creating nuanced characters
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Creating nuanced characters

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At the midpoint, generally we see a momentum shift. Whatever goal the character was working toward just hit a major bump in the road, and they need to recalibrate. This is where the shape of the character arc comes into play. Here, the character makes the subtle shift to try get what they need.

Even if the first part of the story has positive momentum, at the midpoint this shifts. So do characters. But that recognition is what plants the seed of change, which then builds to the climax, where the character typically has their Aha! To keep the Aha! Maybe that moment is an apology. To practice creating a character arc, write a scene that could happen at the beginning, middle, and end of your story. It can be simple: Character walks into a coffee shop and interacts with someone there could be positive or negative.

Then at the midpoint, they notice the other character, but need to be prompted to say something. And then at the end, they walk in and start the conversation with the other character. Think of a few other scenarios, and notice the small changes in action and reaction your character makes.

Or, picture your story as a mockumentary, a la The Office. If your character were interviewed with the same set of questions at the beginning, middle, and end, how would their answers change? Nuanced characters draw readers into stories. When those nuances shift on a well-developed character arc, the plot will also become stronger. This creates the un-put-downable quality readers look for, and makes for a memorable, satisfying story. Kristen offers manuscript coaching at Good Story Editing to help you hone your perfect character arcs.

Kristen loves hot fudge sundaes, YA novels, and helping you create your best story. When not writing or reading, she tries to spend time outdoors … with at least one book and a notebook in her backpack, just in case. The Importance of a Nuanced Character Arc. Write down an adjective describing word that sums up their voice for you. What creates this effect? Are they loud? Include brief descriptions of voice when you are writing character sketches for your outline.

These can reinforce or contradict what a character says. They also help you to be more nuanced about what a character feels while they are talking.

Does the character speak with dramatic, outsized gestures? Might your character have memorable recurring gestures such as running a hand through her hair or taking off his glasses and polishing them? Believable dialogue involves the character as a fully embodied person, not just a talking head. Find more of our articles on describing characters via our character writing hub. Where is the character from? Perhaps your character grew up poor in an uneducated family and has returned home.

How does the character feel about coming home and her family and old neighbours? Maybe she has picked up words and phrases in the big city that people poke fun at her for using. For the same example, the character could resent or feel embarrassed of where she comes from. In that case, she might deliberately speak in a mannered way that sets her apart from her family back home.

They might speak quite differently when conversing with a grandparent versus a friend. Or maybe they make no effort to modulate their speech at all. Sometimes how a person speaks can be particularly revealing if they are trying to assimilate into an unfamiliar group.

That group might be as small as a clique or as large as an entire nationality. In the past, shibboleths have been used to identify spies or enemy combatants. But a Shibboleth can also trip your character up in a social sense. Consider what speech might reveal about your character under duress. Perhaps a character who seems mild-mannered might suddenly burst into a flurry of obscenities?

Yet it creates the effect of realistic speech. Read our detailed dialogue writing guide for more on creating conversation that advances your story. Need to develop further aspects of your characters? Get How to Write Real Characters — our eBook guide to developing believable characters, including practical exercises and prompts. Jordan is a writer, editor, community manager and product developer. Hi KT — thanks, glad you like the site. Good point about the distinction between introversion and extroversion.

I try to throw in key slang words if a character is from a certain country or region. I also attempt to keep them to a minimum in order to not overdo it. I do struggle with minimizing dialogue tags some of the time though. I understand it helps to read it out loud. Thank you for sharing that, Jeremiah. It really does help to read dialogue aloud. It sounds as though you have a good process. I was wondering if you happened to know how to write the speech of young children, a friend and I are trying to write a book but are worried that they may sound too advanced for their age.

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Cognizant off campus drive 2018 Show them doing things that different characters wouldn't do. Opening Stasis In novels, this means we see the protagonist in their original form at the opening. Buy it here on Amazon! That, I suppose, a joke. Give them opportunities to shine. When we do it on a societal level it hcaracters to divisiveness and polarization. All the intrigue in your story creatiny flow from how your character responds to their external and internal conflicts.
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But in this scene, the way the memory of the movie hits him, and the way he relates it to the accused…it is, for me, perfect. His expressions, the movements of his hands, his tone of voice…all nuanced in such a way as to show McCoy, realizing as he talks, how perfect the parallels are between the movie and what this man has done.

That, too, was perfect. So I encourage you to watch them again. And study the performances. Then put what you see and hear and learn to use. TV and movie characters are a great source of inspiration and learning — thanks for posting this. I have watched classic movies since I was a kid and I see a movie in my head when I write, but I do forget to pay attention to the characterizations. This is often my weak point in my stories, especially since I write historical.

Thanks Karen! Every viewing is like peeling back the layers to understand the elements of the story. Stories and characters that readers will want to revisit, over and over? That you can recognize its value is telling enough. My son has been taking us back to some golden oldie movies and what strikes me so often is the lack of subtlety. Then it omits his untimely death and just fades away with a short message.

