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Managing director accenture

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Global professional services firm Accenture has made more than 1, managing director promotions worldwide, along with an additional senior managing director appointments. He joined the firm in after a brief stint at Optus, before which he served as the head of Customer Marketing and eCommerce at Samsung Australia.

A business masters graduate from the University of Duisburg-Essen, Trajceski holds expertise in digital strategy and transformation. Emily Sauter first joined Accenture in Chicago in following a management degree from The Kelley School of Business, before a decade later crossing with the firm to Australia. Michael Are is an experienced digital transformation professional currently serving as Cloud Migration and Data Centre program delivery lead. He has been with Accenture in a variety of roles for close to twenty years since completing a Bachelor Engineering in computer software with RMIT.

A double engineering and commerce degree-holder from the University of Melbourne, Bannerjee has over close to twenty years of Digital Analytics delivery experience. Later this month, Accenture will release its full list of new managing directors across Australia. Part of Consultancy. Campus events Seminars Business Courses Workshops.

Additionally, Accenture did a mid-year salary increase for Managing Directors in to stay competitive. You can expect an annual cash bonus on top of your salary as an MD, which typically pays out in December. Cash bonuses for Accenture MDs are targeted by MD level; the top targets are usually reserved for promotion years.

These bonuses can add up, but they feel much smaller after paying taxes and contributing to the VEIP. The equity bonus is given as an RSU restricted share unit grant with the dollar amount awarded converted to shares based on the conversion date price. You can see how this adds up once you start stacking multiple years of equity on top of each other. For tax purposes, each time a new award vests, it will be counted as income and taxed accordingly.

The stock price fluctuates, so even though your share purchases will be the same dollar amount, the number of shares could differ each month. The shares will vest in two years from the grant date, and the full amount is taxed as income.

You can read about strategies for solving the cash flow issues for MDs. Promotion to Managing Director comes with one of the biggest Accenture carrots, a large equity grant that vests in five years. As you can see above, there are multiple compensation pieces to factor in when calculating the total compensation for Accenture MDs. You lose some opportunities from lower management levels such as the ESPP, k matching, and profit-sharing, but the equity grants and VEIP more than makeup for it.

However, total compensation for Level two and level one can double that. Another thing to think about with MD compensation is the requirement to hold a certain amount of Accenture eqiuty.

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