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The episodes take place over the course of one hour, depicting events as they happen, in real time. Each episode typically follows Bauer, officials in the U.

Stories also involve interpersonal drama, delving into the private lives of the characters. As part of a recurring theme, characters are frequently confronted with ethical dilemmas. Examples of this are a bombing in Season 2, which can only be prevented by blowing Bauer's cover, and an ultimatum in Season 3, in which a terrorist agrees not to carry out an attack if a high-ranking CTU official is killed.

Season 4 is also notable for a scene in which two men—one of whom possesses crucial information—are dying in a room with only one surgeon. Season 1 begins at midnight on the day of the California presidential primary. Jack Bauer 's objective is to protect Senator David Palmer from an assassination plot and rescue his own family from those responsible, who seek retribution for Jack and Palmer's involvement with a covert American mission in the Balkans.

Season 2 , set 18 months later, begins at a. Jack must stop a nuclear bomb from detonating in Los Angeles, then assist President David Palmer in proving who is responsible for the threat and avoid war between the U. Season 3 , set three years later, begins at p. Jack must infiltrate a Mexican drug cartel to seize a deadly virus being marketed underground. President Palmer must deal with a potential scandal that could cost him his presidency. Season 4 , set 18 months later, begins at a.

Jack must save the lives of his new boss, Secretary of Defense James Heller , and Heller's daughter Audrey Raines with whom Jack is romantically involved when they are kidnapped by terrorists. However, Habib Marwan uses this as a disguise to launch further attacks against America, and Jack is forced to use unorthodox methods to stop him, which results in long-term consequences for both Jack and the United States.

Season 5 , set 18 months after, begins at a. Jack is believed to be dead by everyone except a few of his closest friends. He is forced to resurface when some of those friends are murdered and he is framed by terrorists with connections to the American government.

The acquisition of nerve gas by the terrorists poses a new threat, and Jack discovers an insidious conspiracy while trying to stop those responsible. Season 6 , set 20 months later, begins at a. Jack is released after being detained in a Chinese prison following the events of Season 5. Terrorists who hold a vendetta against Jack plot to set off suitcase nuclear devices in America. Later, Jack is forced to choose between those he loves and national security when the Chinese set their sights on sensitive circuitry that could trigger a war between the U.

Redemption , set three-and-a-half years later, begins at p. Jack finds himself caught up in a military coup in the fictional African nation of Sangala. Militants are being provided assistance from officials within the United States, where Allison Taylor is being sworn into office as President.

Due to the —08 Writers' Strike , season seven was delayed one year. This television film aired on November 23, Season 7 , set 65 days after the end of Redemption , begins at a. Jack is assisted by the FBI and covert operatives when the firewall for America's federal computer infrastructure is breached by the same people responsible for a conflict in Sangala. Jack must uncover corruption within President Taylor's administration, which has allowed the Sangalans to raid the White House and capture Taylor.

She is later blackmailed by a fictional private military company in an attempt to release biological weapons on U. Season 8 , set 18 months later, [12] begins at p. President Taylor. Russia's contingency plan involves engineering a dirty bomb , which Islamic extremists threaten to detonate unless Hassan is handed over.

Jack seeks retribution for personal losses suffered after Charles Logan convinces Taylor to cover up these crimes to protect the peace agreement. Jack finds himself at odds with both the Russian and U. Live Another Day , set four years later, begins at a. Legacy , set three years later, begins at p. Carter and CTU are also tasked with preventing the terrorists from committing a large-scale attack.

Bernard also appeared in the 24 spin-off series Legacy. The idea for the series first came from executive producer Joel Surnow , who initially had the idea of a TV show with 24 episodes in a season.

Each episode would be an hour long, taking place over the course of a single day. The pilot for 24 was pitched to Fox who immediately bought it, saying they felt that the idea for the series was one that would "move the form of television forward". The set of CTU was initially done in a Fox Sports office, with the set reproduced once the series was picked up for the season. The pilot of the series was well received by critics, and was signed on for an initial thirteen episodes.

Production began in July , and the premiere was planned for October 30, but because of the September 11 attacks , delayed until November 6. Although not the first to do so, 24 embraced the concept of real time. This idea started when producer Joel Surnow thought of the idea of doing "24 episodes in a season, with each episode lasting an hour". They decided that the idea of real time had to make the show a "race against the clock".

