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Review emblemhealth bronze plan adventist health system glendale

Review emblemhealth bronze plan

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This is a good plan if you only need basic care but want a slightly lower deductible for your Bronze plan. It includes 3 free PCP visits. This plan is on our narrow Millennium network. This is a good plan if you only need basic care but would like dental and vision benefits.

It includes 3 free PCP visits, low-cost generic drugs and pay nothing once you meet your deductible. This plan is on our broad Prime network.

This plan is on our Select Care network. Coverage is subject to all terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions set forth in the contract. Any information provided on this Website is for informational purposes only. It is not medical advice and should not be substituted for regular consultation with your health care provider.

If you have any concerns about your health, please contact your health care provider's office. Also, this information is not intended to imply that services or treatments described in the information are covered benefits under your plan. Please refer to your Membership Agreement, Certificate of Coverage, Benefit Summary, or other plan documents for specific information about your benefits coverage. Switch to: members providers brokers. Sign in Contact Us Search. Navigation Open. Switch to:. Bronze Value M.

Contact Sales Benefits Summary. Provider Network. Find a Doctor. Plan Documents. Benefit Summary. Download PDF.

Your one-stop online insurance guide. Get free quotes now! Emblem Health is a not-for-profit New York health insurance company offering a variety of coverage options, including individual and family plans and Medicare plans. Their focus is on New York City and surrounding areas , but they offer coverage throughout the tri-state area as well. Emblem Health was formed in through the merger of two New York health insurance companies with roots going back to when Group Health Incorporated GHI was founded.

Both plans have a history of focusing on health coverage for low and moderate-income people in the New York area. The merger made Emblem one of the largest not-for-profit health care insurers in the country. They serve 3. Emblem Health sells products including individual and family plans, group plans, and Medicare plans.

Are you looking for free insurance quotes? To access benefit summaries of care plans, we entered the zip code for the Emblem headquarters in New York City. This returned basic summaries of a benefit plan. The Select Care network includes health care providers in 28 counties in New York.

Select Care Basic is a catastrophic plan that is a high-deductible HMO offering three free primary care visits per year before the deductible is applied. Our results did not offer the deductible amount. Select Care Silver is described as offering mid-level out-of-pocket costs. These plans have higher deductibles, but the deductible at each level is also the out-of-pocket care costs limit.

Value plans include adult dental benefits and vision services with networks of vision providers in New York and New Jersey, as well as nationwide. This includes two sick visits, lab services, and prescription drug coverage. The last plan is the Essential plan, which is offered only to those who qualify based on income requirements. The website states that there are four versions of the plan, but does not list further details of the plans or out-of-pocket care costs.

Emblem has several types of Medicare plans, including both Medicare Advantage and supplemental insurance. At the time of our review, the website was not functioning properly. In addition to the site errors, attempts to gain more information on the plans failed. It is likely there are several plan options with varying coverage benefits and cost beneath each of these headings. Aside from the Select Care Network, other plans offered to Small Groups include the Prime Network and the Millenium Network, but we were unable able to access it to get answers to questions about coverage for patients and specialty care due to the links not responding.

Overall, the provider portal was unable to provide more than moderate amounts of information when we visited. Emblem Health has a relatively easy online quoting system, and we requested rates for a year-old male living in the area of the Lower Manhattan company headquarters. New York tops the list of most expensive states for health insurance premiums, so it is no surprise that these rates are quite high when compared to other states.

Compared to insurers in New York, Emblem still comes out a little high on monthly premiums but does have lower deductibles than some other options.

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Network Access. Dental Preferred Plus. EmblemHealth Silver Value-S. EmblemHealth Bronze Plus H. EmblemHealth Bronze Premier-M. EmblemHealth Bronze Premier-P. Vision Access. Dental Preferred Premier. Dental Preferred. EmblemHealth Gold Value-S. EmblemHealth Gold D. Essential Plan. Dental Spectrum. EmblemHealth Silver D. EmblemHealth Silver Premier-M. EmblemHealth Bronze Value-S. EmblemHealth Gold Premier-M. EmblemHealth Silver Premier-P.

EmblemHealth Platinum Value-M. EmblemHealth Platinum Value-S. EmblemHealth Bronze D. EmblemHealth Catastrophic D. EmblemHealth Platinum D. EmblemHealth Catastrophic. EmblemHealth Gold. Dental Access. EmblemHealth Silver Plus H. EmblemHealth Silver Premier-S. Enhanced Care Medicaid Managed Care. VIP Bold Network. VIP Reserve Network. ConnectiCare Choice Network. NY State Employee Dental plan. Freelancers Union, Inc. FU is not a licensed insurance agent. FIA contracts with Hiscox Inc. All New York individual health insurance plans on this site provide in-network only coverage, except for urgent or emergency care depending on the carrier's policies.

Only plan highlights are shown. Coverage is subject to all terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions set forth in the contract of insurance. You should consider your needs when selecting products. FU does not make specific product recommendations for individuals. Each insurer has sole responsibility for its products. FU and FIA are not insurers. Join the Union Sign In. Insurance icon-chevron-down Created with Sketch. Resources icon-chevron-down Created with Sketch.

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