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Baxter stockman tmnt 2003

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For I, Dr. Baxter Stockman, have designed the solution to the city's ever-growing rat problem. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the ultimate expression of rodent extermination technology, the Stocktronics Mouser! April O'Neil : This is so great! Baxter Stockman : You flatter me, Ms. I like that. Baxter Stockman : The Mousers will be ready when I decide they're ready. My first field test was Oroku Saki : Was a complete failure.

I do not tolerate failure. Baxter Stockman : Which is why you would make a lousy scientist. The test was supposed to expose any possible design blowouts. As a result, I already upgraded the Mousers for greater durability.

And I assure you they will perform flawlessly for the next phase of the plan. Oroku Saki : They had better, Dr. For your sake. April O'Neil : Rat problem, my eye. What are you really up to, Stockman? Baxter Stockman : Now, now, Ms. O'Neil, that would be telling. Suffice it to say my army of Mousers will make me a very rich and powerful man. April O'Neil : But, aren't you already a very rich and powerful man? Baxter Stockman : Ah, Ms. In reality, however, Stockman was using the mousers to rob banks, much like the Mirage version.

Stockman also worked for the Shredder, developing new schemes and technology to eliminate the turtles, including the invisible foot ninjas. Stockman was met with constant failure, however, and each failure resulted in severe punishment from the Shredder. Indeed, the Shredder would slowly remove a different body part from Stockman, until, by the end of the series, the evil scientist was nothing but a brain in a jar. Despite this gruesome punishment, Stockman survived, frequently returning to menace the turtles.

After being fired from his place of work, Stockman attempted to break in before being foiled by the turtles. Later, however, Stockman adapts a piece of Donatello's technology into his own cybernetic armor, becoming much more formidable. Nevertheless, the turtles defeat Stockman once again.

Stockman also creates his iconic mousers, stealing from the Purple Dragon gang before they bring him to the Shredder. Just like his previous incarnations, Stockman works for the Shredder, helping him use the mutagen to create new mutants for his army before he is mutated into a fly, like the '80s Stockman. This mutation is later cured with the retro-mutagen, following the Shredder's defeat. This version of the character is named "Baxter Stockboy", reimagined as a young child who helps out around his parents' deli as a stockboy himself.

Stockboy is a social media celebrity, creating livestream videos for profit. Many of these videos are internet scams, however, forcing the turtles to intervene and stop the young villain. Stockboy swears revenge upon the turtles after they interfere with his online schemes, resulting in several conflicts. Despite his young age, Stockboy is just as technologically gifted as his older counterparts.

Indeed, Stockboy was able to remotely manipulate the interior of his parents' deli and create a robot named "Gumbus. Stockman was tasked by Krang with genetic and mutant research, a venture which gave sentience to Splinter and the turtles.

Stockman also created his mousers, lending them to Old Hob in order to track and eliminate the turtles. Under General Krang, Stockman also developed the massive Technodrome. Currently, Stockman is the mayor of New York City.

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Feeling threatened by Chaplin, Stockman intentionally sabotaged his projects in order to make him look bad in the Shredder's eyes, but he found himself free of the Shredder after sabotaging the warlord's starship when he attempted to leave Earth.

After that, Stockman was employed by Agent Bishop and the Earth Protection Force, provided with a new cyborg body in exchange for developing countermeasures for the increasing mutant activity in New York. Robot Supremacy Wiki Explore. Wiki Content. Recently Changed Pages Badnik Dr. Explore Wikis Community Central. Don't have an account? History Talk 0. Following a surprise attack in The Shredder Strikes Back, the Shredder wants proof positive that the Turtles have perished.

Stockman volunteers to perform a DNA analysis proving the Turtles' demise in exchange for access to the Utrom exosuit. The Shredder agrees, but threatens Stockman with a "final punishment" if he doesn't come back with conclusive evidence. Stockman performs a survey of the antique store, but finds no human or mutant DNA.

Distraught at this finding, Stockman manufactures his own evidence and presents it to the Shredder. Convinced that the Turtles are dead, the Shredder gives Stockman access to the exosuit. Stockman's work for the Shredder was always about personal gain and his loyalty only went as far as his personal benefit.

Having been subjected to punishment by the Shredder on more than one occasion, Stockman quickly develops an animosity for the Shredder and Hun. With newfound and unfettered access to the Utrom exosuit, Stockman plans to use the suit to create something that will give him more power. This plan comes to fruition in Return to New York when Stockman implants his body into a large four-armed exosuit. He uses the surprise attack by the Turtles as an opportunity to launch his plan of revenge against the Shredder.

Stockman attacks the Shredder's throne room and battles the Shredder, Hun and the Turtles. Stockman is seemingly defeated twice, but returns until Donatello uses the gun that was chopped off his arm. Despite being a near indomitable foe, Stockman is defeated and seemingly explodes in the night sky. Stockman resurfaces in Secret Origins, but with only his head left intact within a robotic spider. Unlike his previous appearances, Stockman is controlled remotely by the Shredder with a robot eye implant that covers up his previous wound that shocks Baxter when he disobeys his orders or becomes arrogant.

