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Nuance pdf converter professional 8 full cummins 9 liter

Nuance pdf converter professional 8 full

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Installation and Activation PDF Converter Professional 8 detects previous versions and componentsand prompts for your confirmation to remove them. You should haveadministrator rights on the computer to install and activate the program. You need web access for activation.

Insert the delivery media into the appropriate driveThe installation program will start automatically. Select a language for installation. If you have downloaded the program from the Nuance web site,double-click its autorun. License and Serial NumberYou must accept the license agreement in order to proceed. You mustenter a serial number.

Some resellers let you see the serial number at a later time, by returningto your purchase order. Be sure to keep the serial number in a safe place;5. Location and Setup TypeThe installer offers a default location for the program. Accept it or definea different one. Accept or decline installation of the PDF unlockingcomponent.

Select Complete or Custom Setup. Click FinishRegistration runs at the end of installation. Select Register Online toestablish a connection to the Nuance web site.

We provide an easyelectronic form that can be completed in a few moments. When the formis filled, click Submit. Click on Support and from the main support screen chooseProduct Registration. For a statement on the use of your registrationdata, please see Nuance 's Privacy Policy.

ActivateYou will be invited to activate the product at the end of installation. Please ensure that web access is available. Provided your serial number isfound at its storage location and has been correctly entered, no userinteraction is required and no personal information is transmitted.

If youdo not activate the product at installation time, you will be invited to dothis each time you invoke the program or any of its components. PDF 6. Thisoffers the following items:Choose this to create PDF files fromone or more source files.

Choose this to start the mainprogram and edit PDF files. Choose this to convert PDF files tofreely editable documents. Starting points for the PDF Create component are listed on the nextpage. Create Assistant to create,combine or overlay files. Individual settings. A pagerange can typically bespecifiedCreate Assistant, usingprofiles; page ranges are notsupportedDirect conversion using achosen profile and assemblyinstructionDirect conversion with currentsettings.

Word and generalsettings can be accessedfrom WordDirect conversion with currentsettings can be accessedfrom Excel Direct conversion with currentsettings can be accessedfrom PowerPoint Direct conversion of allattachments or with aselection box.

Location Source files Conversion method TargetMicrosoft Outlookand Lotus Notes creating andattaching PDF Microsoft InternetExplorerOne or more files onthe local computerCurrent web page or alink to another pageDirect conversion usingcurrent settings no access tosettings Direct conversion with currentsettings.

See the picture below. The next three commands lead to the PDF Create Assistant giving youfull control over the creation process. You can also drag-and-drop filescreated in a print-capable application onto the PDF Converter Professional workspace. In this case the behavior is the same as whenFrom File Multiple selection is possible; one PDF iscreated for each file. Create a blank PDF. Direct conversion from the activeclipboard contents using existing settings. Specify a page range and other settings as desired.

One PDF fileis created; the number of copies value is ignored. Click OK to start the creation. Profiles are not availablewhen using this Print facility. It lets youcompile a list of files to be converted. These files may have been createdin different applications. Choose to combine the files in the given orderto create a single PDF file or have each file converted separately.

You canpackage a set of files into a single PDF. Files can also be overlaid for theconversion. The Assistant lets you use profiles to control the PDF creation. Profilescontain a group of settings designed for a particular outcome. Theprogram includes seven profiles; you can create more for your own needs.

Help explains how to do this. Click the Profiles Select a profilehere2. Makeselections here3. Specify settingsfor each selectionhereSelect a profile, clickthis to name a newprofile based on it, thenchange settings andsave it with OK. Click this todelete theselected profileafter a warning. Click this to restoredefault settings forthe selected profile.

Click OK to have the selected profile applied, with the settings youspecified. Then press the Create button in the Assistant. The Print Infodialog box appears, listing the input and output files and showing theconversion status. The shortcut menu includes:Choose a profile from the first item's sub menu. The current settings forthat profile will be used for the PDF creation. Click Edit… to modifyprofile settings or create a new one before PDF creation.

The second itemshows the current saving instruction. Click on it to set a differentinstruction. If you select a group of files and right click, the shortcut menu includes:Choose the first option and then a profile to create one PDF from eachselected file. To generate a single PDF , choose to combine, overlay orpackage the files along with a profile.

The last option displays thecurrent saving instruction. Click it to change this. Open the Word document. Accept or change the default target folder and file name in the SaveAs dialog box that appears. Optionally, add document information keywords etc. Click to create a PDF and attach a copy of it to an e-mailmessage. It lets you define settings that are applicable only whencreating a PDF from a Word document using the Create button notPrint.

