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Alcon vitreoretinal system

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Global changes and its affect on healthcare The IOP control utilizes flow sensors at the bottom of the cassette that directly compensates to maintain a set pressure. Designed for unassisted scleral depression and built-in illumination 4. US nuance transcriotion patent CA A1. Us Patent Ca A1. Discover more videos Upcoming events. Alcon Data On File,
Alcon vitreoretinal system Intraocular pressure IOP control is one feature that sets the Constellation apart from other vitrectomy machines. A texturized surface and conforming grasping platform designed to improve grip vitreoretinla ILM peeling 6,7. Advantages with Valved Cannulas: No additional forceps is required. Designed to help you work more freely, securely, here precisely. Use the Valved Cannula Vent to vent fluids or gases as needed during injection of viscous here or heavy liquids. No vitreous incarceration.
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Three-dimensional, high-definition visualization is revolutionizing vitreoretinal surgery. A respected group of surgeons discuss the benefits of the NGENUITY 3D Visualization system, including why it is an excellent teaching tool and how it helps surgeons achieve better patient outcomes. Caution: Federal USA law restricts this device to sale by, or in the order of, a physician.

It acts as an adjunct to the surgical microscope during surgery displaying real-time images or images from recordings. Warnings: The system is not suitable for use in the presence of flammable anesthetics mixture with air or oxygen. There are no known contraindications for use of this device. Copy Link. With the addition of the Datafusion software, Ngenuity now also offers integration with the Constellation Vision System for vitreoretinal surgery.

The high-definition screen of the Ngenuity system will continue to provide retinal surgeons 3D visualization of the back of the eye with greater depth and detail during surgery than traditional microscopes. We are combining two of our game-changing systems to streamline the customer experience, allowing surgeons to track real-time data feedback on one screen during procedures.

The Datafusion software integrates the Constellation Vision System and the Ngenuity 3D Visualization System, allowing surgeons to track key data parameters in real-time, such as intraocular pressure, flow rates, infusion pressure and laser power, on one screen. Additional functionality simplifies the surgical experience allowing for customization, including the introduction of four preset imaging modes, two footswitch control options, advanced 2D or 3D video capture, and enhancement of the graphical user interface and procedure flow to provide an improved white balance process.

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