does highmark bcbs cover lasik
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Does highmark bcbs cover lasik juniper networks engineer github

Does highmark bcbs cover lasik

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Make sure you have all of your insurance information. You will need both your group code and policy number located on your Blue Cross Blue Shield card. Insurance companies use a system of universal codes, called CPT codes, to describe services that they cover.

Figure out what vision correction coverage you have and how it applies. Your member services phone number is on the back of your card, or you can call Even if LASIK is a covered benefit under your plan, you may still have a deductible or copay to consider when budgeting for your vision correction.

If you have vision insurance, in addition to your medical insurance, your vision insurance may offer partial coverage, a discount plan, or a pre-negotiated rate. Remember to check your vision plan, as well. These popular procedures are making dramatic improvements in the sight and lives of members throughout the U. We are offering this benefit through the U. Laser vision correction is one of the most dramatic recent advances in eye care.

People who have been dependent all their lives on glasses or contacts can significantly reduce, or even eliminate, their need for prescription lenses. Since the early s, ophthalmologists have been developing and improving upon the idea of using a laser to reshape the cornea to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Excimer lasers produce a cool ultraviolet laser beam that can finely sculpt the cornea without affecting surrounding tissue.

The laser removes microscopic cells within the cornea so that the cornea retains its original strength. By reshaping the cornea, the eye can focus images on the retina more correctly, providing clearer vision. The procedures are remarkably fast, lasting only minutes, and they are virtually painless. PRK removes tissue on the surface of the cornea. LASIK creates a flap that is opened to expose inner corneal tissue for reshaping. LASIK does not remove the surface tissue, therefore the healing time is much faster.

LASIK can provide better correction for more severely nearsighted or farsighted patients. You are a good candidate for laser vision correction with LASIK or PRK if: You are nearsighted with or without astigmatism You are farsighted with or without astigmatism You are at least 18 years of age For lifestyle reasons, you would prefer not to be dependent on glasses or contacts Through a detailed screening process, a U. Laser Network provider can determine if your eyes, overall health, and lifestyle are suited to laser vision correction.

Back to Top The EyeMed Advantage Laser vision correction can make a dramatic improvement in a patient's sight and in his or her life. Since EyeMed is committed to providing ongoing quality vision care, we are happy to make this technology more accessible to you. Laser Network, giving you easy access to their quality network of laser vision providers.

Laser Network doctors are NCQA-credentialed laser vision correction experts who have performed thousands of successful procedures. This network has over surgical facilities, including 40 LasikPlus Vision Centers. With this benefit, EyeMed brings this dramatic technology to you at a great value.

Please discuss these fees with your EyeMed provider in advance of your treatment. Simply call the U. Laser Network at LASER6 for further information and the location of the network provider nearest you. All Service Benefit Plan members are eligible for this benefit. Laser Network provider nearest you. Call the provider directly and identify yourself as a Service Benefit Plan member. Your questions about the procedure, price, etc. Schedule a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for laser vision correction.

If you and the doctor decide that laser correction is for you, schedule a treatment date. To activate your discount, call the U. Your deposit amount is applied to the total cost of the procedure. A representative will issue you an authorization number confirming your EyeMed discount. This number will be sent to your U. Laser Network provider prior to your treatment. On the day of your treatment, pay or arrange to pay the balance of the fee.

Payment arrangements, if available, can be discussed during your initial consultation. After your treatment, follow all post- operative instructions carefully and schedule any required follow-up visits to ensure the best results from your laser vision correction.

Laser Network LCA-Vision has been a pioneer in the surgical use of laser correction technology since the mids. The U. They are committed to maintaining their leadership status in the industry through their continued investment in research and technology. They were the first to develop a free-standing laser vision center in North America. They have nearly a decade of experience in laser vision correction.

Geographically, this network has broad national coverage, making it easy to find a provider near you. Currently, our laser correction locations are within easy access of about 90 percent of the U. This translates to one provider within miles of U. The panel has over laser vision correction facilities throughout the U.

Providers participating in the U.

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Further vision improvement may continue over several months. Your doctor will recommend avoiding certain activities, like swimming or contact sports for several weeks. PRK and LASIK surgery have comparable results and your doctor can discuss which is most appropriate for your condition during your evaluation.

PRK involves treating the surface of the cornea. PRK recovery takes a few days with hazy vision and some discomfort. Your distance vision is fairly permanent following laser vision correction. The goal of laser vision correction is to reduce or eliminate your dependence on glasses and contact lenses. The need for reading glasses is a normal age related change and laser vision correction does not change this. If you wear contacts, prior to your scheduled evaluation, you may be asked to refrain from wearing contact lenses for a specified period of time.

Your eyes may be dilated in preparation of a detailed eye exam that will evaluate refractive error, pupil size and corneal evaluations.

There will be a thorough discussion of LASIK eye surgery and whether or not you may be a potential candidate. Temporary side effects following laser vision correction can include dryness of eyes, sensitivity to light or halos at night. Glares or halos at night usually resolve within a few weeks. Night vision disturbances associated with imperfections in the eye prior to LASIK are now able to be reduced with the Custom Wavefront technology. During the healing process, dry eyes can be treated by using artificial tears.

As with other elective procedures, individual results may vary. You can also call us at 1 Frequently asked questions Nothing on this website is intended to be, nor should be construed as, professional advice. How long will vision correction last? First name. While your health insurance likely won't pay for the procedure, they may cover certain prescription medications, such as:.

No commitment required. Call Special cases in which health insurance may cover the cost of surgery include:. Some traumatic injuries require surgery to save an eye's vision. If a physician confirms that LASIK surgery is the only remedy, it will be deemed medically necessary and covered by insurance. There are several vision health plans offering insurance coverage for laser vision correction.

This is not a comprehensive list as benefits and plans vary from state to state. Most of these insurance plans require seeing an in-network surgeon. Or, they may offer special offers if you stay in-network. Each vision insurance plan may provide slightly different benefits. Remember that your primary health insurance may contract with some of these vision plans to offer coverage.

If you already have health insurance, you can contact the company to see if they provide vision coverage. Enhancements or touch-ups are included at no additional cost. Spectera vision insurance is offered through United Health Care.

An FSA allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars for medical expenses. You can open an FSA through your employer if they offer that option. You can use your FSA to pay for vision correction surgery, though it might not cover the full procedure. If you are self-employed, you cannot set up an FSA. However, you can set up an HSA, pre-tax savings accounts for medical expenses. Vision Correction. Eye Info.

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