Define which paragraph styles in the Word document should beconverted to bookmarks in the PDF , which comments should betransferred, how hyperlinks should appear, and which items should betagged, if any. Choose Embed Metadata under Advanced Settings totransfer document information subject, author, keywords Open the Excel file or PowerPoint presentation. To create a PDF and attach a copy of it to an e-mail, click.

To change creation properties, click. You can choose whether or not to have comments and hyperlinkstransferred to the PDF and bookmarks created. In Excel eachworksheet becomes a bookmark and in PowerPoint each slide. In Outlook and Click to convert the attachments in the current message to PDF and save them to a defined folder.

Click to access settings. Choose to have all attachmentsconverted in the background and sent to the last used folder, or tobe able to choose which attachments to convert and to change thetarget folder. Click in the Nuance toolbar in a new message or a replywindow to choose one or more files from your computer to beconverted to PDF and attached to the message. See Archiving Mail in Help. Open a web page you want to capture as a PDF.

The button's drop-down list also lets you access creation options. Tomake a PDF from a web page linked to the current one, right-click on thelink and choose Create PDF file from the content of the link. In the General panel you define page size, orientation,resolution for the PDF , choose whether or not to view it after creationand choose a grayscale or color PDF.

The PDF Settings panel lets youdefine the PDF version, control font embedding, set compression typesand severity, define passwords and add watermarks. It gives you choicesfor naming the created PDF file s and defining properties such as title,author, subject and keywords.

The created file s can also be directed asattachments to an E-mail message, ready for distribution. When working from the CreateAssistant or Windows Explorer, these settings are made through theprofiles.

The Settings buttonalso provides access to it, via the Advanced Settings tab. How to overlay PDF filesOverlay options let you place artwork or other fixed items onto just thefirst page of your PDF files, together with items that change from file tofile. You can also use an overlay to add acompany logo or other fixed item to every page of PDF files you create. To do this select the option named above. For more information onoverlay choices, please consult Help.

Packageshelp you group related files, making it easier to send them by e-mail. Choose packaging as the assembly instruction. Click Options to choose which cover page to use: a Create AssistantTemplate or the first listed file. Click the Create button to have PDF files created ortransmitted into the package. All files in the package are listed, you can open and save eachone separately.

Cloud connectorsSource files can be opened from popular Cloud storage sites, andresulting files can be uploaded. Document panel2. Title bar3. Menu bar4. Navigation panels5. Organizer panels6. Toolbar area7. Attachments orComments panel8. PDF Converter Professional groups its controls in several toolbars. Youcan undock these and drag them into your working area. Here wepresent the main toolbars, in some cases describing the individual toolsfrom left to right.

You can customize toolbars to show or hide buttons. This toolbar presents basic operations,such as creating, opening, saving,printing, e-mailing, and searching PDF files; or adding them to your favorites. Selection tools let youselect pieces of text and document areas. Select: Select a text block or an image or an object to view and edit itsproperties, copy it to Clipboard, etc.

Select area: Select an area for copying or converting its content to aneditable format or for placing a custom stamp you create on-the-fly.

Crop: Draw a rectangle to define the area to remain after cropping;double-click in it to set cropping instructions. Link: Use this to define a rectangle that will become a hyperlink. Form Tools toolbarUse this toolbar when working with forms. You can add the displayedform controls to a PDF form. Other tools enable you to highlight or resetform fields and set the tab order. FormTyper: Use this the last button on the right to have formelements detected and automatically activated so you turn a static PDF into a fillable form.

Sort notes by author, type, date and more. Dragon Notes: Dictate note texts to a Nuance server in the Cloud tohave the dictation transformed to text for a chosen note.

Callout: Add customizable callouts to your document. Text Markup: Use different markup tools on the selected text. Highlight: Select from the shown highlighting tools. Attach: Attach a file or sound file with an icon at a specified location.

Drawing: Draw different shapes on the page. Digital Signatures: Sign or certify your document; custom signatureschemes and signature time stamping are available. Mark Redaction: Black out confidential information in your text available only in the Enterprise version - see below.

You can view and edit 3D files. Measure toolbarUse this toolbar to measure dimensions inside elements in the PDF ,whose scale you can define. Document AssemblyTo edit page contents or perform page operations while viewing severalpages, activate Document Assembly view in the View menu or byclicking the Document Assembly button at the bottom of your screen.

