accenture cio support
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Accenture cio support jacqueline bauer highmark

Accenture cio support

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The focus is on providing one place to go for accessible, cost-effective and innovative end-to-end support services that minimize the impact of incidents on employee productivity.

To make this happen, our global IT Technology Support organization focuses on five strategic areas :. The technology support strategy is designed with Accenture people at its center, with the specific intent of making resolving an IT issue as simple as possible. Our approach means that Accenture people can work efficiently and collaboratively—without being interrupted by technology issues. Cost-effectiveness has steadily improved as the Global IT team has implemented our strategy. Responsible for digital worker infrastructure services, workstations, mobile device and service desk support.

Increased digitalization has meant new demands for different skills. Read how Accenture is welcoming a bigger, more diversified talent pool.

We incorporate extensive cloud consumption, customer experience, data transformation, sustainability and security into our IT strategy. Accenture shares how. We are committed to achieving net-zero emissions at Accenture by with a focus on reductions in electricity usage and business travel. Read more. Valid Entry. The first name is required and cannot be empty.

The last name is required and cannot be empty. This value is not valid. This email address is already in use. Invalid Entry. About Accenture. Who We Are. Contact Us. How Accenture Does IT. Five ways tech keeps our people satisfied and supported. November 2, Digital self-enablement : A self-service portal built on ServiceNow , is a single entry point for solutions, training and support for Accenture technology, applications and collaboration tools. Automation at the global Service Desk: More than support agents across eight global locations provide multi-language support 24x7x, with industry-leading service level agreements SLAs across all channels.

Technology Support is a single entry point for solutions, training and support for Accenture technology, applications and collaboration tools. It also provides a self-service password reset capability as well as personalized features including security compliance status and technology-related notifications.

Built on ServiceNow , Technology Support is integrated with the back-end ticketing and request module, enabling employees to request IT services and submit, update and check the status of tickets. The portal is well established among Accenture people with most support contacts made through this consumer-style, self-enablement channel.

We extend that support experience to a mobile Accenture Support app , also built on ServiceNow, for the times when employees are not connected to their laptops. The self-service area across Accenture is one of continuous improvement and investment with new capabilities being added to drive more incident volume, and resolve more incidents, via self-service channels.

Accenture is moving toward having all support and services that can be self-enabled delivered that way. The Service Desk provides quality support, with industry-leading service level agreements SLAs across all channels. The key strategic focus of the Accenture Technology Support model is to greatly reduce the number of incidents requiring Service Desk assistance through the introduction of tools and technologies that automate service delivery.

New self-service and automation capabilities are being developed providing automated solutions to common problems, real-time diagnostics with semi-automated solutions for agents and self-healing technology. Significant savings have been delivered to the organization through the introduction of an automated password reset facility, available via the Service Desk telephone system IVR. After only three months, more than 50 percent of password resets were via the new automated solution on the IVR, delivering a significant cost saving to the Service Desk organization.

Other key initiatives in the area of automation include:. Assisted support We provide remote support capabilities to resolve issues anywhere, anytime, keeping Accenture people productive at client sites, in their homes, or in other locations, without the need for an in-person visit. Today, they resolve 75 percent of the PC software issues that would previously have been resolved by onshore local teams. The business benefits of introducing Level 2 remote support are many: Accenture people remain productive in the field, the support is cost-effective as teams are located offshore, and local office support teams are freed up to focus on higher-value activities.

Deskside support through local in office teams has long been a focus area for cost reduction in IT shops around the globe. Employee centricity The support model is designed with the employee experience front of mind—to be simple and intuitive, and provide a choice of ways to interact with the support organization. When it comes to automated solutions, these are evaluated and only implemented where they help, not hinder, the employee.

This model enables Accenture people to work efficiently and collaboratively without interruption of technology issues through a continuous focus on improving employee technology support. This continuous improvement has led to a reduction in the number of incidents per employee, which in turn, has reduced cost to serve.

Cost-effectiveness has steadily improved as global IT has implemented our strategy. We continue to look at how we can further reduce support incidents, in particular, through proactive education, self-service channels and automation, which optimizes support and enables people to resolve issues, simply and quickly. The technology support strategy is designed with Accenture people at its center, with the specific intent of making resolving an IT issue as simple as possible.

Accenture people tend to be tech savvy, happy to use self-service and are often first adopters of new technology, but that also makes them harsh critics if solutions do not work well. Customer satisfaction with technology support has been maintained at between 90 to 95 percent throughout the entire transformational journey. Newer services like remote technology support and webchat tend to have higher satisfaction scores than more established services, which helps corroborate the strategy of always pushing for the next innovation in support.

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Skip to main content Skip to footer. Get Foresight app. Innovation is the core of business revival in November 23, In brief. CIOs should look to innovation as a pervasive driver of business revival in Adopting a cloud-first approach for digital transformation also builds resilience in future.

Designing a collaborative working environment enhances productivity and employee well-being. Adapting to the new ways customers engage your business means turning to next-gen virtual tools. CIOs look to manage future uncertainty. Looking ahead: Resilience and agility. Build resilience with cloud at the core Cloud helps the business innovate faster and create resilience by eliminating single points of failure in supply chains.

Design a collaborative working environment Virtual workrooms and collaboration tools enhance employee productivity and well-being as companies balance work from home and return to work.

The case for digital transformation. Follow Me:. Tobias Hirsch. Greg guides clients worldwide on their technology-powered business transformation journeys. IT Strategy. Related capabilities.

Listen to the podcast View transcript. Listen to the podcast View transcript Read our digital worker case study. Hear how VR is opening up a whole new opportunity for us to deliver more experiential, more immersive learning opportunities. Listen to the podcast View transcript Read our cloud security case study. Listen to the podcast View transcript Adam Burden's blog. Listen to the podcast View transcript Read our cloud optimization case study Read our Cloud Outcomes research.

Listen to the podcast View transcript Read our Make the leap, take the lead research. Hear how Accenture's global IT team enables our people to work remotely, during the pandemic and beyond. Our global IT organization is driving technology-powered business transformation across Accenture. Skip to main content Skip to footer. Powering digital transformation at speed and scale.

Now, more than ever. Innovation in IT. Radically Human. The Automation Advantage. Beyond Our vision and strategy for Enterprise IT. Digital worker - Truly Human.