The exact time is denoted by the digital clock display at the beginning and end of each segment. The protocol is that mundane events, such as travel, sometimes occur during commercial breaks and thus these events are largely unseen. The series also does not use flashbacks, except once during the first-season finale.

Watched continuously without advertisements, each season would run approximately 17 hours. Another idea was the use of split screens , which was born out of the number of phone calls there were, and because of the element of real time, was used to trace parallel adventures of different characters, and aid in the connecting of characters. It was used by producers to point the audience to where to pay attention, as secondary stories often take place outside of the main plot.

The idea of using boxes came later, which made shooting more flexible, as the shot could be cropped and reshaped inside the box. It was from here that the idea of using split screens as an artistic element came into the series.

A major concept used in the series was the idea of a running clock. This initially came from Joel Surnow, who wanted the audience to always know what time it was in the show's fictional timeline. This was done by an on-screen digital clock that appears before and after commercial breaks, and a smaller clock also appears at other points in the narrative. The time shown is the in-universe time of the story. On rare occasions, a silent clock is used. This usually follows the death of a major character or an otherwise dramatic event.

The first six seasons of the show are mostly based in Los Angeles and nearby California locations—both real and fictional. The main setting of the show is the fictional Counter Terrorist Unit. Its office consists of two main departments: Field Operations, which involves confronting and apprehending suspects, and Communications, which gathers intelligence and assists those that work in Field Operations.

CTU offices are established in various cities with these units reporting to "Divisions", and Divisions reporting to the "District". While CTU itself is a fictional agency, several entities with similar names or duties, like the National Counterterrorism Center , have emerged since the show's debut on television. The set of CTU was initially filmed in a Fox Sports office, with the set recreated in a studio in Woodland Hills after the series was picked up.

The same set was used for the first three seasons, but production moved to an old pencil factory in Chatsworth before the start of the fourth season and the CTU set was redesigned. It was redesigned again before the start of the eighth season. Other sets were also constructed here, such as Charles Logan's presidential retreat shown in seasons five and six, and the White House bunker shown in seasons four and six. The writers have stated that events in the 24 timeline take place in the "perpetual now," where dates are never specified by the show and concepts of the exact date and year are left vague and unconfirmed; [30] however, in January , producer Howard Gordon confirmed that accounting for the passage of various presidential administrations, the seventh season would be set in On March 26, , a statement was issued from Fox that explained that season eight would conclude the original series.

Kiefer Sutherland gave a statement:. This has been the role of a lifetime, and I will never be able to fully express my appreciation to everyone who made it possible. While the end of the series is bittersweet, we always wanted 24 to finish on a high note, so the decision to make the eighth season our last was one we all agreed upon.

This feels like the culmination of all our efforts from the writers to the actors to our fantastic crew and everyone at Fox. Looking ahead to the future, Howard Gordon and I are excited about the opportunity to create the feature film version of But when all is said and done, it is the loyal worldwide fan base that made it possible for me to have the experience of playing the role of Jack Bauer, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Executive producer and showrunner Howard Gordon was also a part of the decision. He was quoted saying:. Kiefer and I have loved every minute of making 24 , but we all believe that now is the right time to call it a day.

I echo his sentiments of gratitude toward the show's amazing creative team, as well as the studio and network who have always believed in us and shown us unbelievable support. Peter Rice, Chairman of Entertainment at Fox Networks Group said, " 24 is so much more than just a TV show — it has redefined the drama genre and created one of the most admired action icons in television history. It's truly been an amazing and unforgettable eight days.

The final episode of season 8 aired on May 24, Both series deal with anti-terrorist operations, and the lead characters of both series are placed in situations in which they must make a tragic choice in order to serve the greater good.

There are numerous on- and off-screen creative connections between 24 and La Femme Nikita. Several actors from La Femme Nikita have portrayed similar roles on 24 , a number of story concepts from La Femme Nikita have been revisited on 24 , and many of the creative personnel from La Femme Nikita worked on 24 in their same role.

