nissan cummins engine
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Nissan cummins engine effecting and leading change in healthcare organizations

Nissan cummins engine

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This came as a shock for Nissan enthusiasts, mainly because the truck along with the unique diesel engine was only introduced in Updated January Less than five years after it was introduced, Nissan's 5. We've refreshed this article to provide detailed, updated information on how a once-promising powertrain ended up on the chopping block. The Cummins 5. The powertrain would have been a sure hit with eco-conscious consumers, as it achieved near-zero oxides of nitrogen NOx and particulate matter PM emissions.

As well, the engine was equipped with an advanced ceramic glow plug system that kept it from freezing up, even in winter. Sadly, its sudden demise means we're left to rue at what might have been if it had a long, successful run.

Here, we detail how a promising powertrain ended up being a disappointment. Nissan launched the Titan XD grade in as an all-new model for amid high expectations, with many fans welcoming the move to introduce a "robust" vehicle that fills the gap between half-ton and quarter and full-ton pickups for the second-generation Titan.

However, no sooner had the truck started rolling into dealerships than initial high public expectations quickly turned into disappointment, which dramatically affected sales. Nissan's failure to differentiate sufficiently between the XD and its competitors, as well as its inability to satisfy the demands of niche diesel-run truck consumers, whittled excitement. Although it is a work truck, not an efficient small car, the Nissan Titan XD sacrificed fuel efficiency for power and size.

Sadly, its modest towing 12, pounds and payload capacity pounds meant there were other trucks on the market with better fuel economy and tow ratings than the Titan XD, despite its size. It also meant that Nissan's truck, along with its 5. And as a result, buyers didn't see any value in this model. Another issue was that although the Titan was assembled in Canton, Mississippi, Nissan made several components overseas.

This made prospective buyers fear they would have to pay a higher price for damaged or worn parts. Nissan made a lot of noise about offering a diesel from the legendary engine manufacturer, but it doesn't appear to have panned out. Nissan's Titan XD bowed for the model year, intending to split the difference between heavy-duty pickup capabilities and a light-duty classification. The Japanese automaker also plopped a 5.

Alas, three model years is all the Cummins turbodiesel engine will see. As first reported by The Drive on Tuesday and later confirmed to Roadshow by Nissan spokesperson Wendy Orthman, the Cummins engine option will soon be put out to pasture.

The brand plans to build the pickup with the Cummins V-8 until December After that, it's lights out for the turbodiesel. So, there's a silver lining for Nissan truck fans: despite the end of the diesel option, Nissan is readying an updated Titan XD.

The automaker is not yet prepared to share specific details about what the updates may bring, however. Right now, the model's sole gasoline engine is a 5. The soon-to-depart 5. The brand rates the diesel to tow up to 11, pounds in crew-cab configuration, while the gasoline engine will tow 1, fewer pounds. As for whether the diesel engine has been a market success in Nissan's eyes, we don't know. Nissan declined to share any estimates of how many Titan XD diesel pickups it's sold over the years, as the brand does not disclose sales figures for particular powertrains or build configurations.

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