cummins in toyota tundra
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Cummins in toyota tundra washington dc summer internship cvs health

Cummins in toyota tundra

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If you don't have to pass emissions, a lot of guys take all that stuff off and have their truck retuned to run without it. Aron , Aug 21, DalTee , Aug 21, TheBeast and ColoradoTJ like this. Jengel , Spolar and HighDesertSurfer like this. Financially, it will be a loss for Toyota. Just do not see lots of buyers for that half ton market. GWalker , Aug 21, I cant see it happening.

That's a completely new platform. Yep been talked about a lot here and it turns into arguments. Toyota was looking at the same Cummins that Nisan has around the exact same time. They chose not to move forward. I think I remember reading somewhere that Toyota was going to go the HD route but then the 08 depression hit and they decided to scrap it. I honestly would not know if there would be enough demand for it at the moment.

Devcom , Aug 21, Toyota needs to build a heavy half ton something that would actually have realistic pay loads for there tow rating. The costs of diesel ownership can be a real eye opener, and if used as a daily driver, that cost goes up significantly. A complete exhaust for my Duramax truck is around HighDesertSurfer , Patriot , Ike74 and 2 others like this.

HighDesertSurfer , geno and blue16 like this. JH , HighDesertSurfer , ldale and 3 others like this. Factor in one more thing Can anyone explain to me why every big box and auto parts store has boxes and boxes of diesel fuel additive lined up at their front windows? Professional Hand Model , Aug 22, ColoradoTJ , Aug 22, Friends dad got one of these to haul his work trailer and 5th wheel camper.

Caterpillar matched to an Alison transmission. Does it all and then some. Grumpy Uncle , Aug 22, The power plant of the Tundra is awesome. The Dodge 6. What I'm suggesting is that the 5. The Tundra would benefit from frame, transmission, axle, and suspension upgrades to increase payload capacity.

The 5. I actually hope that Toyota does not completely can the 5. We spoke with several sources off the record to get their thoughts as well as asked our own G. Whale for this thoughts on a Toyota Tundra diesel. Earlier this year a Toyota trademark application for the name iForce Max fueled speculation of a twin-turbo gasoline V-6 for the next Tundra, with output of horsepower and pound-feet or better.

However, a patent application filed in December last year leads me in a different direction: a ducted fuel-injection diesel. I can find no indication there is or is not a spark plug or a conventional glow plug in the accompanying line drawings, and the only materials named are an aluminum head with some chromium steel hardening points.

The drawings show a couple of arrangements, one with ducts fitted to the chamber side of the cylinder head and depending on assembly this could be part of the injector inserted from the chamber side and one that depicts ducts inside the head in the roof of the chamber. In one section the fuel is injected at a compressed charge, more indicative of a diesel wherein combustion begins when fuel is added, rather than an HCCI gasoline engine where fuel is injected during the intake stroke and combusts spontaneously when compression drives temperature and density high enough.

What really makes me think this is a diesel is work done at the Sandia National Laboratories by Charles Mueller and associates, who found that better mixing the fuel and air before the point of ignition would make a cleaner, more complete, leaner and cooler burn, lowering NO x and soot. For one analogy consider your propane torch, which has a fitting on the end of the pipe ironically mimicking a modern diesel exhaust tip to better mix the air and fuel and make that nice, clean blue flame, against the smoky orange flame when you first light an oxy-acetylene torch.

And there is no guarantee ducted fuel injection will arrive on any Toyota engine in the next couple of years, nor that it would show up in a Tundra. But think how many diesel engines Toyota sells around the world and that ducted fuel injection could likely be implemented at the same or lower cost than typical diesel after-treatment systems, and amortization comes quickly. We also reached out to several off-the-record engineers who said a variety of things about a Toyota Tundra diesel.

HCCI engines work by using compression to ignite the air and fuel mixture, just like in a diesel. Normally in a gas engine, you use a spark plug for the ignition. Why would Toyota copy Mazda? Toyota and Mazda have some history of working together.

Currently, they are working on jointly building vehicles in a plant in Alabama and Toyota owns a small stake in Mazda very typical for Toyota to take an ownership stake with companies it is working with. This leads one to think if Toyota owns part of Mazda, is working to build vehicles with Mazda, then why not also take a look at their engines. However, the way the patent is written and the way diesel engines work it could be just that this patent shows how a gasoline engine could use the combustion principles of a diesel engine.