Air Force One was featured in 24 seasons 2 and 4. A feature film adaptation of 24 was originally planned for the hiatus between the sixth and seventh seasons. Series co-creators Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran were set to write the script with showrunner Howard Gordon working on story. Kiefer Sutherland explained, "It's impossible to ask writers to work on the show and then come up with an amazing film we can shoot in the break between seasons. It was later decided that the film would begin after the conclusion of the eighth and final season.

It was to be set and shot on-location in Europe. Surnow, Cochran, Gordon, and Sutherland were going to be executive producers on the film, and Billy Ray was going to write the screenplay.

He also said that the film will be a two-hour representation of a twenty-four-hour time frame. In November , executive producer Gordon revealed that a "work in progress" screenplay was being read by Fox, but that the film did not yet have a green-light or fixed schedule.

By that time, Gordon was no longer involved with the project, but stated that director Tony Scott would pitch an idea to Sutherland, [47] an involvement ending with Scott's death in August Executive producer Brian Grazer tweeted in April that the film was planned for a release.

In March , 20th Century Fox stopped production before filming could begin. Budgetary issues remained unresolved and Sutherland's narrow time frame for filming were cited as reasons for halting production. Sutherland said in January that "the film is an ongoing situation. In May , Deadline Hollywood first reported that Fox was considering a limited-run "event series" for 24 based on a concept by Howard Gordon , after failed efforts to produce the 24 feature film and the cancellation of Kiefer Sutherland 's series Touch.

Fox CEO Kevin Reilly said that the series would essentially represent the twelve "most important" hours of a typical 24 season, with jumps forward between hours as needed. As with the rest of Fox's push into event programming, the production was said to have "a big scope and top talent and top marketing budgets. In June , it was announced that Jon Cassar was signed to executive produce and direct multiple episodes of Live Another Day , including the first two.

Mary Lynn Rajskub was announced as the second official cast member in August , reprising her role as Chloe O'Brian. In January , another installment of the franchise was pitched by executive producers Howard Gordon, Evan Katz, Manny Coto and Brian Grazer, which would revolve around a stable of supporting characters rather than Kiefer Sutherland in the lead role. The series retains the real-time format, however, consists of 12 episodes, using time jumps to cover the events of a single day.

Stephen Hopkins , who directed the original 24 pilot and several first-season episodes, directed the Legacy pilot. In July , it was announced that Fox was in the early stages of developing a prequel series that would tell the origin story about Jack Bauer in his early days. In September , Deadline Hollywood reported that Fox was in "active creative talks" to bring the franchise back in a new form.

A significant amount of additional media relating to the series has been created, including Internet-distributed spin-off series such as The Rookie and Conspiracy , as well as a video game. Other media includes action figures of some of the main characters, soundtracks from both the series and the video game, and a number of novels covering different events not covered in the series.

Additionally, a number of in-universe books were created, as well as behind the scenes books containing information on how the series was created. Throughout its run 24 was frequently cited by critics as one of the best shows on television. The quality of the acting was particularly celebrated by critics.

Robert Bianco of USA Today described Kiefer Sutherland as indispensable to the series, and that he had a "great, under-sung performance". President Richard Nixon. The character's opening scene in which she, unsatisfied with her hairdo, dunks her head into a sink was called "the most memorable character debut in 24 history".

Towards the middle of 24 ' s run, the series attracted significant criticism for its depictions of torture , [] [] as well as its negative portrayal of Muslims. The frequent use of ticking time bomb scenarios in storylines, as well as the main character, Jack Bauer portraying torture as normal, effective, acceptable and glamorous, [] [] [] was criticized by human rights activists, military officials, and experts in questioning and interrogation, [] [] with concerns raised that junior U.

Partly as a result of these discussions, and the military's appeal to the creators of the show to tone down the scenes of torture since it was having an impact on U.

The issue of torture on the series was discussed by President Bill Clinton who stated that he does not feel there is a place in U. He reportedly responded with a defense of Bauer, arguing that law enforcement officials deserve latitude in times of great crisis, and that no jury would convict Bauer in those types of situations. The use of torture and the negative portrayal of Muslims affected the decisions of some actors who intended to join the series.

Janeane Garofalo , who portrayed Janis Gold on the series, initially turned down the role because of the way the series depicted torture, but later took up the role, saying that "being unemployed and being flattered that someone wanted to work with me outweighed my stance.

