erik erasmus juniper networks
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Erik erasmus juniper networks carefirst inc address

Erik erasmus juniper networks

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From here, the complaint alleges that the services Juniper received were standard for its size, implying from the point of view of the plaintiffs that the costs paid for such services should also be standard or average relative to peer retirement plans.

The complaint also states that the use of revenue sharing—whereby the recordkeeper collects a portion of the total expense ratio fee of the mutual fund in exchange for providing services that would otherwise have to be provided by the mutual fund—is viewed as standard for such size plans.

Turning specifically to the arguments based on investment expenses, this complaint stands out for its insistence that the plan sponsor should have used share classes that included more, rather than less, revenue sharing, based on the idea that the overall cost of recordkeeping and investment management would have been lower. This is in stark contrast to other excessive fee lawsuits arguing—with mixed success—that the use of revenue sharing is itself imprudent, given the difficulty sponsors and participants can have in reviewing and understanding the more complicated fee structure.

By selecting an investment option that charges more for identical portfolio management services, the defendant plan fiduciaries breached their duty. The full text of the complaint is available here. LOG IN. My Account. Log out. US EN. Try Now. Recommended for you. And people are taking notice. See more Products. Why Juniper? The Feed. Partners Partners. Partners Strategic Alliances Partner Program. Ericsson 5G Networks The Ericsson and Juniper partnership gains customer momentum with joint 5G solutions for transport networks and security.

To get the most out of 5G while addressing its many challenges, you need an integrated and optimized end-to-end mobile transport solution to connect radio and packet core systems. The Juniper and Ericsson solution offers a number of advantages.

Agile, intelligent, end-to-end transport Open, multivendor architecture Integrated, best-of-breed domain solutions End-to-end network slicing Policy-driven, pervasive security. Solution Components. Learn more.

Solution Brief. Future of 5G Transport. Customer Story. Partnership between Juniper and Ericsson equips Swisscom with a future-proof, end-to-end IP transport network and simplifies operations. Back to top. Get updates from Juniper Sign Up. Follow Us. About Us. Corporate Responsibility. Investor Relations. Image Library. Contact Sales. Find a Partner.