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Katie baxter

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Kate Baxter Goodreads Author. The third book in the Last True Vampire series releases today! An unforgettable, intensely emotional, and hot series for fans of J. View more on Kate Baxter's website ». View all 3 posts ». Combine Editions. Kate Baxter Average rating: 3. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Series by Kate Baxter. Kate is Currently Reading. Kate Baxter is currently reading.

Dead Witch Walking The Hollows, 1. Apr 27, PM. Quotes by Kate Baxter? Quotes are added by the Goodreads community and are not verified by Goodreads. Learn more. If he starved himself, so be it. Sought pleasure when I wanted t. Watched the eradication of my people and lay helpless, entombed, unable to do a gods-damned thing about it.

But never have I loved. Not until now, not until this moment, have I known what it is to truly love something. I love this child. I love you. He also hit her and threatened her with a Stanley knife. In October, , Martin was arrested on suspicion of assaulting his wife at a house in Radford. She had a bruise to her right eye, red marks to both sides of her nose, a cut to her upper lip and reddening and bruising to her neck.

The next day, Martin called and told a police telephone operator he had been locked up the night before for trying to strangle his wife.

He spoke of having bad thoughts and that he was going to end up killing someone. Over the next couple of months, he engrossed himself in the homeless community, turning up at soup kitchens and befriending alcoholics and drugs addicts. To those he met, he was a misfit. Unlike many of those who found themselves in that situation by tragic circumstance, Martin did not have drug and alcohol problems. He still had a home in Ilkeston and appeared clean and nicely dressed.

Outreach workers were puzzled by him. The Great Northern warehouses were built in and, as the name suggests, belonged to the Great Northern Railway. Martin would bully fellow rough sleepers for their benefits or what little money they could earn.

One homeless person said: "If you heard Reds was on one side of town you would go to the other. When he knew you had drugs or money he would look for you and take it off you. And when he was not robbing other homeless people, he was boasting how he was going to make a name for himself. Here was a potentially dangerous character that should be watched closely. But Martin was talking about how he was going to make a name for himself, that he was dangerous and was going to hurt people.

He ended up being charged with murdering both Katie Baxter between December 31, , and February 1, ; Zoe Pennick between the same dates; and Ellen Frith between January 23 and 25, But a forensic entomologist later established that Katie was deposited between January 1, , and January 6, , and Zoe was between December 30, , and January 4, Ellen's body was discovered on January Martin did not say what had happened, so the best version of events comes from an inmate who was on remand with Martin after his arrest - and who said Martin had told him all about it.

He said that Katie Baxter had been picked up by Martin in the city centre and taken down to the warehouse site. He burnt her fingers because he wanted to get rid of the evidence. He dragged her out of the tent, into the factory and buried her with debris. Zoe Pennick was killed about seven days later, after Martin lured her to the same warehouse.

He had persuaded her to come with him by saying he had 2, cigarettes, and wanted her to sell them on. Then he grabbed her by the throat and strangled her. The witness said Ellen had been with two other men and had gone to the squat to smoke drugs. Martin was at the squat, and grabbed Ellen as she bit into an apple in the kitchen.

He pressed his thumbs into her throat and strangled her, before one of the other men, John Ashley, finished her off. He said Martin had killed them for whimsical reasons — Zoe after she left a syringe full of blood in his bed, and Ellen after she refused to lend him a tenner.

It did not take detectives long to establish who Ellen was, or track down the people who had used the squat, including Martin and year-old John Ashley. One person described how he saw Martin in an alleyway after the fire at Marple Square. Martin had told him he had strangled and killed Ellen after she would not lend him a tenner.

Another said he overheard a conversation outside his flat in Marple Square and identified the voices as that of Martin and another man. He said Martin had said he had killed a girl, strangled her, and had to go back to the flat to set fire to her body.

Within days, the testimony of other homeless people had prompted police to charge both Martin and Ashley with murder. A new line of inquiry developed into the whereabouts of two more women, Katie Baxter and Zoe Pennick. Within a few days we had Christian names and started to build on that. And it was there, on February 11, , they found the crudely buried, partly decomposed remains of Katie.

A charred piece of wood lay nearby. Zoe was eventually found on February They found a burnt piece of wood on her grave, and debris piled over - foliage and bricks - was similar to that used where Katie lay.

But police already had the prime suspect behind bars, as Mark Martin had already been arrested over the death of Ellen Frith. But officers had to disentangle several deaths and several suspects. At its height, the investigation had 40 dedicated officers taking hundreds of statements.

Officers set about building a case against Martin and his co-accused — a task complicated by the roving lifestyle of the witnesses. They had the difficult task of tracing potential witnesses, many without fixed addresses. Once they had taken statements, police had to keep track of where their witnesses were to ensure they would give evidence in court. Because the bodies of Katie and Zoe were so badly decomposed, detectives relied on pathology and forensic science.

And, crucially, police spent two weeks getting the witness who had spoken to Martin in prison to come to court. Eventually, under high security, he gave his evidence against Martin. The Evening Post agreed not to name him at the time because he was still considered vulnerable after helping to convict Martin. Even so, most of the 20 to 30 witnesses turned up at court and spoke with clarity and conviction.

On February 24, the jury returned its verdicts on Martin and his co-accused after more than 21 hours of deliberation. Dean Carr, 30, of no fixed address, was found guilty of the murder of Ellen Frith. He was jailed for life, with a minimum tariff of 14 years before being considered for parole.

John Ashley, 34, of no fixed address, was found guilty of the murders of Katie Baxter and Ellen Frith, but was cleared of murdering Zoe Pennick.

He was given life and was told he would serve at least 25 years. And Mark Martin, 26, of no fixed address, was found guilty of the murders of Katie Baxter, Zoe Pennick and Ellen Frith and sentenced to life in prison. He is believed to be the only Notts person out of 64 across England and Wales who is currently serving a whole life tariff — meaning he has no chance of release.

Katie spent the first two-and-a-half years of her life in Cotgrave, before her family moved to Nigeria. The Baxters came back to Cotgrave three years later, and Katie became treasurer of a group called Kids Improving Cotgrave. However, her parents always hoped that she would go back to stay with them - and her brother and sister who were still living at home - at some point. It was there that she met John Ashley. Her father, who picked her up the next morning, said it was as a result of Ashley assaulting her.

Katie's parents began to seriously worry when she failed to turn up at any of the home matches of her beloved Nottingham Panthers. Their worst fears were confirmed when, two days after Katie's body was found, formal identification was made.