kaiser permanente change doctor
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Kaiser permanente change doctor nuance dover nh

Kaiser permanente change doctor

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I think it must be the way they are trained or the stress of the job. Please let us know the name of your husband's GP. I might want to see if this is someone covered by my plan Yes, switch doctors. I have Kaiser and my doctor is very proactive, so I don't think it's Kaiser per se. You can look at the online biographies and statements of Kaiser doctors accepting new patients, and it's easy to switch. Or if you like your husband's doctor, then that seems like a good choice too. You're not being unrealistic.

It's quite simple. People change GPs all the time, especially at Kaiser. There are so many to choose from, don't waste time with anyone you don't trust or even don't "click with". Or if you don't want the same practitioner as your husband, I can recommend Nancy Palmer, MD at Kaiser Oakland - she's in Family Medicine and I would definitely call her both approachable and proactive.

She always remembers me and is good with follow-up. Call the number on the back of your card and just say you want to switch GPs. Good luck! I think it's time to look around. Maybe you could do yelp, or ask on BPN, or some other way to get patients' opinions. Or just go to your husband's GP. My friend who is a Kaiser baby has gotten excellent care there, because she has only had good doctors, because they were all recommended by her current doctor e. I found they are not all the same, when I was in Kaiser.

I hope you look around and find a better doctor! Some Kaiser PCPs are more proactive and helpful than others. That said, they are overworked - office visits are every 15 mins including typing up notes, expected to answer emails by certain deadline, and expected to meet other quotas. Yours sound a little lackluster though with little followup. The lab results should always be accompanied with a message from your doctor indicating that the results were seen and what the plan of care should be.

You are not happy and you don't trust him to provide the care that you need. I would switch to another PCP. Just a correction. That said, your doctor should give you adequate explanations about your test results so I agree with other posters that you should switch doctors. I am having a hard time with my new doctor in Pinole, who doesn't seem to read my chart or pay attention to what I've told her.

I had have this nasty flu going around for 2 weeks now, even had to go to the ER Saturday last week. My doctor has just sent me an email suggesting I take Flonase which I've been on for years and Benzonatate, which was prescribed by the ER doctor. I get it that Kaiser doctors have ridiculous patient caseloads but she just doesn't seem to be paying attention. We've also had two phone appointments where I've been waiting at the appointed time and she says she's called me 3 times and left voicemails but I got no calls or voicemail.

I'd love to find a doctor who can remember who I am and what I'm taking, preferably in Oakland or Richmond. I see Dr. Sarin in Pinole. He's actually great, quick responses to email, always reviews my chart, and gently guides me to better self-care. He's new to Kaiser 2 years ago with many years of experience under his belt.

I can recommend Nancy Palmer, MD at Oakland she's a family practitioner, as opposed to "internal medicine". If she has a crazy patient caseload and i'm sure she does then I can't tell And I'm only in there a couple times per year. When we've had phone appts she calls on-time. She emailed me after a surgery just to check in, even though I hadn't expressly told her I was scheduled for the surgery.

Maybe see if she's accepting new patients? I was happy with my family doc at Kaiser, Dr. I can recommend her very highly. Her name is Dr. I hope you can get hooked up with her. I'm expecting my first baby in June and am starting to look into pediatricians at Kaiser Oakland. Does anyone have any experience with these doctors who are accepting new patients? Hi, We use Dr. Tatapudy and have been happy with her.

We've been with her for about 1. We have experienced both Susan Goddard our regular pediatrician and Lisa Turman when Goddard isn't available.

We absolutely love both. I love the fact that Dr. Goddard actually remembers my kids and if one is in she always asks about the other. She even knows their nicknames when we come in which makes me feel that we're not just another patient.

She is mostly available sometimes even last minute and if not she responds quick thru Kp emails. We have been with her now for almost 7 years and would be very sad the day she would decide to leave.

I highly recommend her! First of all, don't worry about choosing a "wrong" doctor at Kaiser. That's the great thing about Kaiser: there are always doctors on duty, and you can make a same day appointment if you have to, which is pretty much what happens when kids get sick.

Regarding your list of docs. My both kids saw Dr. Tatapudy many times, and I've always been very satisfied with how attentive, common sensical and knowledgeable she is. She didn't act in a condescending way towards me like some other docs do, e.