However, she took on the role as she felt that people would understand that the show was fiction. During an interview for his new television series Homeland , 24 executive producer Howard Gordon addressed the impact of the series, describing it as "stunning — everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Bill Clinton would talk about it, and we knew they were among our fans. I guess when people used it as propaganda for their own ideas—you know, when Justice Scalia mentioned Jack Bauer—that would make me feel uncomfortable.

There were just certain things that we needed to portray in order to make it feel thrilling—and real, even. When discussing his regrets, he referred to an advertisement for the show for its fourth season though mistakenly quoted it as an advertisement for the second season , saying "I actually do have regrets about one particular moment, which had more to do with the promotion of the show.

In season four, the story involved a Muslim American family, and the father and the mother—and the son—were party to a terror plot. It was sort of a purple conceit in a way. And I think our awareness of that changed the way we approached the series. So I guess you could call it a regret, but it was really an epiphany. After the series finale, the Los Angeles Times characterized the series as "an epic poem , with Jack Bauer in the role of Odysseus or Beowulf.

Which means he needed to be fighting monsters, not essentially decent people who have made one very bad decision. Seasonal rankings were based on average total viewers per episode of 24 on Fox. Most U. Beginning with its fourth season, 24 began its season in January and aired new episodes non-stop until May. This is a masterpiece of episodic storytelling and continues to deal with the bright color issues in America's war on terror with a degree of difficulty that is off today's television charts.

Powerful and involving, with characters who are more fully realized with each season, the show still has viewers on the edge of their seats, both riveted to the action and begging, pleading for a modicum of relief. The series received 68 Emmy nominations, with 20 wins. The series' fifth season was its most successful for awards, earning twelve Emmy nominations and five wins, including Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama for Sutherland after being nominated every year previous.

The series received twelve Golden Globe nominations with two wins. The series received ten Screen Actors Guild nominations with four wins. Kiefer Sutherland was nominated in , , , , and , winning in and In , Empire magazine ranked 24 as the sixth-greatest television show of all time.

Kiefer Sutherland attributed the show's strong support from Fox to its early success in the UK. Fox's then-sister cable network FX aired a hour marathon of the first season on September 1, Labor Day. The release of 24 on DVD had a significant impact on the success of the television series. It was the biggest show the BBC has ever had. And that's because they showed it without commercials.

A special edition of the first season was released on May 20, The new set includes a seventh disc of bonus features, while discs 1—6 contain all 24 episodes with deleted scenes, audio commentaries, and 5 extended episodes. The set was packaged in a steel box. The DVD contains the broadcast version as well as an extended version with optional audio commentary, a making-of featurette, child soldiers in Africa featurette, a season 6 recap, and the first 17 minutes of the season 7 premiere episode.

The seventh season was the first season to be released on Blu-ray format. All eight seasons and Redemption are available for purchase or rental on iTunes , Amazon Video on Demand , and previously the Zune Marketplace.

All episodes were made available in HD. In Australia, The Complete Series was released on December 1, , [] and was re-issued with a new designed box on November 2, In November , Anil Kapoor purchased the rights to 24 to make an Indian adaptation of the series.

Kapoor, who played Omar Hassan in season eight of the original series, plays the lead role in the adaptation that is based on Jack Bauer , and also produces the series.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American television series —, American TV series or program. Serial drama Crime thriller Espionage Action [1]. Joel Surnow Robert Cochran. Kiefer Sutherland and others. Main article: List of 24 episodes. See also: List of 24 characters. Main article: Live Another Day. Main article: Legacy. Main article: List of 24 media. Main article: Critical reaction to Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Main article: 24 Indian TV series.

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Now disguised as Sethuraman, Athreya finds Mani and tricks him to upgrade the watch to enable larger time jumps. Mani manages to successfully upgrade the watch but learns Athreya's true identity and the reason for his parent's death after finding an extra digit in his father's picture. Mani tricks Athreya into revealing the date of his parent's death and returns to to warn them.

Sethuraman discovers the upgraded watch and realises that Mani has travelled back in time to warn them. Now prepared, Sethuraman manages to successfully use his watch to freeze time, kill Athreya and escape his henchmen.

