change healthcare greensboro nc
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Change healthcare greensboro nc carefirst office annapolis maryland

Change healthcare greensboro nc

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December 17, Working in this position, you will be managing a talented team of data scientists as you work on challenges in fascinating and exciting environment.

February 10, February 07, Submit Other Responsibilities. Are you an HR manager or compensation specialist? Patient Access Manager Remote Dec 6, I worked as a contractor through an agency for Change.

Training was better than I'd experienced previously As long as you aren't going into a program that uses Epic. If you are, good luck with that! At the beginning of these assignments, you expect some people to fall off. My training class had 35 people and maybe 5 or so fell off during training and directly after. But then the transfers started. Taking people off of our program to send them to more demanding programs with little to no training because no one wants to cover the cost of the program that actually let's you train in Epic.

People start dropping like flies. Looking for other jobs, laid off, and a few here and there were justifiably fired. The best part is when the higher ups keep firing the bilingual staff and then yelling about call times. Cut off your nose to spite your face, did ya? They started dangling being turned permanent in our faces a week before training ended and it is constantly mentioned as this attainable thing. For some people, it is, but, for me, it was always "you're next.

Months later I was still not turned permanent despite them gathering my information to do so about once a month in the meantime and always promising it would be soon.

Of course, then there was a hiring freeze. Then, t Pros Fantastic direct supervisors, lots of different shifts you can work within, decent money, they provide equipment even if they take weeks and weeks to collect it. Cons Disconnected and narcissistic upper management, lack of answers from upper management, near to zero job stability or security.

If you're completely new to AR or customer service and want a taste, this is a good place to learn some aspects. However I would not recommend staying here long. To start, what you are taught in training is not the same information when you actually get out on the floor which is very frustrating. You are told that you will be asked to help out with customer service calls during your initial interview but lack the decency to tell you the truth that some days you will be taking customer service calls for the whole 8 hours.

You aren't compensated what CS makes either even though they track how many calls you make and even done to the exact second you're on a call. If you are not on the phones, they will harass you at your desk to get on. You're expected to work claims even in between phones which can be non stop. Days of this become very stressful and miserable.

Especially when you walk by and see CS staff joking off while AR staff is doing their job. Promotions in this place make no sense. I've seen one poor guy work tirelessly for over a year, he works overtime all the time and still no promotion. While yet others who have threaten to quit are offered a promotion. It's very apparent those who deserve a promotion oppose to those who are favored and don't truly deserve their title.

This place is a joke, if you kiss up, you're promoted and do hardly any work. The rest of us are overworked constantly and expected to do upper level work without the promotion or pay. They wi This company was recently re-branded from Emdeon to Change Healthcare in November of Along with this change also brought along changes in management, job titles and responsibilities, expectations, clientele, and productivity.

The change was constant, and at times it was very difficult to comprehend what our actual daily expectations were. Understandably, any time a Company goes through major changes, it has a major impact on employees and customers. Generally, a work day would consist of a constant flow of client emails and phone calls with inquiries or requests to check the status of their service.

We provided Account Management and Customer Service to Payers and Providers at hundreds of hospitals, clinics, dental offices, and other medical services. Many times, we were responsible for creating tickets to troubleshoot any error in their statement files. This also included any mapping or graphic changes they requested to be made on their patient statements. Communication and follow-up was a must for this company. The clients always came first, and regardless of why a file may have not gone out, we took responsibility and tried to train our clients how to keep certain things from erring in the first place.

Management was steady for the first months Pros Reliable software, systems, and terminal servers. Cons Undefined responsibilities, expectations, and unhappy clients who were impacted by the constant changes. I regret being too excited about my first remote coding job and was taken aback by the extreme garbage new hire contractors have to go through at Change Healthcare. I should have have not gone forward with this job when the employment services actually a poor call center with terrible connectivity line was terrible, inefficient, and the operators sounded like they hated their jobs but grinned and tolerated it while misunderstanding the point of why I called and refusing to listen.

It took close to 8 weeks to generate my username ID, profile, and password! That is time and money wasted down the drain!

I constantly encountered problems from beginning to end - getting every part of the remote access user ID, password, and other access codes; the GOD AWFUL technology; lead supervisors that took 2 weeks to respond to multiple emails and phone calls.

What is the point of having 4 types of access and 2 points of password security to systems if your main system is terrible? This was all occurring before I had to submit my 5 practice charts for evaluation. What should have taken no more than 2 days to respond took 2 weeks to evaluate and an additional 4 days to be told that I needed to do another chart.

When I talked to the lead trainer, she found multiple errors made by the quality assurance coding specialists. I had to do another set of 5 charts. There was Cons Terrible network technology, benefits available to employees only, Inaccessible, unresponsive supervisors, Inconsistent training methodology and details, Treatment of coders as disposable, ill-educated nonprofessionals, Any opportunity they have to not answer questions and waste time, they will take.

Director Remote Feb 21, Good company overall, but negative environment in important areas. CHC is a really good place to work and develop deep skills and experience. The company has leading-edge and valuable health care and IT solutions and are getting even better with new investment. The most senior leadership are highly competent and very likeable. Unfortunately, from a professional standpoint there is a lot of stress from mis-management below the highest levels, and there isn't much of a path upwards for many internal highly skilled and experienced resources unless you're a recent senior hire from outside where you get an arbitrary "halo" The enviornment is highly political, especially with middle-management mostly originating from one of the many formerly separate companies, who tend to only hire or promote ex-colleagues That's not good - right?

It is a bit sad, actually. All the pieces should be in place, but the executive management can't or won't really work the puzzle to make the environment what it could be. There is a terrific waste of resources and money due to organizational redundancy and lack of appetite for changes where they ar Pros Industry leading and valuable health care solutions, highly skilled and experienced resources. Cons Many significant integration struggles from former independent companies, highly political environment and severe organizational design problems.

This is the greatest reward of the job, but sometimes this is overlooked by executive management. The advocates are often the voice of reason and voice of comfort to a grieving family or gravely ill patient. The volume of work patient referrals are high at times, but it is manageable if you have organizational skills. I think the company does need to do a better job with training.

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