. Two toilets are still broken after two years of being here! You are given two 15 minute breaks, but you will need to time yourself if you have to visit the bathroom before your break as you cannot go over the allotted break time.

You are also required to follow a strict quality metric for every phone call. You are graded twice a week, and anything below an 85 is failing. You are also required to mention on every phone call that the customer may receive a survey. If the survey is returned and the customer gives you a rating of 8 and below, you fail automatically. You are required to provide empathy for every phone call, despite the constant verbal abuse.

Fifty percent of your calls will be elderly people who have absolutely no clue on earth how the internet or their equipment works, and the other fifty percent want to Pros Good coworkers. Cons Bathroom Visits are counted against your break time.

Guess what happens? Fast forward to actually starting the work, they would literally give you same day notice that you had mandatory overtime for the day and it happened every single week. There is no organization or structure at all, everyone is just winging it including the managers. I thought this job would be nice because the building looks nice but once you get in the people are all over the place and confused. They literally hire any and everyone who needs a job.

Pros Getting a check. Cons Unorganized, no structure, no help, high turnover, lots of drama, mostly all younger people working. During my class room training for the first 5 weeks my trainer was excellent.

During the next 7 weeks of hands on training my supervisor was very helpful however not all scenarios were covered. Very few people make it out of training into production.

However I feel this company does not value there employees and this is evident with the lack of floor support once in production. At one point I had my hand up for 15 minutes waiting for a supervisor to assist with a complicated customer issue. The supervisors saw me with my hand up but ignored me. I understand that they also have other responsibilities to attend to however a resolution was needed for the customer. This is basically a job to gain experience and then leave. Currently another company acquired Conduent and who knows what the current job environment will turn out to be once they completely take over.

Currently searching for employment elsewhere. Pros Health benefits, k, dental. Cons Unprofessional work environment at times. You can perform better on paper than the rest of everyone on your team and still be ridiculed or only have them point out whatever is not good enough for them about you. There were people on my team who had less experience and were not managers that knew more about how to do things correctly than the managers themselves.

Your schedule will get changed constantly without notice and you will be having a conversation with a manager if you try to take paid time off. There is essentially no job security for most people working here. You will get paid 4 to 5 times less than what the actual client company pays their employees since this is a third party company and they barely have enough to pay their employees what they are already paying, hence all of the reduced hours they give throughout the year.

If I could change anything, I would go back in time and not apply. The pay and experience was not worth the mental drain this will take on your body and mind. When you're interviewed and during your entire training which can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months or longer the supervisors really stress the dress code which is supposed to be business casual, however, none of the employees dress business casual. During training for a call center agent you first start by learning a series of "text book" knowledge about soft skills and how to navigate the system they use while practicing navigational skills on a computer.

After about 2 weeks you hit the floor and start taking real phone calls from real clients inquiring about their child support case. During this time you are in "training bay". In training bay there are mentors to help you along the way before you move to T-bay 2 in which you then have to help yourself for the most part.

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Maybe you can stop by. Find your nearest branch. Find a branch. Right away all my questions were answered and they found me an assignment the next day. I love my job it's a great place to work. I get along with everyone. The line leaders are extremely nice. They greet you with a smile and after work is over they always tell you to have a nice day and be safe. They try their best to work with you and provide nice, flexible, and good-paying jobs based on your location.

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