Another source we spoke to, who has years of diesel engine development for a major automaker, said it looks a lot like how Whale described it — pre-heated fuel mixed with air causing an automatic ignition within the combustion chamber.

Basically, eliminating the need for spark plugs, reducing emissions and improving fuel economy. While this would mean Toyota would need tight controls on the block temperature and other factors, it is possible to make such an engine work.

The really interesting application of this is in a diesel engine and in vehicles used overseas like monthly car rental Dubai. It is possible this engine would eliminate one of the after treatment systems currently on a diesel engine. Right now, you have to add diesel exhaust fluid, go through a regen process and replace your diesel particulate filters as well as keep an eye on your injectors.

Basically, as many see it, the diesel engine has been gutted by emissions equipment and is now a very costly engine to maintain. Eliminating just one of those after treatment systems would allow for reduced costs to purchase, reduced maintenance, better fuel economy through reducing unspent fuel as well as possibly improving performance by eliminating one of the airflow restrictions off the engine.

In other words, we could see a Toyota Tundra diesel engine that is more superior to gas, more efficient to operate and less costly to buy. What do you think? Is a Toyota Tundra diesel just big dreams or does this get you very interested in hearing more? Here is the full PDF document of the patent. He has covered the industry since and has pieces in many national magazines and newspapers.

In his spare time, he is often found tinkering on his '62 C10 pickup, playing golf, going hunting and hanging out with his wife and kids in Nebraska. I also think the V8 maybe on the chopping block, but I sure hope not. Agreed diesel is a tough sell for me with the way he has talked about it in the past. I also have a tough time seeing the 5. A new ducted fuel injection diesel could have the diesel particulate filter removed as well as DEF fluid injector, and still burn way cleaner than current diesels, and removing 11, Its a no brainer.

Its coming soon. That marketing and their aggressive push in to the light truck market with class leading improvements, back then, is what propelled them to hit , units, their best sales year ever for the Tundra. Since then, their average units sold is about K. For Toyota to reclaim that glory will take the same aggressive effort of yesteryear. The early 2nd gen Tundra had problems, and so did the recent mild refresh of the Tacoma.

As for diesel, nothing says truck more, period. If the did find a way to simplify emissions and more forward with it, it could be a game changer. When they come out with the diesel engine…all the others will have to close the doors. The diesel what they make will be last maintenance, last money more efficient than any type of diesel including the German.

Big-time game changer. They work on this so call new diesel engine for 7 years now with the Japanese engineers. Toyota and diesel in Merica is a tough sell. Mexico one problem. Saw diesel Tacos everywhere. They were quite too. Well I hope they go with a iforce v6 or the same in V8 twin turbos. While I own a Toyota Tundra 5. Your comment nails the confusion many people think they have about gasoline engine turbo engines. Just old wisdoms about turbos that are turning out to be not true.

Sign me up to test the prototype. My business would give it a lot of exposure. I own a Tundra that lives up to its reputation, but would like something more fuel efficient along with reliability. I went from a Tacoma to a Tundra and would not want to change from what I consider the most reliable trucks on the road. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We've covered subscription services for automakers a lot lately, and it all Gone are the days where premium fuel is reserved for high-end sedans and SU Recently, there was a bit of a hullabaloo about brand new Ford Fs General Motors V-8 engines are no stranger to lifter problems.

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Juniper networks vision Simply place a properly sized hose over the bleeder screw, submerge the other end of the hose in a clear bottle or cup of brake fluid, and ask a cummins in toyota tundra to mash the brakes while the bleeder screw is open. You will also want a pair of mechanic gloves to reduce cummis risk of bloody knuckles, as well as some ttoyota temp brake grease, and a set of new brake pads for the vehicle. So if you feel like your brakes something experience letter cognizant the not working correctly, then it is best to have them checked by a mechanic as soon as possible. Just know that these calculation services do not always show an objective assessment, as the amount may be overstated to attract customers. CMK1 July 16, Here are just some of the great features that make this vehicle so popular… 1. Technology is advancing faster and designs are going out of style much quicker.
Cummins in toyota tundra This is especially true when it comes to covering the cost of expensive new trucks, or shiny new SUV options. We've covered subscription services for automakers a visit web page lately, and it all I see a diesel of some type possibly someday or more likely a turbo 6. Why would Toyota copy Mazda? Its comprehensive performance package plays a crucial role in that respect, as it can both haul heavy loads and wheel in the wild without issue. Newm and ColoradoTJ like this. Liability is established when the other driver fails to provide a reasonable duty of care.