Agree wholeheartedly on Eastwood. Love his work as both an actor and a director. And yes, we do need to show some physical characteristics in our books. We can see those things for ourselves in movies and TVs, but in books we need to let our readers see whatever physical characteristics will give them a solid picture of our characters.

Just watched two masterful performances by one of our greatest actors, Spencer Tracy. But The Third Man is indeed a great film for this subject. His performance a small one was so popular it spawned a radio show featuring his character!

Yes, Spencer Tracy was amazing. As was Orson Wells. Thank you, Karen. This is particularly needed this morning for me regarding a real a life situation I must face shortly.

Thank you for the reminder and the example of how to address to people involved in failure to think through the consequences of their actions. The reminder of nuance is so important. Good judgement, kindness, and wisdom are all nuanced. I will take special note of this and truly appreciate your timing for sharing this post. Blessings to you today. Nuance is hard to bring out deliberately without making it caricature, but sometimes it just happens.

I like the character enough to want to share him; on his merits, not mine. Hey there, Andrew. Which meant, because of travel schedules, that the first post needed to be delayed a week.

So tune in next week for the blog based on your question about legacy. Characters to me are the most important part of the story. If the story is so-so, I may continue to read if only just to hang out with the characters a little while longer. I once heard Deniro had an animal in mind that informed each role he played. I sometimes do this with the characters I write. Sometimes I immerse myself in characters too much. My hair went from bone straight to wavy, like his. While writing a flirtatious female with spiral curls, I found myself winking at people a lot, and my hair developed spiral curls at the base of my neck that only showed when I wore my hair up for real!

Then one day in the shower I noticed I was losing a bit of hair thank goodness this was temporary. Connie, love the idea of animals to inform our characters! Regions, geography, culture…all these can become characters as well, setting a tone and mood. I love the Eliot Spencer character in Leverage because of how much he communicates with his facial expression.

It sounds kinda weird. Or what Eliot does with his eyes. I very much appreciate this post, Karen, and thanks for including the Law and Order clip. I knew I was not pretty. His chin—and the cloud—lifted. This was going to be good. Firth is by far the best at portraying the subtle changes of thought and emotion for the Darcy character. What a fun way to get some show-not-tell training!

The best adaptation ever. Now I want to watch it again. I think researching nuance is a great excuse for spending a day watching TV. Too funny! And now here you are, doing exactly what I wanted to do. Great call. Excellent advice, great movie clip, and a wonderful short-fiction link from Andrew. I love television and movies — at least when the acting is good and the story is watchable.

Sam Waterson tops my list as one of the greats, so much so I even watched a little of Grace and Frankie because he stars in it. He reminds me somewhat of Kevin Spacey in that his face and tone of voice tell a story even when the writing fails to be spectacular. And yes, James Scott Bell is right. As a former lawyer, I agree the line of questioning would never be allowed but it would make for an interesting trial if you could.

As you probably know, the honorable Mr. Bell was once a lawyer as well. Just one of the many reasons I love him. Okay, for some reason parts of my replies are getting chopped off.

I loved this post, Karen. I love to study the plot and various elements of the story. I need to watch more for character nuance and quirks. Jennifer Ehle does such a great job at conveying messages without saying a word. The whole movie is well done.

I really enjoy Leap Year, as well. The characters are each so distinct. Amy Adams plays her character so well, and you can see so much in the facial expressions and her actions. Matthew Goode does a great job conveying the genuine feelings and thoughts of his character too. Ooo, Amy Adams. Her performance in Enchanted was wonderful. Watching her trying to adjust to the real world from a fairy-tale existence…. Adams was very funny in Leap Year and Enchanted, but my vote goes to Ehle.

She played a virologist in Contagion. She really nailed the female scientist with her intense passion for the work and her warm human relationships, especially in one pivotal scene with her father. She captured what female scientists are really like rather than portraying the stereotype. Love nuance. You've given me a lot to think about. These suggestions will help me a lot with my WIP.

I now plan to look at this in layers, covering all these points. Fantastic post! Thanks, Tiffany. Thanks, Ellen. This kind of exploration to me is really the fun part of creating character--getting to know them as you would a new friend.

This could be the reason I'm struggling with my current short story. I thought I had done a character analysis, but I'm having trouble connecting with my protagonist.

If I'm having trouble, so will the reader. I think I'll go back and think about her some more. Sorry about that. Great post! I especially love when an author shows us what's behind an evil antagonist, or rather, what's inside. The layers--some good, some bad, some evil. You can almost sympathize with them, but you know they have to have their comeuppance. I love me a good, juicy, gray-area villain--the complex kind. Love rooting for comeuppance I always think antagonists are some of the most fun characters to write and to explore.

Thanks for the comment, Barb. Tiffany, you already know I love this post. I take a lot of Margie Lawson classes and she too will say things like "dig deeper" or "you can do better. It's hard and amazing and wonderful. And hard. So true, isn't it? And our modest little task is to bring them fully to life on the page. Type your email…. February 28, Share this But it's not always easy in the first draft. Thanks for getting back to me.

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