centers for medicare and medicaid services 2016
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Centers for medicare and medicaid services 2016 juniper networks organizational chart

Centers for medicare and medicaid services 2016

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The Budget proposes targeted reforms to improve the long term sustainability of Medicare and Medicaid by increasing the efficiency of health care delivery without compromising the quality of care for the elderly, children, low income families, and people with disabilities.

Other proposals improve payment efficiency across providers and increase the value of the care that is provided to Americans. The Budget, as part of the Workforce Initiative, extends and refocuses the rate increase for Medicaid primary care providers. The Budget also extends free preventive care services to all Medicaid beneficiaries, creates a new state plan option to provide continuous Medicaid coverage and limit churning, expands access to home and community-based long-term care services and supports and provides permanent flexibility to facilitate enrollment of children into Medicaid.

The proposal is paid for through an increase in tobacco taxes that will help reduce youth smoking and save lives. Washington, D.

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