centene holidays 2018
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Centene holidays 2018 emblemhealth enhanced care prime

Centene holidays 2018

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The culture focuses on high volume work and productivity. There is zero work-life-balance without having some type of consequence for leaving at a normal time. Most people are working at least 10 hours a day and up to 14 hours a day. The majority of staff are burned out, miserable, and tired. How do I know this statistic? Because as a recruiter, you can see the turnover and the level of exhaustion by the people leaders. The squeeze starts at the Director level and down.

Everyone is working tirelessly. Pros Decent pay and can grow. Cons Very cold culture, data and numbers driven, high mental health fatigue and burnout, layoffs, horrible benefits and employer contributions to plans, minimal EE rewards, high turnover, no purpose, low contributions to HSA. Recruiter Chesterfield, MO Jul 11, Centene offers 18 days paid vacation to FTEs. There is a culture of working yourself to death and burning out at this company.

There is also a strong culture of closed door meetings, hierarchical leadership, poor forecasting and inability to properly manage workloads, whole having no standardized professional development or training. Avoid this company. Recruiter St. Louis, MO Jan 26, Change management exhaustion due to accelerated growth. Communication is poor and leadership is ever changing. Acquisitions have massive impact on employees and job performance, leading to heavy work loads.

Cons Compensation is above average and benefits are fair. Recruiter Chesterfield, MO Jul 5, Fast-paced personally rewarding work in healthcare staffing. Good benefits for FTE. Internal promotion of recruiters based on customer compliments, hmmm. OT was good but workload balance needed improvement. Pros Steady work in healthcare. Cons Workload balance, needed more staff. Louis, MO Mar 20, Centene is the true definition of the Machine No place to spend valuable life at unless the only thing you care about is a check.

Management is very poor and very egotistical and this for a company that supposedly helps change lives. Stay away if you value your health and happiness. Pros Cafe is nice. Cons Everything other than cafe. Recruiter Getzville, NY Aug 3, FidelisCare - rapidly growing managed care organization in NY. Co-workers were wonderful, rapid growth, heavy workload and difficult work life balance. High turnover in HR. Be prepared for continual 'shifting sands'. With the rapid growth and high turnover, leadership's direction and focus can do a quickly.

Pros Employees. Cons Work life balance. Good place when starting out in your career. Room for growth, fair compensation, tuition reimbursement offer multiple location and reasonable with time off. The hardest part of the job is finding parking. Recruiter Atlanta, GA May 1, Great working environment, with honest leaders. Open door policy. Daily goals, you can work remote with most positions depending on your location.

Great overall company. Recruiter Atlanta, GA Jul 26, Massive growth in healthcare nationwide. Company starting to go International.

Top of Fortune Companies in the U. Pros Pay. Cons Misinformation, lack of management support, abuse of employees break and lunches. My day would generally begin sitting at my desk and prepping to take calls, I would take calls and help members find health care providers, vision providers , Etc.

I would also mail out information to members regarding health providers within network. I learned how to take care of the individual needs of the members. Unlike most call centers while some members issues would appear the same they were different. Management seemed to have alot of things going on already, They would pop up every so often and check on you, If you had a question they would answer or help you find the information needed The Co workers , ether knew the job and felt bothered if you asked them questions of were new hires as well and seemed to be stressed with the job as well The hardest part of the job would be finding the correct information for the member in a timely manner , also i found it hard to help the members with complex issues because of the lack of real training The most enjoyable part of the job in my opinion , would be hearing the member smile or tell you thank you Pros parking garage, 8am to 5pm.

Cons temp job, no real training. Do not go to work here in Member Services. The training is very bad to say the least. There are so many issues with this company. Management is very blind and doesn't want to fix the problems. Management will often make mandatory OT very often without much notice. It's not OT since its only a It is straight time.

Every day following a holiday will be mandatory one hour of "OT" but really is just straight pay. Finance messes up payments or applies the payments incorrectly and members term out.

Pay Span has so may issues. Parents cannot add their children online and you are supposed to be tech support as well since IT who isn't allowed to talk to members. When you call IT, they don't do much of anything. In regards to grading of calls, it's a joke how you lose points. They push the member portal and people don't know how to use it and "member" get more frustrated.

Team leads are constantly in the queue so if you need help, good luck because many sups are just too "busy". Do not work here. Absolute worst job you can have. Pros None. Cons Short breaks, pay, parking. Monitor real time call flow; provide guidance and direction to call center personnel to ensure call metrics and standards are met or exceeded according to operational policies and procedures. Lead post training activities, act as a resource for staff questions and provide assessments of staff progress and competence to director.

Perform concurrent quality audits and provide feedback and coaching on strategies to achieve improved performance. Assess staffing need and recommend action steps to meet needs. Coordinates and manages workflow processes during assigned call center shifts and resolve issues requiring real-time actions pertaining to the call center environment.

I've worked for this company little over a year now I must say to stay away! Management and team leads are horrible.

Who ever hired them was on some sort of drugs or possibly sleeping with them. You are working in a stressful enivornment and no one cares from the higher up. They bribe you with cookies and donuts. The demographic is uneven. Overheard a conversation between two executives that they are hiring those who live close to Detroit that live in the rural areas since they'll need this job more and know they can over work them. This place is always stressful. Fun at first but easily burnt out after 4 months.

Always walking on egg shells and always changing process that makes no sense. Medicaid members act like they are something special just like the managers. Also the auditors do not know what they are doing. Reason to get fired easily. Pros Coworkers bagel day Friday. Cons Managers team lead over worked auditors. Yearly Answered Nov 13, Every year. Answered Nov 7, If you were in charge, what would you do to make Centene a better place to work?

Stop their greed and actually care about their members and employees. Start the whole company over! Answered Nov 8, Permit work from home more. We were told in the merger Centene does not favor it. So many positions are telephonic so it makes no sense to force staff to go to an office, not to mention poor work life balance. Answered Jul 16, What is the best part of working at Centene? Helping People Answered Aug 28, Flexible schedule Answered May 13, What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Centene?

HR is super slow! Answered Sep 13, We look for people who have ambition for extraordinary impact to support our growing, purpose-driven organization ó and we know that could be you!

First and foremost, bring your authentic self to the application process. Answered Jul 12, What is the interview process like at Centene? A typical interview experience may include one or a combination or phone, video, and in-person interviews.

Be prepared to answer STAR method behavioral-based interview questions complete with specific examples of your experience. Senior Care Manager 2 salaries reported. Customer Service Representative 3 salaries reported. Care Manager 3 salaries reported.

Case Manager 6 salaries reported.

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