Priya asks Sethu to throw the watch away as she has had enough of the past to which he complies. Sethu and Priya board the same train as Sathyabhama, and they start a conversation in which Sethu tells Sathyabama that he is a physics teacher to which she asked them to come and join her family's school as they want to hire a physics teacher.

Sethu and Priya, for a fresh and happy start, agree to it. The film ends with a young Mani talking to a young Sathya. In August , director Vikram Kumar announced that he was set to direct a film titled The film was backed by producer Mohan Natarajan, which would feature actor Vikram in a lead role. Harris Jayaraj was confirmed to score the music and P. Sreeram to handle the film cinematography. It will be her re-launch in Tamil cinema. She has given us bulk dates from February for the second schedule of the film.

Vikram clarified that he fine-tuned the film script but it was rejected by actor Vikram and the film producer. But this movie is about my perspective of this genre, and unlike what usually happens in such movies, I have kept the narrative very simple, so that anyone from the ages of six, right up to sixty can enjoy the movie, in which a gadget actually plays an important role.

In August , Suriya 's production company 2D Entertainment announced the project through their official Twitter handle. In October , A. Rahman was announced as the film soundtrack and score composer. Actor Suriya was confirmed as the male lead. This is the core theme of the film Actor Suriya played triple [13] roles in the film, with five appearances. Principal photography commenced in Mumbai on 8 April The shoot was completed in a single day.

In all, the film was shot for over days, out of which 30 days of work was done abroad. The film score and soundtrack album are composed by A. The lyrics to the songs are written by Vairamuthu and Madhan Karky. The soundtrack album was released by Eros Music on 9 April The film was released on an estimated 1,—2, screens worldwide.

In his review for The Hindu , critic Baradwaj Rangan called 24 an "intelligent, joyous mix of sci-fi and masala-myth. Suganth of The Times of India , assigned 4 out of 5 stars, stating: "It is not often that we see a big star choosing to take a risk with a script that is not simplistic or formulaic, especially when his last few films have underperformed at the box office, but here Suriya pulls it off admirably.

Director Vikram Kumar needs to be applauded for handling such a complex multi-layered screenplay. He extended his review by assigning 3.

Vikram Kumar's '24' is a visually stunning film with a novel concept. Every emotion is portrayed in his point of view; from love to comedy to pain to revenge, it all comes under his coverage as he plays three important roles in the film. J Hurtado of Twitch commented on the film, " 24 is about as high concept as masala entertainers come, it never forgets its purpose is to thrill its audience and give them what they paid for.

It is a breathless, inventive, romantic, action packed adventure that is packed to the gills with surprises and joy. In the U. The film's trailer, teaser and the first look posters featured Suriya as a paraglider. However, the paragliding sequences were removed by the film editor due to time constraints.

The title 24 was in a legal tussle when actor Anil Kapoor planned an action against the production house 2D Entertainment as the official look and logo of the film title seemed similar to the American TV series 24 , for which Kapoor had bought the remake rights from 20th Century Fox International TV.

His lawyers defended the case, stating that Kapoor holds one of the highest licensee deals for a fiction format. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Score: A. Release date. Running time. Suriya in a triple role as Dr.

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On a monumental day in Charles Logan 's presidency, an anti-terrorism treaty with Russian President Yuri Suvarov is about to be signed when events take a tragic turn. Former U.

Michelle is killed when her car explodes and Tony is critically injured in a secondary explosion but Jack manages to save Chloe. They take 40 people hostage in an attempt to dissuade President Logan from signing a landmark anti-terrorism treaty with Russian President Yuri Suvarov.

Terrorists, led by Vladimir Bierko , use the plot as a diversion to steal 20 canisters of VX nerve gas. They plan to release nerve gas on Russian soil and use that as an excuse for invoking the military clauses of the treaty, allowing Logan to secure American petroleum interests in Central Asia. David Palmer was killed because he was beginning to find out about their plan.

The terrorists weren't aware of this plot, believing they were being assisted by the American conspirators to smuggle the gas to Moscow, through their base in Asia and use it to attack Moscow in retaliation for Russia not giving the country the terrorists come from their independence and freedom from Russian rule.

