amerigroup faax number to send in pay stubs
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Amerigroup faax number to send in pay stubs carefirst federal premium

Amerigroup faax number to send in pay stubs

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Alston told Dyson that the time sheet had been signed by Duncan. The previous week, a payroll check for Andre Johnson had been included in the checks sent from Virginia Beach to Houston. When the checks arrived, Duncan had asked Dyson for the Johnson check. Dyson assumed that the check was sent to Houston by mistake and that Duncan was going to correct the error.

Dyson went with this information about the time sheet and paychecks to Dr. Owen Ellington, the medical director of the Houston office, and told him that she suspected that Andre Johnson was a phantom employee. Ellington encouraged Dyson to investigate the matter.

During the next week, Duncan asked Dyson about the attendance binder and learned that it had been lost. On Wednesday, the paychecks arrived from the home office, and Dyson asked Ellington what she should do with the check for Andre Johnson.

Ellington said, Just give it to her. They are going to take care of it. She gave the check to Duncan. Dyson met with Duncan again on Thursday and Friday. He s tall and dark and We need to stick together. Duncan tried to get Dyson to say that Andre Johnson existed. On Monday of the following week, Dyson met with Williams, who told her that Williams and Jasmine Aponte, a human resources associate coordinator in the Fort Worth office, would investigate the matter. Williams instructed Dyson to be truthful, to tell everything that she knew, and to give all the information that she had.

Aponte asked if Dyson was sure more than once, and Dyson said, I was being talked to as if I just lost the file and that he actually worked there. She also said, It was like they wanted me to say that. Andre Johnson worked there, and I knew he didn t. I wouldn t say that he worked there.

However, Duncan was the only person whom Dyson identified as specifically requesting her to say that Andre Johnson existed and worked for Amerigroup. The next day, Dyson met with Williams, who told Dyson that she was being suspended until they determined what was going on. Williams presented Dyson with a paper for Dyson s signature. The paper indicated that the suspension was for Performance Issues. Dyson asked, What performance issues? Williams said, Don t worry about it.

It s just until we figure out what s going on with Andre Johnson. The following Monday, Williams met with Dyson and told her that she was being terminated for breach in confidentiality for taking work home.

Dyson told Williams that Williams took work home every two weeks and that everyone took work home. Williams walked out of the office, and Aponte conducted an exit interview. Dyson sued appellees for wrongful termination, and appellees filed a motion for summary judgment, which was granted by the trial court. In her sole issue, Dyson contends that her termination comes under the Sabine Pilot exception to the employment-at-will doctrine, which provides that an employee may not be terminated for refusing an employer s request to commit a criminal act.

See Sabine Pilot Serv. Hauck, S. Dyson contends that, after she reported the existence of a phantom employee, she refused her supervisor s request to recant the report and to acknowledge that the phantom employee was real and was terminated because of that refusal.

Under rule a i , a party is entitled to summary judgment if, after adequate time for discovery, there is no evidence of one or more essential elements of a claim or defense on which an adverse party would have the burden of proof at trial. Thus, a no-evidence summary judgment is similar to a directed verdict. Pennzoil Caspian Corp. Houston [1st Dist.

The motion for summary judgment may not be general, but must state the elements for which there is no evidence. The trial court must grant the motion unless the nonmovant produces more than a scintilla of evidence that raised a genuine issue of material fact on each of the challenged elements. See Tex. Fiesta Mart, Inc. The party with the burden of proof at trial has the same burden of proof in the summary judgment proceeding.

Galveston Newspapers, Inc. Norris, S. In reviewing a summary judgment, we must indulge every reasonable inference in favor of the nonmovant and resolve anydoubts in its favor.

Flameout Design, S. In her second amended petition, Dyson alleged that she was unlawfully terminated by Amerigroup, through Williams, and by Williams in her individual capacity. Dyson alleged that she made good faith inquiries regarding the payment of monies to a person whom she believed was not an employee of Amerigroup and that she failed to commit an illegal act in that she refused to pay a phantom employee, although requested to do so by the management of Amerigroup.

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