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Cummins fleetguard oil filter

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Light Systems Manufacturers Baja Designs. Light Systems Promotions. Steering Promotions Free Shipping. Add to Cart. The filter provides the required filtration media for the extended oil change intervals of today's modern diesel engines. Engine : 6. Fleetguard integrates the revolutionary StrataPore multi-layered media to remove the smallest dirt particles, which cause the most engine damage.

This is the reason why a premium oil filter ensures a long engine life in your vehicle. The Stratapore Synthetic media provides a higher capacity for holding contaminants and less restriction than traditional cellulose filter media. This is a heavy-duty knurled exterior filter body that makes for straightforward installation and removal at your next oil change. Been using this on my 5.

Very nice replacement part. This is THE only filter I'll buy for my truck. Highly suggest to anyone running 5W40 synthetic. A good filter at a good price with quick shipping and great people to deal with. Purchased a couple of these for the shelf. They were slightly cheaper than the local store but with my purchase, GG donated to a good cause. A bonus in my book, a company that cares about people. Best price fast shipping and best quality as always. Fleetguard is the way to go.

Several technical sessions discussed filter construction. The Cummins Filiters were an obvious choise as compared to aftermarket brands. The way the pleats were supported and end plate strength all made sense regarding durability and true filtering capacity. I have used nothing but this filter since buying the truck and have not had any issues with oil pressure, leaks, or contamination.

Been using for 15 years. I can only assume its doing a great job of filtering my oil. Fast service at a fair price. In other words, an American business run the old fashioned way! Genos Garage is my first stop for ordering anything for my ram! Customer service is top notch and shipping is FAST! Great product, great price, great place to order from! At my door two days before I expected. I always use Fleetguard Stratapore filters. The Synthetic medium is better for extended change intervals.

Fleet guard One of the best Tks Geno's. All have at least K on them before trade. Geno's garage is an excellent company to do business with and the products are top notch. I've purchased several items for my 97 5. Their website is easily navigated and offers a variety of quality parts. I have called with questions and they have been excellent in the customer service department.

Shipping is always prompt. Thank you! I have been using Fleetguard filters ever since I bought my first diesel truck. You can buy cheaper but whats your engine worth?

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Cummins fleetguard oil filter Using this oil filter I did notice at miles, the oil read article looks fresh out the bottle. Their website is easily navigated and offers a variety of quality parts. Been using for 15 years. A bonus in my book, a company that cares about people. Good quality, fast shipping, extremely friendly staff, I will be buying from them again. Plus I got a free Cummins Sticker, can't beat that!
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Mary k baxter wikipedia Reviews Write a review Fleetguard filter. In other words, an American business run the old fashioned way! Please read our CA Prop 65 policy. I recommend these filters to anyone. Filter Promotions Free Shipping.
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Learn More. Through the MyFleetguard portal. Create your own parts list and check your order history and shipment status. Plus, you can track and file rebates and warranty claims. Filtration technology is constantly changing. You can keep up with Fleetschool, our free online training program.

It features easy-to-use, self-guided training modules that cover a wide range of filtration and product topics. With short tutorials, self-assessments and online course monitoring, Fleetschool is a great way for trainees to become filtration experts. Whether you need filters, coolants, additives or fluid analysis, our complete library of literature helps ensure you choose the right Fleetguard product for your engine.

Check out our product sheets, catalogs, brochures, servicing guides, cross references and white papers. We also provide safety data sheets to ensure proper handling and storage of our products.

Count on us for service that extends the value of every Fleetguard product. And our convenient app, how-to videos and dealer locator make it easy for customers to find what they need and use our products with confidence. Find a Dealer. Language French Spanish English. Unit Of Measure Imperial Metric. Nothing Guards like Fleetguard.

Part Number. File Upload. Featured Products. FK Fuel Kit. Shop our products. See all our products. Stay up to date on new product releases.