Jack questions a former co-worker of his, Christopher Henderson, who he believes is willing to help. Instead, Henderson locks Jack in a room with a bomb, nearly killing him. Jack has Henderson brought to CTU and tortured; however, he refuses to reveal additional knowledge about the conspiracy. When CTU is decontaminated, Jack rushes to the medical room and sees that Henderson apparently killed Tony and escaped. CTU and Homeland Security agents race to find the location of the remaining nerve gas canisters.

This turns out to be Wilshire Gas Co. By incinerating the pipelines, Jack stops the nerve gas from being released and captures Vladimir Bierko. He is at the center of a conspiracy involving Cummings, Henderson, Nathanson, a mysterious man known as Graem and a group of men who monitor and influence the actions of Logan from an undisclosed location. Jack and Wayne retrieve a recording that implicates Logan from a bank vault and attempt to turn it over to U.

Secretary of Defense James Heller. However, Heller's plan to get Logan to quietly resign backfires when Christopher Henderson uses Audrey as leverage to get the recording from Jack. Jack and Audrey recapture Henderson but they find that he has passed the recording on to a co-conspirator aboard a diplomatic flight. Jack boards the plane and reclaims the recording by taking the co-pilot hostage. This triggers a response from Charles Logan who tries to have the plane shot down, citing that it could be used to attack civilian targets on the ground.

This causes others in Logan's inner circle to become suspicious of his motives. Jack Bauer lands the plane and delivers the recording to CTU. Logan decides to commit suicide to avoid the spectacle of a public trial, but before he can do so, a Homeland Security employee intervenes and destroys the recording, and is rewarded with a promotion by Logan.

Meanwhile, Bierko escapes CTU custody, and uses his last nerve gas container to take over a Russian submarine and gain control of twelve multiple-warhead non-nuclear land-attack missiles , each one capable of wiping out several city blocks. After cutting a deal with Christopher Henderson, Jack and Henderson together stop the attack from the submarine, and kill Bierko and his men. During a final standoff, Jack kills Henderson, who tried to shoot Jack with an unloaded pistol.

Though this venture proves unsuccessful, Jack manages to place a listening device on Logan. Martha then fakes a breakdown and tricks Logan into admitting his crimes, all of which is recorded on the device Jack planted on him.

Chloe then forwards the recording to the U. Attorney General. At a memorial service for David Palmer, Logan delivers a eulogy while Secret Service agents are informed of his actions, and soon is taken away by U. Marshals , under orders from the Attorney General and relieved of the presidency. Jack reunites with Audrey, however, Jack is kidnapped by Chinese agents, who had somehow discovered he was still alive. The season ends with a bound and beaten Jack on a cargo ship headed for China.

A minute prequel to the season was available with the fourth season DVD. Based on computer intrusion that happened when Chloe accessed Jack's autopsy report, she expresses concern that others might know Jack is still alive. This is confirmed when he tries to leave the meeting place and gets chased by agents in a black car.

It was broadcast on Sky One in the United Kingdom before the showing of the fifth season. The trailer for the fifth season recapped the Season 4 ending and emphasized that the show would be continuously aired. Many scenes shown were from the Season 5 premiere but a scene that shows an aerial view of Jack Bauer was unique to the trailer. Such a scene would not have been used in the show because the camera department prefers to shoot all scenes at eye level. This season is notable for the high number of major characters killed off.

Significant deaths included David Palmer , Michelle Dessler , Edgar Stiles , and Tony Almeida , although the latter's death was retconned in the seventh season. Actor Dennis Haysbert was against the killing of David Palmer and refused to film the scene. He relented after a meeting with the showrunner, though he still disapproved of the storyline.

The life of Aaron Pierce was threatened, but Martha Logan helped save him. The website's critical consensus reads, " 24 defies the law of diminishing returns with a spectacular fifth season that features White House intrigue, some of the most harrowing set-pieces in the series yet, and a heroically committed performance by Kiefer Sutherland.

The New York Times also reacted positively, saying, "all the villains, be they Islamic fundamentalists, drug smugglers, American oil brokers or Russian separatists, keep picking Los Angeles as a target for attack.

