carla baxter
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Carla baxter

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Report an error. Journalistic Standards. About The Standard. My Local. Michael responded by refusing to concede, although he was later forced to kill Victor to prevent Management from interrogating him with Victor stating that if Management got to him, then they would take Victor apart. Just before Carla was able to hit the detonator, however, she was shot in the chest and died instantly with her killer being revealed as Fiona Glenanne who told Sam Axe , "Finally", implying that Fiona might have been holding a strong grudge against Carla for getting Michael to do her dirty work.

As a member of the group responsible for issuing a burn notice on Michael, Carla often used Michael to carry out various tasks for her. She was also ruthless, often threatening to harm Michael's family and friends unless he agrees to work for her or if he hadn't met a deadline that she'd set. Burn Wiki Explore. The Fall of Sam Axe. Community portal. Explore Wikis Community Central. Don't have an account? Carla Baxter. Edit source History Talk 0.

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In the Burn Notice season 2 finale Michael has teamed with Carla's ex-employee Victor Michael Shanks, Stargate to expose her activities to the organization. Carla showed the dark side of life in the spy business and was effectively the evil mirror of Michael himself. She was just as smart but used her skills for profit and had no qualms about collateral damage or murder.

In Burn Notice's season 2 finale Carla is killed by Fiona, which leads Michael to a meeting with the head of the organization, played by John Mahoney Frasier. Michael rejects an offer to come work for them, which in one way frees him of their control, but they also remove the protection that has kept him off the radar of law enforcement.

Tricia Helfer's Carla was one of the most entertaining villains on Burn Notice , who was both ruthless and oddly likable. She only appeared in nine episodes of the show in total, but she made a lasting impression on both Michael and the series itself. Next: Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Battlestar Galactica.

Other than that, enjoy Villains Wiki!!! Carla is a mid-ranking member of the organization that burned Michael Westen and acts as his "handler" throughout the season before her demise. She was a ruthless and conniving organization member who cared only about personal gain. Carla had Michael burned prior to the events of Burn Notice for him to do her bidding.

She had no morals whatsoever and cared only about personal gain even if it meant exploiting the organization's resources. Her superiors were oblivious to to her dealings and kept her as a mid-ranking member of the organization.

It is revealed Carla had Michael burned for him to perform black ops. Throughout the season she forces Michael to perform several seemingly unrelated errands which he learns were connected as part of an assassination attempt. But before he can stop the assassin, someone beat him to the punch and the assassin was killed in a bomb wired to his front door, the same type of bomb Michael narrowly avoids. It turned out a man named Victor, a former employee of Carla's had been responsible when she revealed not even she knew about it.

Michael would use Victor to take down Carla rather than give him up to her men by revealing her abuse of the organization's resources for personal gain. In the process, Michael learned that Carla had been responsible for burning Victor and for also organizing the explosion in Mexico City that had killed Victor's unnamed wife and four year old son, which had ultimately tipped Victor over the edge and eventually led to him joining the Organization. Fiona later shot and killed Carla when she was about to kill Michael by detonating the C4 in Victor's boat.

Carla was a ruthless and psychopathic member of the organization which burned Michael, having no qualms threatening his family. She had no compromise when it came to what she wanted and was effectively a cold, ruthless operative for management. Villains Wiki.