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Conduent bakersfield self service portal cigna contact provider

Conduent bakersfield self service portal

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Process required transactions via mainframe or web-based applications. Submit research requests in a concise yet accurate manner. Maintain a thorough knowledge of the company and client programs, policies, and technology.

Communicate effectively in a warm and empathetic manner. Adhere to confidentiality requirements and laws to ensure information is disseminated only to authorized individuals.

Great Work Environment. Requirements: Must be at least 18 years of age or older. Must have a High School Diploma or equivalent. Must pass pre-employment screening including drug test. Pay Transparency Laws in some locations require disclosure of compensation-related information. For this position, actual salaries will vary and may be above or below the range based on various factors including but not limited to location, experience, and performance.

In addition to base pay, this position, based on business need, may be eligible for a bonus or incentive. In addition, Conduent provides a variety of benefits to employees including health insurance coverage, voluntary dental and vision programs, life and disability insurance, a retirement savings plan, paid holidays, and paid time off PTO or vacation or sick time.

Join a rapidly growing organization that can support your career goals. Apply Today! People with disabilities who need a reasonable accommodation to apply for or compete for employment with Conduent may request such accommodation s by clicking on the following link, completing the accommodation request form, and submitting the request by using the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form.

For those using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox please download the form first: click here to access or download the form. At Conduent, we value the health and safety of our associates, their families and our community.

Apply for this job. Receive alerts for other Customer Service Rep job openings. Report this Job. Customer Service Representative. Williams-Sonoma Inc. By agreeing to submit your resume, you consent in accordance with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to:. Should you have any questions or wish have your information removed from our service, please contact us here.

Toggle navigation Demo. Experience CompAnalyst: Demo. Bakersfield, CA. Salary Company Job Openings. Even if someone is sick and contagious no one asks them to go home and if you do you'll get an occurence when they add up you get fired. Theyll yell at you for "slip time" which is taking too long to log into the computer and pull up the windows and it's your fau Pros Friends.

Cons A lot. As long as you do what is asked, it is a great full time, set schedule job. I have worked at Conduent for over 2 years now, back when it was still Xerox. During the transition, a lot of things have changed, but a lot have stayed the same as well. Is it a good job? Is it a well-paying job? Do you feel unique and a part of the team here?

I believe all of those answers are yes. You have a hour work week if you work full-time, and there are options to work 8 hours 5 days a week, and occasionally have the opportunity to work 10 hours 4 days a week depending on what your position is.

The pay is good for a desk job, and with each new promotion the pay goes up a little bit, which does add up after a while. It would be nice if the pay was higher, but because Conduent is contracted and it is not the actual company, it makes sense and I don't fault them for it.

You take phone calls for your shift, assisting customers with any issues that they have and provide resolutions or transfer them to someone that can help. In a typical work week, most calls go well, and a few times the call can be hard to continue, whether it be a difficult issue they are having or the customer is upset.

For the most part the workflow is manageable and can be slightly overwhelming at times, but after working there for a while you get the hang of it. The job is heavily customer-service oriented and you will use your communication skills a Pros Occasional free food, 1 hour lunches, two 15 minute breaks a day. Cons Less pay than what would be expected, but understandable for a contracted company.

Conduent is a great company for somebody that wants to work and willing to apply themselves every day. For the first time in my life I had a job that made too much for any kind of government benefits. Then I would go to work and look at their resource articles and saw they were poorly written or outdated it left me very resentful.

Almost like they do this on purpose so we go go and buy the products. They promoted me to another departm Pros Great benefits steady pay work at home. Cons Poor training, The company is making a lot of changes so communication is not always good -work at home. I've worked for conduent formerly Xerox for two and a half years at this point. I'm currently an iOS senior advisor Tier 2 iOS the highest current available position outside of management on the site.

