articulaciones en el cuerpo humano
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Articulaciones en el cuerpo humano highmark blue cross blue shield special care

Articulaciones en el cuerpo humano

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Anatomy Bones. Lower Back Pain Stretches. Severe Lower Back Pain. Mid Back Pain. Upper Back Pain. Hip Pain. Scoliosis Exercises. Stretching Exercises. Hip Stretches. Quadratus Lumborum Stretch. Human Anatomy For Artists. Human Anatomy Art. Suture Techniques. Radiology Student. Reflexology Treatment. Human Spine. Chiropractic Clinic. Anatomy Standard. Human Anatomy Model. Radiology Schools. Radiology Imaging. Chiropractic Art.

Tai Chi Qigong. Pelvic Tilt. Medical Imaging. Human Body. Anatomy Art. Monochromatic Art. Spinal Injury. Body Posture. Anatomy Organs. Human Bones. Foot Reflexology. Health Fitness. Medical Design. Medical Art. Medical Technology. Anatomy Sculpture. Brainwave Entrainment. Human Anatomy Chart. Human Skeleton Anatomy. Lumbar Lordosis. Muscular System. Chronic Sciatica. Sciatic Pain. Alternative Treatments. Natural Treatments. Cauda Equina Syndrome. Sciatica Pain Treatment.

Brain Surgeon. Spine Pain. Sleep Therapy. Google Image - dynamic blue spine. Body Health. Health And Nutrition. Health And Wellness. Health Care. Cat Health. Mental Health. Cervical Neuralgia. Cervical Pain. Cervical Spondylosis. Chronic Migraines. Migraine Headaches. Chronic Pain. Craniosacral Therapy. The manubriosternal joint presented their surfaces covered with cartilaginosus tissue of hialinic type in relation with fibrocartilaginous tissue.

This last tissue was a real disc between the articulars surface. In the majority of the cases was found a small cavity, perhaps due to the absortion that its central part suffers this loock more like a synovial joint than a synchondrosis. This could be due to a periferic calcification or to a sinostosis manubriosternal. In conclusion, this joint could be defined as a sinfisis. This reminded an old clasification that defined it as "diartroanfiartrosis", a transition joint between the synovial articulations and cartilaginosus.

Anatomy; 2. Sternon; 3. Manubriosternal joint. Barcelona, Salvat, Queen Mary and Westfield College, London, Nomina Anatomica. Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone, Tratado de anatomia humana. Rio de Janiero, Interamericana, Madrid, Panamericana, Postnatal development of the human sternum.

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Eloy tellez centene corporation Nomina Anatomica. Tejido fibrocartilaginoso; 2. Gray Anatomia. Medical Design. Suture Techniques. Human Skeleton Anatomy.

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