By the way, I ended up NOT filling out that prescription as my daughters ears got better within the time Dr. Tatapudy and I agreed would be a reasonable time to wait and see.

The only thing that you might want to ask her is if she's planning to retire in the near future, in which case you'd have to look again. Although, it doesn't matter so much, given that you can make an appointment with pretty much any pediatrician available, even if you are assigned to someone else. We were originally assigned Meera Tatapudy while we were waiting to be added to Dr. Molly Kyle's list. I have to say She was really cavalier about my daughter's low body temperature at our 1-week appt was 5 lbs.

She basically just seemed like she didn't know what she was doing. It was very strange. You can often get the Dr. That's what we did! She's been my daughters doctor sine she was a toddler and has helped us through a number of challenging situations.

She never rushes us and is always available through email. She is very respectful to both me and my daughter. I highly recommend her -. My 4 month old son is a patient of Dr. Turman's and we are very happy with her.

She is friendly, down to earth, is gentle with our little guy, and answers all of our questions no matter how "silly" they may be- I'm a new parent and am a little overprotective. She also makes it very clear to us from her answers to our questions that there isn't one right way to parent and often isn't just one right answer.

She gives you advice and recommendations based on her knowledge as a medical professional, but also takes into account your specific situation, child and preferences. I also like that she sees patients at the small Alameda clinic as well as the large Oakland office.

My daughter had Dr. Bolden as an infant and we ended up switching. No concrete objections; we just didn't warm up to her. I agree with the earlier response, though. Pick someone now so that you have someone in place when you transition from hospital to home. They can tell you is warm and personable, who runs chronically late and whether that is because they spend extra time with their patients--sometimes it's a trade-off. If they can't say something good, they won't say anything at all--so if they go all tight-lipped on you, it's a bad sign.

When my daughter switched pediatricians a second time from a male to female pediatrician when she was approaching puberty , we took this approach and ended up with a doc we've been very happy with. We've been seeing Lisa Turman since August and we love her my daughter is now 17 months.

Like PP said, she is laid back but very knowledgeable, and has two young children herself. Turman from the start; our original pediatrician in SF, not at Kaiser was more old school and made me feel anxious about whether my daughter was gaining enough weight. It looks like we will move to Kaiser and was wondering if any of you out there can recommend a great GP woman for primary care, who is open to alternative medicine and is possibly in SF or alternatively in the East Bay, and takes new patients.

We have been pleased with basic WellCare and two surgeries at Kaiser -one rather extensive for my child after an accident.

However, the system does not address or allow their physicians to treat w anything other than very traditional pharmacology. They also require their providers to see extremely high patient load-every 15 minutes. We pay outside separately for all of our alternative care. I am an RN on a state committee working towards alternative treatments included in plans.

Best of luck. I recently moved into the area and had to switch doctors at Kaiser, and leave my Naturopathic Dr.

So I'm looking for recommendations for both a Kaiser doc and an ND in the area, and would be grateful for your suggestions. I'm hoping to find practitioners located in or near Berkeley, but I'm willing to travel anywhere from Richmond to Orinda to Oakland for the right person.

Thanks in advance for your help! I would like to switch my primary care doctor at Kaiser Oakland I guess I would consider another location if distance from South Berkeley is similar. I am hoping for recommendations from fat people who have Kaiser docs who they feel are comfortable and respectful about their weight and take health concerns seriously without automatically assuming weight is the source of the issue.

Please provide as much info as possible about why you like the doc you are recommending. Also, if anyone has experience switching to a doctor who is not listed as open to new patients I am interested in this information as well. I can't offer specific recommendations, as I don't have Kaiser, but I want to say I really feel you. I just posted about this on Facebook and while many friends were supportive, several responded with workout regimens and diets even though I had specifically said I have a great diet, work out a lot, and have good health, yet my doctor constantly harps on my weight as if that, alone, was not just a disease but some sort of sin or moral failing.

If anyone is thinking to lecture you, I recommend reading this article:. I am also on the hunt for a new doctor, I can't take this crap anymore. I'll ask about, like, an earache and she yaps about my weight. I'm not even all that heavy. Neeru Gupta, in particular, has seen me through 3 pregnancies with some complications and never once did I feel she assumed my weight was causing any issue.

