alcon stands for
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Alcon stands for

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The lens is engineered for optimal refractive predictability with unrivalled stability and treats cataracts and astigmatism in a better way. Alcon IQ lens is designed in such a way that it can address even the lowest number of cylindrical eye power, i.

It improves the vision significantly after cataract surgery and provides stable vision. This monofocal lens designed by Alcon emphasizes correcting vision problems at a specific distance, mostly for farby objects.

The lens protects the vision from further decline and also have fewer risks of repositioning. On average, the Alcon cataract lens price in India ranges from Rs.

The Alcon cataract lens price in India is reasonable and the quality of the lens is also high-grade. This is the reason why cataract doctors and patients prefer using these lenses. The doctor will discuss your vision requirement and budget and then suggest the type of Alcon lens suitable for you. Yes, Alcon lenses can provide stable and improved vision to cataract patients. Various studies have proven that these lenses are effective in the long-term preservation of vision.

The cost of an Alcon lens can range from Rs. There are different types of lenses manufactured by Alcon, and each one of them has different features and functionalities. Thus, the cost of each lens varies significantly. Different types of Alcon lenses are made up using a variety of materials. For instance, the non-foldable IOLs are made up of hard plastic material. Unlike this, Alcon Acrysof foldable lens is made up of soft acrylic material.

Recent studies have shown that the rotational stability of two of the most commonly used toric intraocular lenses is considerably different. The rotational stability of the AcrySof lens is much better than the Tecnis lens. Kusum Jindal recommended our service. I operated my mother for cataract by Dr. Suraj Munjal at The Sight Avenue, Greater Kailash, the staff was very decent and cooperative, and team pristyn made it easier in all the documentation and other processes.

We didn't face any problem, all things happened smoothly. Thanks a lot. Sama Naqvi recommended our service. Hospital was clean and happy with cataract surgery done by pristyncare. They provided the cab which was very helpful for me. Deepak recommended our service. Kartik recommended our service. Surgery was done in time and vision is fine with both eye surgery. Recommended for cataract eye surgery. Nancy Patel recommended our service. My mother is very old and developed a Cataract.

She suffers from a multitude of diseases and requires extra care so I was very worried but they were all washed away once I saw how the doctors and staff at the hospital we were provided treated my mother. She is now rid of her cataract and can once again see her family with a clear vision. Prashant Gupta recommended our service. Pristyn care was recommended to me by a friend who had already gone through a surgery through them. I must say, I was happy with the treatment I received. Anita Bisht was a professional and well mannered.

The surgeons they provided were excellent with years of experience. Appointment With. Call Us. Book Free Appointment. Alcon Lens for Cataract Surgery Alcon is one of the most renowned and popular manufacturers and distributors of eye care products, including cataract lenses.

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