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Amerigroup billing accenture internship

Amerigroup billing

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Effective immediately, participating providers can receive additional reimbursement for ensuring that members receive timely postpartum care.

Complete a postpartum visit between 21 and 56 days after your Amerigroup member delivers a live infant. Be careful not to bill using the date of admission or date of discharge. This incentive will only be reimbursed when the visit occurs within days from the date of a live delivery.

This amount will be paid in addition to global delivery claims if billed correctly. For telehealth policies and FAQs, see Telehealth on this page. Notice: Past billing guides may have broken links. If this occurs, please refer to the most recent guide.

Before you provide certain services, you will need to submit authorization request forms. Use the ProviderOne portal to see if a client is eligible for the service and the billing guides and fee schedules to determine if a PA is required.

Do you need a PA form? Visit our Forms and publications page to download authorization forms. After you complete a service, you file claims through the ProviderOne portal. Use the billing guides and fee schedules to find rate information and the ProviderOne Billing and Resource Guide to walk through the claims process. Do you need a barcode cover sheet? Visit our Document submission cover sheets page to find the barcode cover sheets required with additional documentation.

Use our billing guides and fee schedules to determine if a PA is required and assist in filing claims. For questions about rates or fee schedules, email ProfessionalRates hca. This guide was discontinued July 1, For information related to withdrawal management services previously detox , please see the agency's inpatient hospital guide.

For previous versions, email us applehealthpharmacypolicy hca. Download the Pharmacy Information Authorization form A.

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