nuanced writing
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Nuanced writing

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After writing your first draft, you need to self-edit. Find out why! Nuance celebrates our female authors! And what you can do for them Since my partner and I decided to start Nuance, we have taken on work far beyond our expectations. We have Self-publishing Some people are born writers and they know from a very young age that they want to write.

Others have a story inside them Email Address. Nuance enhances, simplifies, and polishes your language in all its forms. We offer a variety of specialized language services. Anything editing and writing-related is what Nuance excels at. Our Work. Recent project. Our Services.

Request a quote. About Us. More about us. Nuance promises toÖ. Aimee Armstrong Freelance Publishing Coordinator. Saskia at Nuance Editing and Writing: It has been such fun having you and your company on board our Giftlands team. Vangi Pantazis Author of Giftlands series. The latest from our blog.

Read more. Contact us. Nadja Botha nadja nuanced. It's so easy to fall into this trap, largely because of the way we often learn to go about creating our characters: We literally label their characteristics. Characters, like all human beings, are built and revealed one action, one behavior, one decision at a time. We are shaped moment by moment. Cumulatively our behaviors may create a pattern that can be characterized with certain labels or descriptions, but your job as author is to simply give the reader the data points and let them come to the conclusion that you want to lead them to.

One of my favorite essayists, thinkers, and TED talkers, Tim Urban , describes this memorably in one of his thought-provoking posts: Life is a picture but we live in a pixel. But simply showing a greedy character behaving in a greedy way, for instance, can still result in a plastic, one-dimensional character. So how do you bring them more fully to life? People do the things they do for reasons that make total sense to them. Your job as the author is to figure out what those reasons are.

Then they aren't just playing a role or operating under those narrow character traits. They are acting in ways that are consistent with their belief system and view of the worldóand that allows readers to extrapolate from those behaviors who this character is as a fully fleshed person. And in all cases, what does that specifically look like ócan you let us see it on the page through some concrete action, behavior, or exchange? Kind people can act in cruel ways.

Cruel people may find gentleness in their heart for a child or a dog. In creating characters who feel authentic and engaging, paint in shades of gray, rather than black-and-white. People are more than one thing. And there are hosts of reasons people are the way they are and do the things they do. Rather than relying on broad surface definitions, letting yourself plumb the depth and breadth of who your characters are as whole people will bring themóand your storiesófully, memorably to life.

Visit her at www. Top Image by Lothar Dieterich from Pixabay. I feel the same way--if I get caught up in "thinking" too much with my editorial brain while first-drafting, I freeze myself up. Like so much of writing, I think most of the deep work takes place in revision. Thanks for the comment. You've given me a lot to think about. These suggestions will help me a lot with my WIP. I now plan to look at this in layers, covering all these points.

Fantastic post! Thanks, Tiffany. Thanks, Ellen. This kind of exploration to me is really the fun part of creating character--getting to know them as you would a new friend. This could be the reason I'm struggling with my current short story.

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