He shuts down the security of the base, sabotages the oracle pods and leads the Shredder and his men to an underground path that allows them to enter the building unseen. Stockman regains control when he is freed by the Fugitoid, an ally of the Turtles, when he alters his voice to override the Shredder's commands.

Now free, Stockman attacks the Shredder, whom he still holds a grudge against, and in part contributes to the Shredder's defeat. After this incident, Stockman escapes and disappears. He is not seen again until the Turtles encounter the mutant crocodile, Leatherhead, in What a Croc!

His head is now in the chest cavity of an Utrom exo-suit, protected by a glass jar. Working independently, Stockman befriends Leatherhead and helps the crocodile build a transmat device in exchange for help with his robotic body, and Turtlebot, a robot created to fight the Turtles. Stockmans Robot is completed but Stockman's ruse is revealed when Leatherhead finds out that Stockman used to work for the Shredder.

Stockman's Turtlebot is destroyed, but he escapes. By this time, Stockman no longer has the financial backing and material support of the Foot, thus he contracts out his technical expertise to the Mob in City at War. His head is now on the shoulders of an Utrom exo-suit. And the chest cavity is covered up. With the Shredder gone, a turf war develops and Stockman creates robots to get rid of the Foot and the Purple Dragons.

Stockman's robots are destroyed and he survives the turf war. Stockman again disappears, but returns again, but without a body, or head. As a gift to the Shredder, who returns in Rogue in the House, Hun has Stockman's brain placed inside a tank. At this point, Stockman is just a brain connected to an eyeball and spinal column. The tank housing his brain allows him to speak, hear, and communicate with other foot techs, but it is also equipped a volume button, and electrical shocking device, which Hun and the Shredder use to torture the scientist.

This form of coercion was used to get Stockman to create a group of Foot Mechs, robotic soldiers. The Foot Mechs are eventually destroyed along with the Shredder's Freighter Headquarters, and with it, Baxter Stockman sinks to the bottom of the ocean. He is eventually fished out the water and continues to work under the Shredder. Despite an enmity shared between Stockman and the Shredder and the likelihood that Stockman will turn on him, Saki keeps him around because he considers him to be useful.

This attitude begins to change when Saki hires Dr. Chaplin in New Blood. Chaplin admires Stockman and looks up to him; however, due to threats by Saki about making Chaplin a permanent replacement, Stockman keeps a wary distance from Chaplin. Stockman even goes as far as sabotaging Chaplin's inventions so that Chaplin's success won't negatively affect him. Nonetheless, Chaplin considers Stockman to be a role model and eventually creates a humanoid exosuit with a holographic head for Stockman in Mission of Gravity.

Not one for gratitude, Stockman continues to plot against Chaplin but his attempts backfire and only boost Chaplin's worth in Saki's eyes. Stockman's tries to sabotage Huns mission to rescue Karai in Hun on the Run, but he soon becomes a contact within the Foot for Agent Bishop.

A significant act of sabotage is seen when Stockman places a program that locks the controls of Saki's starship in Exodus. When the ship is finally destroyed, and believing his enemies to have perished, Stockman joins with Agent Bishop in hopes of creating a new body. For the time being, Stockman upgrades his robotic body with four legs and four arms.

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When the ship is finally destroyed, and believing his enemies to have perished, he now worked alongside Bishop and joined the Earth Protection Force in exchange for a new body. Bishop has Stockman's body recovered and his brain placed in a new cyborg body. However, when the scientist is brought back to life, he is mortified that he wasn't left to rest in peace. Under Bishop, Stockman is forced to work on a cure for the outbreak. He never figures out the cure as Leatherhead discovers it.

After the outbreak is neutralized, Stockman and Bishop inadvertently destroy the Heart of Tengu , an artifact that used to control the Foot Mystics. This act sets off a chain of events leading to the return of the original Shredder. He forms part of the turtles' offensive against a resurrected demon Shredder.

In these episodes. At the end of the final Lost Episode, his robot body was almost completely destroyed in the final battle with the Tengu Shredder's dragon form and what was left of it was carried away by Bishop's soldiers with his holographic head saying resignedly "It seems the pain will never end. Wiki Content. A significant act of sabotage is seen when Stockman places a program that locks the controls of Ch'rell's starship in " Exodus, Part 1.

For the time being, Stockman upgraded his robotic body with four legs and four arms. Despite being an expert in robotics and engineering, Bishop changes Stockman's role and has him create clone aliens controlled by remote control in Aliens Among Us. The genetic material from these aliens inadvertently leads to a mutant outbreak to which Bishop orders Stockman to suspend work on his new body and focus priority to neutralize the threat in " Outbreak ".

