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Accenture washington dc office

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Davos live on our Foresight App Download for exclusive Foresight 15 minute daily live discussions, our latest thought leadership and Davos insights. Industry X. Renown Health develops a new program to engage older adults for better health management. Public Service. Geographic Services at Accenture.

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Insights to help you stay ahead of change. Operations Making finance a predictive powerhouse Accelerating new value from finance planning via data, technology, talent and processes.

Metaverse Building a Responsible Metaverse Explore how companies must work to create experiences that put trust at the core of user strategy. Let there be change. Julie Sweet. As part of this shift, production is moving closer to consumption in the US so companies can deliver personalized customer experiences, continuously anticipate and respond to market changes, and positively impact society and the planet. The time is right for companies to capitalize on the opportunities to drive innovation that brings industry back to the US.

In this new survey from Accenture and Tech: NYC, 71 percent of C-Suite respondents plan to increase tech talent hires in compared to the previous year and 87 percent are confident those tech skills can be secured from the local talent pool in New York City. The survey of C-Suite executives ó all based in New York City and working across various industries ó found that companies are expanding the diversity of their tech talent by working with workforce development programs 72 percent and internal up-skilling initiatives 62 percent.

C-Suite executives are making active efforts to adapt corporate practices to better reflect the shifting workplace expectations of employees in the pandemic era.

Eight out of ten companies say their growth agenda has changed since the start of the pandemic. It requires a focus on customers as well as employees, on new sources of revenue and the existing business of today, and there are no silver bullets or models you can copy from other companies. Located in 10 major cities across the United States, our network of Innovation Hubs is the engine where we push the boundaries of the possible with our clients.

Each Hub is home to multidisciplinary teams of designers, developers and other technology experts who work with clients to investigate, imagine and bring to life new ideas. We recognize the important role professional apprenticeships can play in closing the skills gap in the United States, providing under served groups greater access to innovation economy jobs and helping reskill workers whose jobs have been, or will be, disrupted by technology.

In collaboration with Aon, the Chicago Apprentice Network and the Business Roundtable, we launched an apprenticeship playbook which focuses on the key steps, considerations and case studies for apprenticeships in professional positions.

We hope the playbook will enable other companies to join the national movement for professional apprenticeship programs and help us create a more inclusive innovation economy. Led by Jimmy Etheredge, our chief executive of North America, our senior leaders work closely with clients across the United States and around the world.

Shape the future Accenture. Come be part of our teamóbring your ideas, ingenuity, and determination to make a difference. Skip to main content Skip to footer. About Accenture. Welcome to Accenture U. Building the future workforce today. Unlocking America's tech sector for Hispanic American and Latinx talent A digital transition is underway in our economy and talent marketplace. Closing the digital skills gap.

Digital workforce representation matters. View Transcript Close. Gaining a competitive edge with digital talent. Companies expect no slow down in NYC tech hiring in Key findings.

Companies have changed work hours or created more flexible schedules for their employees. Most employers have increased compensation.

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See more. Here we help clients find and resolve cyber threats by providing a full suite of services including threat intelligence, advanced adversary simulations, threat hunting and forensic investigation services. At the Accenture Federal Studio we work side-by-side with our clients to uncover, imagine and create new ways to serve their customers and empower their workforce.

Together designers, data analysts and advanced technologists are accelerating government modernization at speed and at scale, always with design for people at the heart. Creative AI, web3, permacrisis and human adaptability. Explore the evolving power dynamic between people and organizations. The continuum of technology and experience reshaping business. Skip to main content Skip to footer. Innovation Architecture. View Transcript. Helping clients rapidly scale security and compliance operations through innovative technology, as-a-Service Skip to main content Skip to footer.

Read More. Know what threats are headed right for you and have plenty of time to take action. We have arguably the most comprehensive collection of cyber threat intelligence in the world. Our own code-cracking hackers can show you exactly how attackers can get in and what it takes to build business resiliency. See how security operations will evolve. Expel active attacks from your enterprise. View Transcript.

Related capabilities. Cyber Resilience Helping clients achieve a resilient cyber defense posture to continue operating their businesses regardless of the