carefirst bluechoice point of service
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Carefirst bluechoice point of service alcon lens rewards

Carefirst bluechoice point of service

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If you go outside the BlueChoice network, your medical services will not be covered except for emergency services. Our POS plans offer more flexibility. These plans combine the benefits of an HMO with access to out-of-network providers. You can see providers in the BlueChoice network for the most savings or use the PPO network and pay slightly more but still be protected from balance billing.

You can also visit a provider outside of CareFirst's networks, but you'll likely pay charges that exceed CareFirst's allowed benefit. You can receive care from the PPO network of more than 55, providers locally and hundreds of thousands nationally.

In addition, you can go out-of-network and pay slightly more. Understanding plans. Usually the least expensive choice. Your PCP and providers handle the paperwork. Very limited coverage out of the HMO's service area. Seeing an out-of-network provider usually means you will pay the entire cost.

BlueChoice HMO. Point of Service POS. Includes benefits of an HMO and access to out-of-network providers. When you use your PCP to coordinate care, you'll pay the lowest cost and they'll handle the paperwork. Copayments for in-network services are known in advance.

Deductibles may apply in some plans. Using out-of-network providers will cost you more. Coverage for out-of-area services will vary; check the plan carefully to understand costs. Visit www. Use the mobile app to get your member information on the go, or log in to the My Account section of CareFirst. You can register with My Account using your social security number, or call Member Services at to get it. The BlueChoice network is a local network of providers.

You may also use this online directory to search for BlueCard PPO providers outside of the local area. Follow the instructions above, then click on the link for providers outside the Metro area. The CareFirst BlueChoice Advantage plan allows members the flexibility to choose a health care provider when and where treatment is needed. When care is received inside the CareFirst service area members will experience the lowest out of pocket costs when they visit a BlueChoice provider.

Members still have the option to access a BlueCard PPO doctor, but will be subject to higher out of pocket expenses.