baxter cycle marne ia
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Baxter cycle marne ia

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It was so unexpected to find the quality and quantity of vintage Triumphs, BSAs and Nortons in such a tiny Southwestern Iowa town, but here they were in all their glory. The salesman laughed at our expressions of pure disbelief and invited us to take all the time we needed to explore the inventory. That said, if you are a fan of British motorcycles, an internet connect is not going to cut. You need to make a pilgrimage to this hold-out of pure mid-century British motorcycling dominance.

Globe-Trotting: Around the Earth on a Kawi. Login Become A Member. Reading Baxter Cycle. Share Tweet. Baxter Cycle a small-town British bike shop Pulling into Marne, Iowa, in search of the legendary Baxter Cycle, we, my wife Gail and I, figured there had been a screw up. See all results.

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