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Cummins tuned

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Still, we are continually improving our accessibility, adding, updating, improving its options and features, and developing and adopting new technologies. All this is meant to reach the optimal level of accessibility following technological advancements. Home More. My Account. Webasto Webasto Heaters Webasto Parts. Cummins Tuned Vibration Damper Quantity 1. How to find your ESN. Add to Cart. Most parts ship within 1 - 3 business days.

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Low Saturation. Adjust Background Colors. Calibrated Power has over 20, on an Emissions Equipped Black edition that is daily driven. Get the benefits of tuning with the Emissions Equipment intact.

Factory emissions equipment is good past RWHP. There are plenty of people out there who will tell you to delete. This is not required. Tire size is going to impact your MPG more than doing deletes. Drive-ability matters!

Ask about how the truck will feel at WOT and mid throttle. Find out how the torque curve is changed with tuning. Where is the most significant gains in usable horsepower. How is it going to change when driving around town? The factory cals do not utilize the wide torque curve of a tuned 6. Proper 68RFE tuning will also dramatically improve torque converter lock-up strategy.

Adding line pressure throughout the shift provides a good firm, positive feeling, this can only be done with 68RFE Tuning. These are old and outdated ways of tuning a diesel. MM3 is the most popular tuning for these trucks. Calibrated Power has gone above and beyond, providing calibration support beyond what MM3 offers to its general users.

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The device is internet-updatable, and it updates quickly. Four dashboards are configurable with five different gauge layouts. Highly customizable, and they allow for tracking and monitoring of parameters in real-time. Excellent device with custom tunes tailored to your truck made by the best. The MM3 is a great tuner, and if you own or plan on owning multiple trucks, there's nothing better on the market than the MM3 tuner with GDP custom tunes!

It's easy to use and install; you can customize the screen to match your style as well. The updates and patches are consistent without the need to connect to a PC. There aren't any unnecessary cables, resulting in a cleaner look.

Widely praised as one of the best digital gauge monitors on the market, the Edge Insight CTS3 allows you to track every key vehicle parameter; EGT, regen cycles, boost, and many more!

The gauges and backgrounds are customizable down to every detail. Next to tracking vehicle parameters, you can also measure time, mile time, and more driver-oriented details. Other than monitoring, you can also read and clear codes with the Insight CTS3.

The device is compatible with backup cameras, but a new adaptor will be needed. With this device, you'll be able to track exactly what your truck is doing in real-time displayed on a clean and stylish monitor. The Smarty S makes your truck run as it should. The instructions are easy to follow, and the user experience is simple and straightforward. Customers have noticed an incredible difference in power, even on the 1 level. Next to power, many also claim that the Smarty S had a great impact on fuel economy.

The Smarty S is an extraordinary high-performance diesel engine tuner for a great price! The horsepower settings transform your truck even at lower levels.

The throttle response is quite noticeable, but in order to not destroy the drivetrain there is a safe limit. The tune was created on a completely stock truck with an increase of horsepower at the 9th level option, Smarty claims. The tire height is adjustable up to 44", but the vehicle needs to be VIN locked beforehand. With the Smarty S, you're also able to read and clear codes. Smarty S delivers incredible power improvements on a budget. It's a simple device that comes without any unnecessary features, focusing on performance only.

You will also likely notice an improvement in mileage. The presets do what they were designed to do very well, turning your truck into a jack of all trades. The tuner comes with a stylish monitor that can read every key parameter; Some customers have purchased the Edge Evolution CTS2 for the monitor exclusively.

The Edge Evolution CTS2 has five preset tunes: transmission only, economy, towing, performance, and extreme. These tunes are adjustable in a user-friendly way, and you have the option to return the truck to factory settings. The monitor display looks excellent, with many different customization options.

