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Your world has stopped while everyone else seems to be moving on without you. You find yourself having the same fights with your partner over and over again. Society glamorizes pregnancy and motherhood which can make you feel even more alone and misunderstood.

If you see one more pregnancy announcement or social media post about the happiness of motherhood, you might lose it! Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Do you settle for less or struggle to create boundaries? Do you constantly put your own needs on the back-burner? Are you having difficulty in your relationships? If you are struggling with difficult emotions anxiety, depression, anger, guilt or life circumstances such as change, loss or chronic illness my goal is to empower you to effectively handle life's struggles so that you can live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

I can help you gain insight and develop relevant skills that will enhance your ability to cope and thrive despite the circumstances. We all do it - get stuck in patterns that keep us from moving forward and living the life we deserve. Let's work together to discover the helpful and harmful patterns that keep repeating in your life. I will help you define your goals, notice what you're already doing well, and help you build on your personal strengths while we work together to recognize and mange life challenges.

Breathe, this is just a chapter, not your whole story. We all have things that we may struggle with from time to time, and it is important to find a professional that you can relate to when you need help.

I enjoy helping people work through the difficulties of life, with a warm and non-judgmental attitude. My approach to therapy is laid-back and down to earth. Your sessions with me will very much be directed by you. What's hindering you? Do these issues leave you feeling impaired? Just Know, how you deal with the valley can have a lasting effect well after the storm has passed. Philip Epstein Psychologist, PhD.

I offer psychotherapy and psychological testing for teenagers and adults. Adults seek help for ADHD, anxiety or mood disorders.

I help them find meaning, purpose, and joy as they function more fully at home and work. Also, I work with teenagers who underachieve and present behavior challenges, mood disorders and various types of anxiety.

When working with teens, I also work closely with parents to help them learn how to encourage their kid's growth toward autonomy and self-direction. It is a joy to encounter parents and teenagers as they learn to cooperate, rather than to struggle against each other. I provide a safe, supportive space in which healing can begin and utilize a holistic, person centered approach.

I focus on each individual's strengths and provide support to enhance coping skills. I use holistic, expressive therapies to increase self-esteem, self-awareness, cultivate emotional resilience, promote insight, enhance social skills, reduce and resolve conflicts, and promote personal growth.

Kristin Emerling is a therapist who has been practicing since Kristin has experience helping individuals who have difficulty dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss. Every person, regardless of age, gender, or life experience has the potential to be the best person that they can be!

You may have been dealt some really bad cards in life, but that doesn't mean you will always hold that hand! It's time to make a change and I would love to help you accomplish your goals! Waitlist for new clients. In addition to traditional counseling techniques, I employ an eclectic approach which includes mindfulness training for improving mood and performance. Because of my strong belief in the connection between mind and body, I have received certifications in Natural Health Care and can discuss options for improving your mental health through dietary changes.

I understand your concerns and stresses due to life's issues. Our team can treat your emotional needs: anxiety, depression, and relationship issues, to name a few. Perhaps you are looking for help with overcoming conflict in relationships. It may be you who feel as though you have no means of help with dealing with genuine struggles.

Obstacles and trials are not uncommon for everyone. You are not alone. A plan will be tailored to your specific situation. I have a team of skilled therapists prepared to empower you to succeed.

Mental Health and substance use awareness is growing more and more each day. Anyone should be welcomed with open arms to work through issues that create a dark cloud over their happiness. Working as a team and at a pace where you are comfortable is the goal that we will work to progress towards.

There is not a concrete formula to happiness or managing our inner demons, but we can create one and I would be honored to help you on your journey. People pursue counseling and therapy for a variety of reasons.

Find a therapist near you in Ohio on Zencare. Narrow your search by using filters like insurance, therapy budget specialty, and provider identity.

Mental health professionals on Zencare are vetted for their extensive experience treating individual adults, children and adolescents, as well as couples and families. Explore each potential therapist profile to learn more about their specialties, and watch an introductory video to get a sense of their personality. Book a free initial call to find the right therapist for you! Yes, most Ohio health insurance carriers provide mental health benefits that cover therapy.

However, the exact amount of coverage will vary based on the plan details and whether the selected provider is in-network or out-of-network with your insurance. If the therapist is out-of-network with your insurance, you may still be able to receive reimbursement after paying the fee at the time of therapy session. Note that services designed to treat topics which are not diagnosed mental health conditions, such as couples counseling and life coaching, are not typically covered by health insurance.

The potential mental health provider must also be a licensed therapist in your state for the insurance company to cover services. Many therapists offer a sliding scale, or a range of session fees based on financial need to clients who would not otherwise be able to afford typical therapy rates in Ohio. If you are struggling to pay for therapy, consider asking for a sliding scale, looking for an in-network therapist, or seeking services through a local agency, college counseling center, or hospital.

Start your search for an appointment with a therapist in Ohio on Zencare. Many mental health professionals located in Ohio require clients to have an introductory call before booking a full appointment online.

In this free call, the prospective therapist will ask about your goals for treatment, and make sure that their skills, specialized training, and scope of private practice are a match for your mental health issues.

At the same time, you should assess if you feel comfortable talking with the therapist, as studies show that the most important determinant of successful therapy is the relationship between therapist and client. Common therapy goals include learning effective coping strategies to deal with negative feelings, increasing self-awareness, and gaining a deeper understanding and insight into relationship patterns. Find a therapist who sees clients after hours on Zencare. Many therapists in Ohio offer appointments outside of traditional business hours.

Simply filter by Office Hours under More Filters to choose the time of day that works best for you, whether that be early morning before work, in the evenings, or even over the weekend. After hours sessions are a good option for busy individuals, couples, and families dealing with hectic schedules and who need a flexible option for their mental health care.

Find a therapist who offers in-person sessions on Zencare. You can also search by map to find providers in Ohio near you. While some clients prefer in-person sessions because they offer a safe, neutral ground for the session to take place, for the widest range of therapist options, consider expanding your search to also include providers licensed in your state who offer telehealth, or therapy sessions via remote video call.

Find a therapist who offers online sessions on Zencare. In order to see a therapist, they must be licensed to provide online sessions to clients living in your state. Online therapy is different from text therapy, or asynchronous therapy; online therapy offers the same consistent relationship with a local Ohio therapist that an in-person session would, with sessions taking place via phone or a video sessions through a secure teletherapy platform.

Online therapy sessions are a convenient way to find a therapist near Ohio without leaving the comfort of your home or office. Start your search for mental health therapy in Ohio on Zencare. All therapists are quality-vetted for excellence in clinical care. There are a wide range of private practice therapists to choose from in Ohio; consider narrowing your search by criteria like insurance carrier, therapy budget, specialty, or provider identity to find a great fit!

Start your search for a great therapist in Ohio on Zencare. First, consider any logistic limitations, like how far you are willing to travel outside of Ohio or if you are open to online sessions with a local provider. Also consider how much your therapy budget is, and when you are available for therapy. Then, make a list of priorities for your ideal therapist: do they match your identity, or have expertise in a specific area like anxiety or depression? There is no one reason to start therapy; many individuals in Ohio go see a therapist when they need help to move forward through a difficult time, cope with symptoms of a mental illness such as a mood disorder, navigate life transitions, process relationship difficulties or improve their behavioral health.

Use your priorities to filter on Zencare by insurance, speciality, and availability.

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