Then in a very patronizing way, she "counseled" me. I am not sure if she is "fat friendly", but I have been seeing Priscilla Flores as my primary care physician for many years. In the Kaiser world, I tend to fall in the "overweight" category as opposed to "obese", although my weight has fluctuated. I have been seeing her for so long that I think it has come up, but the context and the way she discussed it was reasonable, scientific and not inappropriate.

My impression is that she is more focused on regular exercise. I think if you asked her up front about it, she would give you an honest answer about her view about the role of weight in health, which for me is really what it comes down to. So I did that and dropped my friend's name. Unfortunately it didn't work. I hope you have better luck with this than I did. I need rapid help in selecting Kaiser doctors - Oakland is preferable but we can travel to San Leandro or other close locales.

We have never been Kaiser members -. I need primary or internists for both my husband and myself. I would like someone who is thoughtful, knowledgeable and open to both western and eastern medicine. I also need a pediatrician for my 12 yr old tween girl who definitely wants a women who is smart and kind. She has her period and can be prone to anxiety. She loves her pediatrician now so this will be a hard change. Warmth and accessibility is most important. Lastly I need a new dr for my 18 yr old son who be away at college and there is no local Kaiser.

Hoping for a man who is good with email! You can change your doctor at any time at kaiser I go to Kaiser Richmond and I find it much easier to deal with than Oakland - there are usually no waits, it's clean and calm. Don't know about their experience with over 40 and cancer, but I recommend them as thoughtful doctors who are good at listening.

I had my first appointment yesterday with Dr. Sherman gyno out of Oakland and was very impressed. She knew her stuff, was funny and smart and in response to your eastern criteria mentioned acupressure during our appointment so is possibly open to alternate modalities.

She has kind of a sassy New Yorker vibe which, as an east coast native, I adore. I've had to email her twice already and both times she replied in less than an hour. Sternberg-Pierce is my GP and I've found her to be very accessible and warm as well. I've actually only met her in person maybe a handful of times because she lets me do almost everything via email which I love and request. I've never had to fight her to get treatment or referrals for anything.

In my experience, only new doctors have openings, so you may as well just sign up for whoever's open and meets your gender criteria, and then try a switch later if you need to. No idea on PPO experiences so hopefully others will weigh in--but I do have to say I'm so surprised by your Kaiser experience, since we have done many of these things in the past months and been impressed with how fast we were able to get care.

I wonder if part of this has to do with which Kaiser you are with? Note: This is especially important for Kaiser assignment requests. It's the easiest way to get a status update. If you are changing your PCP, we will change it the next business day. We will call you if there are any issues. You can check your PCP by calling , Option 9. If you are asking for Kaiser, you will get an automated call within 3 business days telling you if and when you will be assigned to Kaiser.

If this form was not completed by member or member's legal guardian, we will be unable to process request without member's explicit agreement.

Note: all fields must be completed. Check all that apply I want the same PCP for all my children. I want the PCP I have seen before. I want a PCP closer to home or other location.

I want a PCP to meet certain needs or preferences I have e. I am not happy about the service or treatment I received from my currently assigned PCP. I am having trouble getting an appointment from my currently assigned PCP. I want to choose my own PCP for other reasons.