The gauges can be set to track key vehicle parameters, so the tuner itself can be used as a monitor only. The performance testing feature lets the driver test and measure different options that can be uploaded to a PC for a review. The tuner has diagnostic capabilities that lets the driver read and clear codes. Excellent multi-purpose tuner for any 6. The monitor stands out from the rest with its stylish look, customization possibilities, and key parameter tracking. While this is a decent option for someone who NEEDS a monitoring device, but their budget limits them from picking up a Smarty along with a separate monitor.

We don't recommend running the extreme tune on Cummins vehicles. Canned tuners are developed for stock engines exclusively; they do not account for additional modifications, and they cannot utilize their potential. They are developed for stock vehicles, or vehicles with very minor modifications.

Canned tuners most often come with a few different tunes designed for a specific purpose. Since they are mass-produced, they are more budget-friendly than tuners with custom tunes. Canned tuners do offer a good amount of power, but since they aren't customized to your specific vehicle, they cannot unlock every drop of power possible. Perfect for stock engines, but less useful for modified trucks. These tuners are versatile since you have the option of flashing the preset tunes onto a vehicle or purchasing custom made tunes and getting the most out of your truck.

The preset tunes are perfect for stock vehicles, and if you plan on modifying your truck in the future, custom tunes will account for each modification, in turn offering more potential for performance improvements. Custom tuning modules can squeeze every drop of power from your truck since they account for every modification you've made. The modules generally come without a tune from the manufacturer, so you will need to purchase a custom made tune from an outside party.

That is, unless the tuning is already included, as it is with our MM3 above. The MM3 Tuner reviewed here is one example of a custom tuner. Another example would be the EZLynk Tuner not reviewed here. Some tuners come with automatic software updates through a Wi-Fi connection, while other tuners do not have that feature.

Instead, it's advised to check for a new update every couple of months. To update the tuner, download the software update for your vehicle from the manufacturer's website, connect the tuner to your PC with the included USB cable, and the installation from there should be simple and straightforward. The update shouldn't take much time, but that depends on the manufacturer and the tuner itself. There are a couple of reasons because of which the tuner can freeze during installation.

The most common being aftermarket electronics and devices connected to the vehicle. Simply unplug any aftermarket devices and redo the installation process. Another reason for frozen installation would be battery power.

Before flashing a tune, having a healthy battery is crucial. Charging the battery can also make the installation freeze. Disconnect the charger and restart the installation process. Tuner failure to power on is usually caused by faulty wiring or flimsy cable connection.

Disconnect everything from the vehicle and put it back together carefully, ensuring that the cables are inspected and firmly connected. Cummins being an engine with a great amount of potential deserves the best. These tuners will unlock that potential for you, making you wish you've purchased the tuners sooner! Pick the tuner that works best for your application, flash a tune, and reach new limits with your unleashed Cummins.

Tuning vehicles is no longer complicated. Manufacturers have come a long way, making tuners that are simple to install and use. However, there are still many misconceptions and unanswered questions about tuners. We've answered the most common questions people ask, and if you have any more questions, please contact us for more information. Powerstroke Tuning. Cummins 5. Explore the journey of our products and services to improve your truck's power, reliability, and performance.

Avoid dead pedal while towing light and heavy payload. Reduce heat, exhaust braking, and optimize fuel consumption while towing. Our Allison Built Transmissions for Duramax trucks offer more power delivered more reliably. Here's how! Learn about our 'no delete' tunes leaving your emissions system intact, and how to tune your truck and be compliant with regulations in your state.

Cheap box tuners are no comparison to our custom tuning when it comes to shifting and smoke reduction. There's a difference! Get more from your truck's engine with our custom tuning while optimizing fuel economy. Find out the right injector power level for your driving needs, current and future engine modification plan. Our tuning improves 'drive-ability'.

Explore what improved drive-ability means to you. Find out how our custom tuning improves your truck's reliability under different driving conditions, and why it's important. Aside from all the measurable benefits of our tuning, it's just a lot more fun to drive your truck compared to factory settings!

Improve the smoothness of your shifting and the life of your transmission with our custom tuning. Please Select Add to Wish List View Product.

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