Despite working with EPF forces, Stockman remains unsuccessful and his time was divided between creating a new body and the outbreak control. In " Insane in the Membrane ", Stockman finally made a new human body for himself and starts a cerebral transfer to his new vessel, disregarding Bishop's warnings about his impatience. Once his consciousness had been transplanted, the new body seems fine at first but suddenly started to decay rapidly.

A desperate Stockman in his attempt to halt the process starts losing his mind, and leading to the scientist to hallucinate of his late mother. Trying to think back where his troubles originated, Stockman foolishly concludes his ex-assistant, April to be the cause, and heads on a lone mission to seek revenge on April.

In the end, Stockman's delusions of his mother made him save his former assistant instead, and he apparently fell to his death into the East River. Not being done with Stockman's work, however, Bishop recovered Stockman's body and placed his brain in a new cyborg body. However, when the scientist is brought back to life, he is outraged that he wasn't left to rest in peace. Under Bishop, Stockman is forced to work on a cure for the outbreak.

He never figures out the cure as Leatherhead discovers it in " Good Genes ". After the outbreak is neutralized, Stockman and Bishop inadvertently destroy the Heart of Tengu , an artifact that used to control the Foot Mystics.

This act sets off a chain of events leading to the return of the original Shredder. In an alternate future, where Ch'rell ruled Earth, Stockman's brain was attached to an aged, wheelchair-bound Hun.

They worked with Donatello who had been stranded in this dystopia by the Ultimate Ninja and Drako , the Turtles resident in that alternate reality, and April in an attempt to overthrow the Shredder. When they went to face him for the final showdown, Hun begged Ch'rell to take him back. Ch'rell, now using a giant-sized exosuit, stomped both Stockman and Hun flat.

In the episode Head of State , it was revealed what has happened to Baxter in the years that passed since the Turtles last saw him. However an accident caused a cave-in, and while a captive alien rescued Bishop and made him turn over a new leaf Stockman was lost, presumed dead. In reality, he survived, spending decades combining his DNA with that of his organic Mousers, and blaming Bishop for abandoning him, wanting revenge.

In the 22st episode Head of State, an episode taking place in Stockman was still alive after years, mixing his brain with alien DNA. This allowed his brain to no longer require any external life support systems, and could now move on its own with green tentacles attached to it. He sent creatures called Organic Mousers which he created, while still under Bishop's employment off and on in the Earth Protection Force, to fight off aliens after Bishop because he felt he was betrayed years ago, when Stockman was left behind by Bishop when a failed experiment, accidentally triggered a bio-chemical reaction, which caused the Earth Protection Force laboratory to collapse.

Bishop was actually trying to save Baxter when he became trapped under rubble, and one of his alien captives saved him. Still incapable of building himself a new body, wished to take President Bishop's body as his own. However, he almost kills Bishop by renovating his head with the help of his brain transplanting device, but convinced by Leonardo that the world that the president helped create was one where even he could live a normal life, he abandons his plan. During their new confrontation, the now reformed Bishop redeems his previous action, saved him when Stockman's hideout was destroyed yet again, when another explosion is triggered by Donatello's sound waves.

The scientist reforms and President Bishop subsequently offers Stockman a chance to work for him, saying the Department of Agriculture has expressed interest in his Mousers and seeing that in the future making a clone body is commonplace. Stockman asks him if there is a vice president. Eventually, he becomes Secretary of Agriculture and Technology.

This version of Baxter Stockman is extremely arrogant and narcissistic, constantly bragging about his vast intellect and scientific accomplishments. While his narcissism isn't unwarranted as he is undoubtedly a scientific genius, it also leads him to be overconfident and underestimate the intelligence of others.

For example in Return to New York Part 3, he ensured that his cyborg armor had backup power sources for each part of it, in case his main power source was compromised. However, because he bragged about it, this allowed Donatello to use Stockman's own severed robotic arm against him, resulting in his defeat. Despite his intelligence, Stockman also shows signs of mental instability, with his own former employee April O'Neil referring to him as "nuts".

These trust issues were probably one of the reasons Stockman has almost no friends, along with his madness, narcissism and sense of vengeance. The only relationship Stockman has which could qualify as friendship is his partnership with John Bishop. Stockman has a habit of cheating death but as time went on, he began to wish that when he died, he could stay dead.

When Bishop found and revived him, Stockman expressed the desire to be allowed to rest in peace and maintains this desire at least until the end of the Lost Season. Despite his suicidal desires, Stockman's extraordinary ability to cheat death kept him alive for an entire century after the battle with the Demon Shredder.

He has been an enemy of all the main characters, heroes and villains alike, at some point in the series and frequently switches allegiances.

Even Bishop, the only real friend Stockman is shown to have throughout the entire series, was subjected to Stockman's wrath until Leonardo managed to persuade the mad scientist that Bishop had changed and therefore Stockman could change too.

Despite his madness and vengeful nature, Stockman seems to value Bishop's friendship and eventually decides to turn over a new leaf. TV shows. Other Media. Explore Wikis Community Central. Don't have an account?