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Change of coverage bluecross carefirst Choose that you want to be seen for a women's health service, and that you aren't pregnant yet! Does anyone know fhange tricks to get into a provider whose panel is closed. Sarin is worth the longish drive. If you are changing your PCP, we will change it the next business day. Good Luck Sarah. Now I'm turning 50, my medical needs are increasing and not having a doctor is becoming a liability.
Nuance pdf maker You cannot choose a physician when you call the call center for an click at this page for a number of arcane computer system reasons. When we've had phone appts she calls on-time. Some Kaiser PCPs are more proactive and helpful than others. She didn't act roctor a condescending way towards me like some other docs do, e. I can recommend her very highly. Oparin, I should also have said that he's fine with phone visits, emails, etc.
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Debanjan banerjee cognizant meaning I get it that Kaiser doctors have ridiculous patient caseloads but she just doesn't seem to be paying attention. They can tell you is warm and personable, who runs chronically late and permanenhe that is because they spend extra time with their patients--sometimes it's a trade-off. This is how you do it: 1. Many doctors listed on the internet as having open panels are actually full. Oakland Kaiser patient.
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Kaiser permanente jobs sacramento It is a strange system for sure and rather confusing as well. We've been seeing Lisa Turman since August and we love her my daughter is now 17 months. Relationship to member:. Just a link. Also open to other male-M.
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Share the Definition of kaiser on Twitter Twitter. Kids Definition. Biographical Definition. Kaiser biographical name. Now, because of the waiver of premium component, her fully paid plan was also transferred to Mr. My family and I just received the cheque last March 1, Regarding the claim, we did not encounter any problem since the cheque was released on due time. We are very satisfied with the way Kaiser International Healthgroup, Inc. Also we are very proud to be a plan holder of Kaiser.

We would like to thank Kaiser and also to IMG for being with us when me and my family are in our lowest and most importantly for the prayers. Thank you. Last February 09, , MRS. Buray as the policy is current and in force. The K Plan of Mrs. Eleno Buray Sr. The unexpected Death of my wife brought a total pain in my family.

Only a matter of two 2 weeks it was at my hand already. It really helped the whole family and lessens the burden that we have that time. I was diagnosed of having a tumor located outside of my small intestine. Menilyn Marcellana who attended all concerns, queries and even made follow-ups to make sure I was given the best services. The best thing is I have seen that the hospital has the confidence for Kaiser International as the healthcare provider.

I hope to widen our coverage in our next year's healthcare term with Kaiser International. Thank you and more power! Very good kaayo ang Kaiser kay reply dayon, action dayon, follow-up pa gyud kung OK. Wala bay problema. Kaiser was introduced to me by my friend, I was so curious then, that's why I attended the seminar, I was amazed of its benefits and it opened my mind to secure my health.

So, without a second thought, I ensured my health to Kaiser the best healthcare provider. Keep up the good work guys! God Bless I experienced several Healthcare Providers before and none of them is like Kaiser International whom I honestly admired in terms of the services, follow-ups, attentions and concerns given to their clients.

Kaiser International keeps on sailing!!! Thanks for the services because they really took care of me because of Kaiser. I never regret of having you in our company. Thank you so much! Kaiser in terms of paying and processing utilization bills has an excellent credit standing.

They pay the hospital on time with good and updated services. They have a bigger coverage and their services are comprehensive and well defined.

Kaiser extends their hands in order to build a good quality relationship especially with the hospital employees who handle HMO services. Good thing about Kaiser is their prompt payments. They have been very cooperative and have good assistance service to clients. Thank you for choosing Manuel J. Santos Hospital as one of your partner in providing healthcare services. Continue being prompt in processing our claims for it is our first and utmost priority. We at MJ Santos are hoping for a lasting good business relationship with you.

Kaiser offers higher professional fees compared to other HMOs. They have been very proactive with the services we both could render to our clients. This is an HMO that has shown professionalism and their personnel are friendly and easy to deal with. Kaiser in this health industry was believed to be one of the most stable and has delivered assured quality service to their members.

Kaiser employees are more accommodating, respectful and cheerful. Their service transactions are fast and payments to the hospital are prompt. The Hospital of the Infant Jesus had been discouraged by HMOs and had been wary of some who approach the Admin regarding health provision but were rather delinquent in their obligations. Kaiser is different!

It has shown its efficiency and reliability! The patients and health providers are both satisfied customers. The hospital is promptly paid up. You are encouraging health insurance for many users and providers. As partners in the noble mission of delivering medical services to its members we could proudly stand by the vision of the institution. Inspired by the nature of close relations among Filipino families and their independence with each other, the company intervenes to cater to the long-term health care needs of every member with assured financial independence.

And to us few thousand participating specialists and the hundreds of affiliate hospitals in the country, there's no doubt we could reach out to the medical needs of our clientele.

With the Kaiser Advantage, let us all face the challenges of the times in the exercise of the bound duties and responsibilities of our profession. Victor R. Potenciano Medical Center. Want to check your online account?