blue cross blue shield highmark west virginia
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Blue cross blue shield highmark west virginia accenture irving tx

Blue cross blue shield highmark west virginia

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Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions or concerns regarding a medical condition. State laws and regulations governing health insurance and health plans may vary from state to state. Further, any information regarding any health plan will be subject to the terms of its particular health plan benefit agreement and some health plans may not be available in every region or state. Before your choose a plan, ask yourself these 5 questions:.

Looking for ACA plans? Highmark was the first insurance company to offer Affordable Care Act plans in every county in West Virginia. Will I be covered if I travel to cities and states outside of my network?

Am I covered if I travel internationally? Can I see a specialist without a referral? Can I pick up the phone and speak to a real person when I have a question? Does my insurance provider play an active role in my community?

Check out our West Virginia Benefit Guide for all the details. More Reasons to Choose Highmark. The Highmark Health Plan App. Your product is everything you said it was. I am a very small company, and have actually now reduced my overhead by going with you guys! Thanks for your honesty and integrity! Excellent service and I never give anyone "Excellent" scores on surveys. This time it was warranted. Thank you very much for the help. A most unexpected experience: Someone who knows and is helpful.

A gold mine!! Our billers love the interface that ClaimShuttle provides and I would be happy to be a future reference if needed. A Happy Friday message from a Satisfied User! I just transmitted my first batch of electronic claims through Claim Shuttle! My question is, "Why didn't I find out about Claim Shuttle earlier?!? There simply is no comparison!

Everything about it including your team is great! The ease of use and user-friendly environment is awesome. My work is truly cut in half by using Claim Shuttle. Please share my thanks with everyone involved. I am so happy to have found you! Wonderful team that is always willing to assist with issues or concerns. As always excellent, professional, knowledgeable customer service. Other companies could learn from you. I keep having great experiences every time I call your company, finding a super friendly rep on the phone, helping me with any questions I have.

I have also been transferred to other staff, who helped me resolve issues in the most professional way. Your company feels young and fresh and it is a real pleasure being a client of yours. I make phone calls a lot and I find few companies as engaged as yours. That is a direct consequence of your fantastic employees. Every time I call, it feels as if I am talking directly with the owner of the company.

The reps even keep records of calls from the past, to ensure continuance of care. Before selecting you as my provider, I called approximately 8 competitors. Your staff's knowledge and attitude far surpassed the others.

Thank you for your excellence! The rep and supervisor went out of their way to get the issue resolved.

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