humane way to declaw a cat
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Humane way to declaw a cat part time health insurance cvs

Humane way to declaw a cat

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The procedure is painful regardless of pain medications employed. Short-term complications of the surgery aside from acute pain include infection, hemorrhage, swelling, and nerve trauma. There may be long-term complications post surgery including lameness, neuropathic pain, and behavioral problems. These complications increase with the age at which the procedure is performed. So if declawing is inhumane, how can you protect your belongings from cat claw damage?

These include:. Providing enough cat scratching surfaces that have the qualities that are important to cats is one of the most important and effective ways for you to minimize cat scratching damage to your home. A cat that has access to scratching posts that meet their needs for marking territory, stretching muscles, and relieving stress will almost always choose to use them rather than the less attractive options of furniture and carpet.

Training your cat to use a scratching post involves making the post as attractive as possible for scratching while simultaneously rendering undesirable any unacceptable surfaces that he may be using. The last best thing to protect your furniture and carpets from scratching is to keep them in a separate room.

This can be a temporary solution but this can work. Choose a room for your kitty which doesnt include carpet, furniture, or sofa because cats prefer to scratch these things. It tempts them to turn on into destructive mode. You can place a litter box, some interactive toys, food, and water for her in that room. Give her love and environmental enrichment.

And build an exclusive room for her, so she likes to spend time there. This is the second main element to minimizing claw damage in your household. One of the reasons cats scratch is to maintain their claws. Cats in the wild do this naturally by climbing trees and scratching against rough surfaces.

This sheds the outer layers of dead nail hulls and maintains the length to keep them from becoming so long that they grow in on themselves.

Indoor cats need a little more help with this. Helping them keep their nail length in check will go a long way towards ensuring appropriate scratching behavior. In my experience, there are two kinds of cats. Those that HATE getting their nails trimmed more than anything else on earth, and those that are completely fine with it.

I have one of each. To be fair, my more challenging cat, Chickadee, doesnt necessarily hate her nails being trimmed, she just hates the process of being restrained in any way. I used to try to get the job done covertly while she slept, and that worked for a while, but she is on to me now.

So now I wrap her in a blanket during nail trimming and make sure to give her plenty of praise and some treats afterwards. That way she knows that everything is OK and can get back to doing the really important stuff. For more information on how to trim a cats nails, see my article here. Read Also: Cat Human Years. You can take things to another level by making your designed scratching areas even more appealing with the addition of catnip or feline pheromones.

If your cat has to choose between trying to scratch a couch thats guarded by sticky tape or scratching a beautiful sisal-covered post thats sprinkled with catnipit should be a pretty easy choice. No need to go crazy with it and your cats powerful nose will quickly figure out whats going so just a few sprinkles should do the trick. You can also consider using a feline pheromone spray like Feliway which is designed to mimic the natural calming pheromones that are released when cats scratch.

Theres a lot of debate in the veterinary world around the effectiveness of Feliway but some studies have suggested that it can help with scratching or at least help cats feel more relaxed.

It may also encourage cats to use their appropriate scratching posts as many can be attracted to the scent. Scratching is normal cat behavior. Cats scratch to remove the dead husks from their claws, mark territory, and stretch their muscles.

Cats are usually about 8 weeks old when they begin scratching. Pet caregivers should not consider declawing a routine prevention for unwanted scratching. Declawing can actually lead to an entirely different set of behavior problems that may be worse than shredding the couch. For too long, declawing has been treated as a routine veterinary procedure, even though it is an elective and nontherapeutic surgery that is largely performed to prevent scratching on furniture.

There are plenty of humane and affordable alternatives that veterinarians can suggest to cat owners, including nail trimming, nail caps , spray deterrents , and providing scratching posts with catnip for extra appeal. Thanks to growing education efforts, more and more people are beginning to understand how much harm declawing causes cats.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention also does not recommend declawing. Declawing is unnecessary and ineffective. Learn how to humanely address unwanted scratching. For this reason, most veterinarians routinely prescribe analgesic medication to assist with pain.

If your cat is being declawed, ask your veterinarian about the pain-management protocol they plan to use. Whether declawed cats experience pain that lasts beyond the immediate recovery period is not known for sure.

The topic is hotly debated and even has a name: post-declaw pain syndrome. Some people believe that cats experience pain after a declaw for not just days or weeks, but months or even years, due to nerve damage that occurs during the surgery. Pain may be traditional pain or may be phantom pain, similar to what human amputees report.

Cats may limp or exhibit other signs of pain or discomfort long after they have healed from the surgery. Some people also believe that declawed cats have more behavioral problems related to chronic residual pain, such as litter box avoidance and aggression. Because declawing a cat changes the shape of the foot, the procedure may also affect how the cat walks, runs and climbs.

Traditional declawing methods use a scalpel to remove the first segment of your cats toe bones, where the claws are located. The wounds are then closed using surgical glue or stitches.

The cats feet are bandaged throughout the recovery. Proponents of laser declawing say that this method is more humane. Lasers have been used instead of scalpels for surgeries in pets and humans for decades.

This method uses a laser beam to cut through the bone and remove the cats claws. Specialists say that this method is less painful because it severs and cauterizes the nerve endings. Fewer complications arise from laser declawing surgery because of the lack of an open wound.

The laser cauterizes the incision, which minimizes the chance of infection during recovery. Because the laser is more precise than a scalpel, this method reduces swelling during recovery. Veterinary surgeons who prefer laser declawing say that it lessens the amount of time it takes to recover. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not support declawing cats.

Declawing is the amputation of all 10 or 18 if you also have the back paws done toes at the first joint. It is often done on small kittens, which increases the risks of anesthesia. Excessive bleeding is also a risk of the surgery. After a declaw surgery, there is a considerable amount of pain for the cat to endure. They say declawing is uniformly cruel, citing pain, disfigurement, altered behavior, and the possibility of surgical complications up to and including the possibility of death.

It offers many benefits over traditional declawing, including less bleeding and a reduced chance of infection. Laser declawing is a permanent way of declawing cats and assuring the claws do not grow back. Declawing is Painful Surgery Pain meds may help initially, but phantom pain may last for weeks or months as nerve endings heal.

While a cat will likely bounce back quickly from surgery after neutering, the pain from declawing can be excruciating for the animal, and lead to serious behavior issues. If your cat is an outdoor cat, it may not be a good idea to declaw it.

Outdoor cats need their claws to protect themselves outside. Indoor cats, however, will be safe when declawed. Some negative effects of declawing Medical drawbacks to declawing include pain in the paw, infection, tissue necrosis tissue death , lameness, and back pain.

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