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Life science accenture

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Who We Are. Contact Us. Life Sciences blog. Supply Chain. Research and Development. New Science and Tech and Precision Med. More Categories. Featured Post. Four ways edge computing unlocks growth in life sciences. Read More. More Posts. The E suite of Ecosystems: E for efficiencies. Becoming a life sciences Cyber Champion. Digital Health: Put the care back in healthcare.

Recent posts. Four ways edge computing unlocks growth in life sciences August 1, Edge computing offers opportunities to make work more compelling across many functions in life sciences. How to boost healthcare access and equity for all July 5, Our Natasha Sunderji discusses how actions at the government policy level will be required to achieve equity healthcare for everyone. Is trust the key success factor for decentralized clinical trials?

June 27, Four ways to successfully enable trust in decentralized clinical trials to increase participation, improve results and secure data. Blog authors. Follow me:. Subscription Center. Addressing industry challenges with innovative, industry-leading technology solutions. In recent years, patients are expecting more targeted, effective and personalized therapies and New Science requires technology to become an integral part of the patient treatment.

In addition, agility and responsiveness are more critical for life sciences companies than ever before. For all the tremendous success with the vaccine development, the COVID pandemic has brought new complexity to supply chain and patient engagement models. The industry needs to scale its digital capabilities to address fluctuations in demand and improve resilience across its core operations. In order to do so, life sciences CIOs have the opportunity to reimagine their technology architectures and extend their ecosystem of partners to disrupt the way they deliver improved outcomes for patients.

Our life sciences technology practice helps navigate this everchanging technology landscape by identifying opportunities for significant capability advances with our enterprise advisory, platform, cloud, data and analytics services. We combine the power of leading platforms—Google, SAP and more—with our industry intelligence, innovation capabilities to drive large-scale, platform-enabled transformation.

Providing cloud-based solutions across the life sciences enterprise to deliver insights that can lead to better patient outcomes, faster than ever before. Powered by Google Cloud. Learn more. Finding new and better ways to unlock data, increase collaboration, improve engagement and transform your business with the power of cloud computing. Solving for increased digital complexity with modern product and platform engineering approaches to accelerate design, prototyping and testing.

We apply cutting-edge solutions across the drug and device lifecycle that unify innovative technologies with compliance-focused processes. The life sciences industry is on the threshold of a new decade of digital transformation, and at a defining moment for all leaders. The Metaverse Continuum will transform how businesses interact with customers and how work is done.

Our two surveys of biopharma and medical technology executives confirms this:. The Metaverse Continuum incorporates all digitally enhanced realities—both social and business-related. It touches all patients, healthcare professionals and enterprises — from reality to virtual and back. Top spot in the inaugural Everest Group assessment. Our deep industry expertise puts us in a unique position to help you use the right technology to address your most complex and critical challenges and accelerate change across your enterprise to create lasting value to your patients.

Create lasting value with innovation that identifies new ways to reach consumers and build resilience. Optimizing operations and creating new products and platforms to build a more profitable and sustainable business. We utilize our partnerships with the biggest names in technology — as well as innovative startups whose names you might not be familiar with — to provide industry-specific solutions across all phases of the life sciences value chain.

Our survey of execs shows how tech can help build a competitive vision that meets the unmet needs of patients, employees and HCPs. We bring our industry expertise to solve your unique needs. Discover how our recognition and awards distinguish us as the right partner to help you redefine and implement the right technology strategy for your business. Life Sciences consultants weigh in on how pharma, biotech, medtech and consumer health companies can improve patient outcomes.

Change enablement professionals are turning to human-centric transformations to create a better work culture with cloud. Cybersecurity continues to be an escalating concern for life sciences companies and requires an actionable response. Accenture's Ted Boyle explores how healthcare industries can put the care back in healthcare.

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