alcon air optix multifocal
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Alcon air optix multifocal amerigroup chip eligibility

Alcon air optix multifocal

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Having decreased close-up vision can affect your daily life, especially if you never experienced any other eye conditions. Common tasks—such as reading, looking at your cell phone, shaving, signing documents or using a camera or a computer—are now troublesome, which can make you feel self-conscious. Rest assured, once you are diagnosed and your eye care professional provides a prescription, presbyopia can be very manageable.

Both contact lenses and glasses are used to correct the condition. You may start with reading glasses or—if you have other refractive errors—with bifocals, trifocals or eyeglasses with progressive lenses that have different prescription powers in different parts of the lens, so you can correct for various distances simultaneously.

They are a marvel of technology and a modern, convenient alternative for clear vision. To learn more about presbyopia, its symptoms and treatments, visit myeyes. The loss of focusing ability is so gradual that it may take a while before we realize we are having trouble seeing up close. This noticeable change in vision is common, unavoidable, and typically occurs around the age of This all-distance design allows for clear vision for the biggest challenges — like reading fine print — so you can go back to seeing clearly without having to strain or struggle with readers.

It allows your eyes to make remarkably smooth transitions from up close vision to further away without blurring or distortion, even when driving. Your eye care professional can determine the contact lens and correction that are best for you.

The quick contact lens snapshot below includes all available prescriptions. Click here for general information about contact lens care and wear. About Presbyopia. The age at which the first signs appear may vary slightly, but around 40 you may experience any combination of these symptoms: blurred vision at normal reading distances headaches squinting eyestrain fatigue feeling especially after doing close-up work Finally, you may have seen the most typical behavior associated with presbyopia, which is holding reading materials at arm's length in an attempt to see the page clearly.

Wearing schedule: Daily wear and up to 6 nights extended wear. Make sure both eyes are open do NOT do monocular over-refractions. Change power of lens accordingly -- try to push as much plus as possible at this stage without hurting distance vision. If vision is acceptable distance and near with binocular vision and good lighting, dispense the trial lenses. Having trouble with distance or near? Time to take advantage of ocular dominance. Which option looks better?

The eye that can't take the plus is your dominant eye. If Issues with Distance: If over-refraction can't solve distance complaints, it is time to use that dominant eye to our advantage and split adds. This may seem obvious, but check out that last line of the table. For Hi adds, you should drop to medium add power on the NON-dominant eye. Yes, you read that right. I was. I can't say it makes sense, but apparently it should work. That's right, before you start messing with add, try pushing a little more plus.

At this point, you are committing to sacrificing a little distance in the name of near. If you still can't get good enough near vision, then from here, split the add as described: 2 Split the Add: Yes, again the Hi add power is counter-intuitive. You drop the non-dominant add to medium.

I haven't been able to get a good scientific explanation as to why this strange add adjustment on the Hi adds works, but the blended zones of multifocal contact lenses can yield crazy results.

I am guessing if there are vision issues, then we are assuming the eye is not being able to take advantage of a certain add power's blend, so we are trying to utilize a different power blend to increase visual function. As we all know, the power of the multifocal contact lens is just a starting place, and many times the final contact lens Rx doesn't match that well with a person's glasses prescription because multifocal contact lenses are so variable in the vision they provide.

It is all about how a patient's eye and brain can utilize the blended zone information it is being given. That's why vision may take a week or two to even reach it's true potential; the eye and brain have to learn how to interpret the lens. So if you are wanting to achieve even better multifocal results, try revisiting the fitting guides of your lenses.

You may be surprised by the suggestions inside! Eyedolatry does not provide personal medical advice; we encourage you to schedule with a doctor. Powered by Blogger. Air Optix Multifocal Fitting Guide -- do you really know the recommendations for best fit?

Here's the link to Ciba's Version. If over-refraction can't solve distance complaints, it is time to use that dominant eye to our advantage and split adds.

Yes, again the Hi add power is counter-intuitive. Tags: air optix multifocal fitting guide , dailies aqua comfort plus multifocal fitting guide , determining add power contact lens , multifocal contact lens fitting guide , splitting multifocal contact lens adds.

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