carefirst primary and wellness owner
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Carefirst primary and wellness owner

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This interconnectedness is important in managing care and information over time. As people grow and age, their needs change as well and CareFirst is prepared to learn form Medicare and Medicaid to address the needs of people at different stages of their lives, as they face different challenges.

Pieninck also discussed the current public health crisis of mental health, behavioral health, and substance use disorder. A major part of the problem is how society views healthcare and weighs physical illness and injury more heavily than mental and behavioral health issues.

There is also the issue of provider shortage, which is problematic in ensuring timely care. The key will be to build access, infrastructure, and awareness. CareFirst believes that virtual care, social care, and self-care will be important parts of the solution. Virtual care can be used to increase access and provide more prompt care. Education on self-care will be vital to changing perceptions of mental and behavioral health issues, training people on how to manage their conditions, and teaching people to recognize when care is needed.

Social care is especially important in treating mental health conditions, as these conditions are so often linked to the social determinants of health. Currently, we live in a sick-care system. CareFirst believes in addressing the root causes of illness and managing them over time to move toward a culture of well-care.

Payors are not the only answer to addressing the social determinants, but we need partnerships to pool resources and deal with the issues from all angles. Primary care should have a strong role in making these changes. Because primary care is so fundamental to the transition into a culture of wellness, the primary care shortage is a serious problem.

Not only paying primary care providers more, but many factors, including changing how we think about out healthcare system, will need to be addressed to solve the problem. CareFirst believes in the importance of keeping primary care doctors independent. There is a need to broaden the definition of primary care to include family and community care as well as nurse practitioners and physician assistants operating at the top of their license.

Primary care practitioners have a unique position at the front end of the funnel that allows for them to screen for social determinants and unnecessary care to make the health system more effective. It is important that people are getting the right care at the right place at the right time, and primary care providers can help to ensure that happens.

Be a fan on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Link us in linkedin. Search this site. PCC Resources. Calendar Upcoming Events. Helping people understand the value of primary care, how to navigate the healthcare system and what things will cost ahead of time is core to our mission: providing accessible, affordable and comprehensive care to people with transparency and accountability.

CareFirst is pitching CloseKnit as a way to close healthcare gaps, especially those for primary care. CloseKnit helps fill critical gaps for many patients, particularly those who lack a PCP, including expanding our valued network of providers and making it easy to access the care they seek 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Across the U. They pitched increasing the use of novel patient-clinician interactions, like telemedicine, as one way to overcome this gap. App-based primary care provider 98point6 this year enhanced its platform with an integrated behavioral health offering that includes therapy, condition diagnosis, health coaching and digital programming.

Skip to main content. Global Edition. Health and Wellness. Insurer CareFirst launches virtual-first healthcare platform. CareFirst pitches CloseKnit as a way to close healthcare gaps, especially those for primary care.

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Then from the list of types of care, select Medical Care. You will then see an option to search Primary Care Providers. This tool will show you primary care physicians who are in-network for CareFirst's Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage, with their specialty, whether they are accepting new patients, what languages they speak, where they went to medical school, and their practice address and phone number.

Skip Navigation. Login Register. Have questions about health insurance? Explore our Insurance Basics pages. Need Insurance? Log In or Register. A PCP can be: a doctor, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or even a care team through a virtual-first primary care practice like CloseKnit. No benefits are paid by CareFirst under this program. Take the call You may receive a phone call from a nurse, health coach or pharmacy technician explaining one of our programs and inviting you to participate.

Take Charge of Your Health. Get Started Visit carefirst. Exclusive Features Our wellness program has tailored resources, challenges and tools that reflect your unique preferences and interests, including: Blue Rewards program — Earn financial incentives. Personalized health timeline — Get insights, content and programs tailored to your goals and interests. Trackers — Connect wearable devices, or enter your own data, to monitor daily habits like sleep, steps, nutrition and more.

Challenges — Stay motivated by joining a challenge to make achieving your health goals more entertaining. Health profile — Access important health data like your biometric information, vaccine history, lab results and medications all in one place.

Inspirations — Break free from stress, unwind at the end of the day or ease into a restful night of sleep with meditation, streaming music and relaxation videos. Receive special offers from top national and local retailers on fitness gear, gym memberships, healthy eating options and more. Health education — View our health library for health and well-being information.

Specialized Programs Included in your health and wellness benefits are specialized programs to help you achieve specific goals and improve your health.