juniper networks hackerrank interview questions
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Juniper networks hackerrank interview questions caresource medicare prior authorization

Juniper networks hackerrank interview questions

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Please Login to comment Next Juniper Networks Interview Experience. Juniper interview experience On campus for internship. Juniper Networks Interview Experience. For disposing of this circumstance, the links utilized are protected. Cross talk issue for the most part pronounce its essence amid the voice flag transmission.

Question 7. Question 8. Answer : It is the responsibility of the Network Layer. Question 9. Answer : A network is basically nothing but an interconnection of computers or computing devices.

In a network, they are called as nodes. The Networking is important because it enables easy file sharing, sending and modifying from any node on a network. Data can be on any node and depending on the security and other concerns, other nodes can be permitted to access it anytime.

Question Answer : There are three types of Networks that currently exist and they are:. LAN- It Stands for Local Area Network and is generally an interconnection of a limited number of nodes which can be within a building or an organization. Generally the nodes within a city are connection with each other and it is called as MAN. The other name of WAN is internet. Answer : It actually defines the connection between two or more networking or computing devices.

Generally, the channels and the protocols which control the communication or made it possible among the nodes are regarded as links. The size of the link is not always necessary to be same for all the networks. It depends on type and the number of devices in a network. Although it is an old approach, there are still many networks that are based on it.

There are total 7 seven layers which are present in it and they are:. Answer : It is basically a powerful computer in a network that manages and controls all the devices on a network. If a server fails, it can result in failure of entire network. Answer : The first layer also known as bottom layer is the Physical Layer and the last layer which is also known as top layer is Application Layer.

Answer : It is basically a network which is responsible for assigning the data and the route to different networks. Monitoring the channels, protocols and bandwidth management is also the responsibility of a backbone network. It is because of this reason it has been named as a backbone network. Answer : Switch is a networking device that can be used in such a scenario. A switch can be of any size depending on the needs.

Answer : Basically, data encapsulation is an approach in which the data is divided into smaller packets called as chunks. All chunks have their source and destination address on them and this is how they reach their destination. It is necessary for network security that the chunk must contain its source address too.

Answer : No, a network can be established without a server too. This type of network or a model is called as peer-to-peer model. Basically, all the nodes act as a client as well as server for the other nodes. Answer : A router is basically a networking device which is basically deployed for connecting the network segments which is actually very important.

There are paths in the routers which are used for information storage and because of this reason they are called as intelligent networking devices. It is actually the responsibility of the router to select and define the best path for the data that needs to be transferred. Answer : Topology defines how the computers on a network are connected with each other. It is actually possible to connect them in different manners.

The interconnection method largely matters as it can affect various factors such as data transmission speed, troubleshooting methods and so on. Answer : A point to point link is nothing but a direct path for information or data transfer between two defined nodes in a network. The simple example of point to point link is nothing but a connecting two computers with each other simply by using a cable which is inserted in the Network Interface Cards in both the computers.

This kind of link is created only in a few computers on a network. Although it enhances the cost and network cost, it assures excellent data transfer speed and is generally free from any form of glitches. Answer : It abbreviates for File Transfer Protocol and is generally a method of allowing permission to the users for accessing data.

All the users which are allowed to access the data needs not to prove their identity again and again. They can access data with the username and passwords assigned to them. Answer : It is possible apply various restrictions on such data or file.

For example, only limited number of users can be allowed to access the same and not all of them. How This Can Be Done? Answer : A network obviously contains personal information of the users or something that is very confidential for the concerned organizations. There are many unauthorized attempts that can be made by hackers to steal such information. For example the future plan of one company can be leaked to its competitors who can take the advantage of the same in advance.

Thus securing a network is important. This can be done by using Network Firewall, Antivirus software, imposing limits on data and through several other approaches. Answer : Well, Proxy servers are the prime contributors to the safety. The fact is there can be certain attempts by the external users to access the data on a node which in registered on a network. It is extremely difficult for any users to access data without knowing the IP address.

Thus, it contributes to the safety of a network. It is also possible to hide a node from a network with this approach.

Answer : Each node or device on a network has a networking address in numbers which is commonly called as its IP. The IP provide all such information about a node or a device on a network. The IP is unique and cannot be same for two nodes on a network.

It provides all the information about the node such as its location, registered user and so on. Answer : Crosstalk is nothing but a situation when the signal has electromagnetic interferences. It can impose a limit or can largely affect data during its transmission. For eliminating this situation, the cables used are shielded.

Crosstalk problem generally declare its presence during the voice signal transmission. Answer : In star topology, all the computers or devices are connected to a single hub which is responsible to control the same. The damage or the failure to the hub can make the entire network useless. Therefore this approach is not so common in the present scenario.