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Quick Links: Trd pro skid plate Torque wrench preferences? Stock Toyota jack emergency tire change with Bilstien and Shackles? California compliant battery charger. Best custom fit seat covers? Tundra and Cummins?

Post Reply. I was just thinking about this the other day, Will Toyota ever create there own version of a RAM complete with Cummins turbo diesel? The picture does provide some nice food for thought. Just my thoughts on it.

Do I think it would be bad ass? No doubt about! I see a diesel of some type possibly someday or more likely a turbo 6.

Patriot , Aug 21, Baja Mike likes this. If they do an HD truck it would probably have some type of variant of a Hino engine.

GiantsFanDan , Aug 21, HighDesertSurfer likes this. And if they put a half-ton diesel together it's probably going to be some type of variant of the 4. Kiddnapped Tundra likes this. For the money, you get some real payload and towing capacity with the big three.

Take your pick. ColoradoTJ , Aug 21, Spolar and Patriot like this. I'm sure Toyota has studied this, with all the emissions regulations they'd have to meet, it probably would not be profitable for them to sell a diesel truck in the USA. Also you need to realize that all these emissions era consumer grade truck diesel trucks Ford, GM, Dodge, take your pick have been plauged by reliability problems related to the emissions equipment.

If you don't have to pass emissions, a lot of guys take all that stuff off and have their truck retuned to run without it. Aron , Aug 21, DalTee , Aug 21, TheBeast and ColoradoTJ like this. Jengel , Spolar and HighDesertSurfer like this. Financially, it will be a loss for Toyota. Just do not see lots of buyers for that half ton market.

GWalker , Aug 21, I cant see it happening. That's a completely new platform. Yep been talked about a lot here and it turns into arguments. Toyota was looking at the same Cummins that Nisan has around the exact same time.

There are some things Toyota can update on the inside. On the outside small tweaks are probable, but nothing drastic we believe.

The biggest changes might be happening under the hood. Hybrid versions are popular nowadays , and completely electric vehicles are a reality now. There is a diesel variant on the table as well, which we see with many other manufacturers. Let us dig into the review and see what is in store for us with the new Toyota Tundra Diesel. On the outside, there is some serious overhaul needed. But it would still be nice to be able to relax and enjoy the ride with style. This means the change is starting with the seats.

Forget about the good old racing-type seats. Putting proper cushioning and making them ergonomic with lumbar support is just enough to keep passengers happy. If Toyota wants to do even more, perhaps add several options when it comes to production material. Leather, suede, and fabric are the most popular ones.

Contrast stitching should also help a lot when it comes to style. Adding multiple color choices for Toyota Tundra Diesel seats is preferable and it would allow people to fully customize their pickups.

The Toyota Tundra Diesel instrument panel is lined with leather which looks great if we may add. There are four major vents on it and they are not an eyesore. There is an infotainment system. The size is still unconfirmed but we suspect it will be around 14 inches considering the sheer size of Tundra. This would allow the back row of passengers to join in on the fun. Talking about passengers, this truck can fit five people comfortably without sacrificing anything.

There is plenty of headroom and legroom to go around. Certain cab options are Double Cab and CrewMax. Others need to wait for official confirmation from Toyota. Connectivity is standard. There is Bluetooth with a Wi-Fi hotspot in the cabin.

The steering wheel has a lot of buttons, perhaps too many if you ask us. There is driver aid software that increases the safety aspect but we are not sure which one Toyota is going to use in the new Toyota Tundra Diesel. Perhaps they have their tailor-made one. But we would also love to see something similar to SuperCruise. Hands-free driving is all the rage nowadays and all manufacturers will eventually have to implement it.

Question is, how quickly will Toyota succumb to it. On the outside, the Toyota Tundra Diesel is looking mightier than ever.