The Document Assembly toolbar lets you insert, extract, delete andrenumber pages; split your current document; or work with headers andfooters create, update or remove them. This view shows small-sizedpages, not static thumbnails, so comments can be placed and textselections copied to other pages, even in other documents. The right-most button is Page Assembly. It avoids the need to openmultiple instances of the program to insert pages from a set ofdocuments.

Each document is displayed in a tab, using page thumbnails. This lets you view documents and drag-and-drop the desired pages intothe target document. A wide variety of file types are supported,conversion to PDF takes place when required. It offers a wide range of editing, reviewing and marking-up tools,similar to those found in word processor programs.

See the Help topicAdvanced Edit Toolbars. Finalize your edits when ready and navigate to the PDF View, where you can save, print or send the document with allchanges intact. Resultscan be returned to these sites. CollaborationThis cloud-based service opens the door to multi-user editing of PDF files, document sharing, screen sharing, chat and voice conferencing. This feature is provided by a Nuance partner. When the program is firstlaunched you are prompted to sign in.

Click the 'New account' link,enter an e-mail address and a password to be used at each sign-in. This will alwaysdisplay your current settings. You can choose to protect your documentby passwords or certificate security at different levels. Windows Desktop SearchMicrosoft offers a Windows Desktop Search facility, to search throughfiles of different types in specified folders. Searches can be done using a singlestring, multiple search strings, patterns or masks. Use the Organizer to A PDF Index file.

Choose the current, next or previous paragraph or page orthe whole remaining document. Choose Properties to set the rate andvolume. You can also save the PDF text to a sound file in the wav format.

Dictate NotesNotes can be added by dictation using Nuance Dragon Notes, if yourcomputer is enabled for sound and you have an internet connection. Useyour microphone to transmit dictation to the Dragon Notes server in theCloud and receive back the written note into your PDF file.

No setup orregistration is required. You canalso add tags to PDF files, to have their logical structure paragraphs,titles, pictures, tables, cells, etc. You can print selected pages only. You canalso print form fields only, allowing you to print an empty form, fill itelectronically, and then print your responses onto the empty form. TheImposition tools lets you to prepare PDF pages for physical printing. Table of ContentsInsert a Table of Contents in your document, based on bookmarks.

Openthe bookmark panel, set bookmarks and their ranking, then chooseTable of Contents from the bookmark panel's shortcut menu. PDF Document comparisonThis lets you compare two PDF files with similar content - typically anearlier and later version of one document. Access this from theDocument menu, then choose to see a visual or a textual comparison,with a side-by-side or combined presentation. The latter shows only onedocument and marks object or text changes: new text is underlinedwhile deleted text appears in a marker tooltip.

Itcan show which changes were made since the PDF was created. Thecomparison is made within Word, the result can be displayed in atemporary file that you can save if required. Access this from the Document menu and choose splittingcriteria: by file size, blank pages, number of pages, bookmarks, documentstructure, etc.

You can also extract pages by criteria that you specify. PDF portfoliosPortfolios let you collect a set of documents relating to a particular topicfor convenient distribution. A portfolio is superior toa package because it can contain documents of differing file types alldocuments in a package must be PDF files as well as folders and folderstructures. Support for displaying non- PDF pages is added.

To include non- PDF files in a package in their originalformat, open a package, open a PDF inside it, and attach these files. Youcan add a cover page to the package. Help explains how different PDF programs let you use and unpack received packages. Place files in an EnvelopeThis is similar to packaging files, but in this case the files becomeattachments to the enclosing PDF and keep their original file types.

An envelope file acts as a cover page. You can choose to create a single PDF from each message,merge all selected archive items into one PDF each messagewill be bookmarked inside it , or package the selected items.

Messageattachments keep their original file types. Batch processingThis lets you build a series of commands and their settings into a namedand stored sequence, letting you efficiently apply pre-defined processingto groups of PDF files repeatedly, by just running a sequence. Input andoutput file names and locations can be predefined or enquired run-timeand output can be to non- PDF file types. In that case the output is always PDF and it replaces the input filesinside the program.

PDF Converter Professional includes the Nuance Cloud Connector which allows you to save your documents to the Cloud, freeing up valuable space on your computer. Once the Cloud Connector is installed, youll be able to store files to cloud by simply saving them to a special drive on your computer. The program also reduces PDF file sizes and splits pages in the document so you can, delete or replace pages as needed. NET Framework 4. The unique features, user-friendly interface and collaborative design of the program make it the perfect choice for all types of businesses and professional users.

Order your copy today from My Choice Product and enjoy fast shipping. Please note that although this software is designed for professional use, it only comes with one user license.

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