I've repeatedly expressed interest in being a supervisor, only to be ignored with no explanation for why I've been passed over. When the iOS T2 position became available, the general manager promised that the raise would "pay your rent. To take the same calls as iOS T1 advisors, with more responsibility, higher expectations, and inconsistent standards. According to Glassdoor. Which changes daily. And makes no account for things like callers that insist on staying on the line for three hours complaining about the government spying on them through their lightbulbs.

Minimum wage has since gone up, but the company has not followed suit, and the additional. Management ignores all complaints, including those about bedbugs, which ARE present, even when brought bugs captured at the desk Pros Morning schedule is good if you can get it.

I loved working for Conduent. I felt that training was efficient, and the support once you're moved to production was just enough to keep you from becoming dependent on others, and instead of just being told how to resolve issues we were given the tools and motivation to have enough confidence in ourselves to figure it out by utilizing the resources that were available.

I was promoted when I felt comfortable, and I thoroughly enjoyed helping new hires become comfortable with taking calls and showing them possible alternatives for handling those calls as efficiently as possible. I feel like the job seems intimidating at first, but if you pay attention and ask questions, and pay attention when you ask questions you can't fail because the resources are there. The job itself was great, but after I experienced both the loss of my mother and then my brother in the same year I wasn't really given much empathy.

I guess my feelings were hurt more than anything because I was fired due to attendance, and I thought I had proven my loyalty to the company by my performance and continuous advancements. I didn't realize I was as replaceable as they made me feel at the end, but I guess that was my mistake. The most disappointing part of working for this company is that they treat their employees like they are disposable. Pros Training, pay, benefits. Cons You need them more than they need you.

Don't forget that. Conduent essentially assigns you a contract and allows you to grow within that role and at a somewhat rapid pace.

My position is in a call center like environment and that in and of itself can be taxing. Would I recommend Conduent? Personally, I will NOT stay in any capacity following my first year here. My job role is stressful and the metrics used for employee grading and promotion are skewed by both company policy and customer feedback.

Good luck to all you out there! Pros work from home, multicultural, pay. Cons undue criticism, stress, work-life balance, attitudes, favoritism, expectations. Poor working atmosphere and lack of appreciation for employees. The atmosphere within the building is not welcoming, nor are employees valued or empathized with for the verbal abuse that is endured as a part of our daily duties.

Employees with greater skill sets are levaraged and used with few, if any chances at advancement. While my team leaders were quick to leverage my knowledge of the job, policy, and other information, this came with an expectation to drop my daily duties, while supporting other teammates at the expense of my own work. In addition, this came without proper recognition or advancement opportunities. As a result, I became burned out, productivity and my morale suffered. I asked repeatedly for opportunities to show my worth and was promised chances that never materialized.

This place uses and abuses employees without proper compensation or recognition. The client that Conduent is contracted by is equally heartless and complicit in the degradation of employee morale. Additionally, many in management were less than understanding of the emotional impact the job had on us as individuals and expected us to simply continue working without regard for the need for time off to take care of our mental health. My advice, you can do better than working here.

This place doesn't care about your worth as an individual or an employee. Pros None. Cons Management and company focus.

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Contract extension is among a series of recent tolling business wins for Conduent in the U. A media snippet accompanying this announcement is available by clicking the image or link below:.

The contract extension is among a series of recent tolling business wins for Conduent in the United States and the United Kingdom, reflecting continued growth and enhanced capabilities for the company in road usage charging. Despite the challenges presented by the COVID pandemic, Conduent supported that transition by tripling its San Francisco-based workforce for BATA and opening a new facility in Bakersfield, California, to meet customer service needs associated with automated tolling.

The company now has more than employees in the state who serve the agency. These initiatives benefit the environment and create improved driving experiences for millions of motorists. Conduent Transportation currently operates six of the 10 largest toll systems in the U.

Investigate and ensure proper notifications are delivered in a timely manner for all discrepancies with E-verify results; following escalation process to ensure compliance. Tel Optional. Location Optional. Current Company Optional. Current Job Title Optional. If you would like to be contacted about new positions at conduent, please check here.

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