The fifth season was released on DVD in region 1 on December 5, [33] and in region 2 on November 6, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Season of television series. See also: List of 24 episodes. ABC Medianet. January 18, Archived from the original on May 28, Retrieved April 30, January 31, February 7, February 14, February 22, February 28, March 7, March 14, Archived from the original on October 11, March 21, March 28, Archived from the original on December 9, April 4, April 11, April 18, April 25, Archived from the original on November 5, May 2, May 9, May 16, May 23, May 31, Fox Broadcasting Company.

December 5, Fox Home Entertainment. New York Magazine. Retrieved April 27, Ain't It Cool News. Retrieved July 19, Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved November 5, January 17, Retrieved March 8, Retrieved October 25, The Hollywood Reporter. Archived from the original on April 16, USA Today. New York Times, Alessandra Stanley. January 13, The Boston Globe, Matthew Gilbert. January 14, August 27, Retrieved February 20, Archived from the original on November 4, Retrieved January 2, Season 1 " a.

Conspiracy The Game The Soundtrack. Law : Thirtysomething : L. Law : L. Categories : 24 TV series American television seasons. Hidden categories: Use mdy dates from April Articles with short description Short description matches Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Season 5. Promotional poster. January 15 — May 22, List of episodes. January 15, Bauer is revealed to be living with another identity while dating a widow named Diane Huxley, whose son, Derek, suspects Bauer.

CTU acquires evidence that accuses Bauer of David's assassination, also revealing that Bauer is alive. Agent Chloe O'Brian , revealed to be dating her assistant, Spenser Wolff, hears about the incidents and narrowly escapes the assassin and his men.

She calls and updates Bauer, who leaves to save her. He notices Derek following him and abducts him. They save O'Brian and Bauer kills the assassin and his men. Meanwhile, Logans' wife, Martha, revealed to have mental disorders , tells him that David wanted to talk to her about a national security issue involving Logan before his assassination; but he pretends not to believe her.

Bauer deduces that they can find out more in David's computer, which is in Wayne's apartment. Bauer poses as an agent and enters the apartment using O'Brian's help. He intercepts Wayne, who he is able to convince of his innocence. Bauer and O'Brian find the name of a Russian person who works in an airport. After delivering Derek to Diane, Bauer enters the airport and finds the target, who kills himself. Derek sees armed men entering the airport and goes in to warn Bauer, but the armed men start a lockdown and take everyone hostage.

Meanwhile, CTU believes that there will be an attack on Suvarov at the time of his arrival at Charles' retreat, but Suvarov and his wife arrive safely. President Logan plays an audio of David talking to Martha stating that he wants to talk about something unimportant, but she believes the audio is fake. Brad Turner. January 16, Bauer hides in a scouting position at the airport and contacts Buchanan.

The lead mercenary in the airport, identified as Anton Beresch, broadcasts a live video demanding President Logan not to sign the treaty, while threatening to kill the hostages. Charles states that he will not surrender to the demand and orders CTU to save the hostages. Beresch kills one of the hostages as a warning, aired live.

He brings up Derek next. Bauer demands agent Manning to start the rescue fast, but Manning states that they are not ready yet. As Beresch attempts to kill Derek, O'Brian helps Bauer remotely detonate an explosive vest worn by one of the armed men, diverting the attention from Derek.

Walt Cummings secretly informs Beresch about Bauer. Beresch holds Derek at gunpoint and forces Bauer to surrender. Meanwhile, Martha decides to find the original recording and convinces her personal assistant, Evelyn Martin, to cover for her so that she can escape her room. When she does, she forces a technical staff member to let her enter the archive room, where she finds the recording printout and takes it.

Beresch kills another hostage. Charles announces in his press conference with Suvarov that he will not surrender to the demand. Bauer notices Beresch giving an item to one of the hostages. As Manning and his men prepare to breach the booby-trapped entrance, McGill informs Buchanan of a hidden message in Bauer's report that implies he is under duress, making CTU reconsider their positions. As Charles and Suvarov sign the treaty, Manning's team storms in from a surprise point and a shootout starts; Beresch kills himself.

Meanwhile, McGill orders Bauer to be arrested despite the evidence against him having been proven false. Bauer tells Manning about the hostage associated with the kidnappers, who has now disappeared. The man goes to meet his associates and recovers chemical weapon canisters from an underground chamber. Cummings knocks Martha unconscious and recovers the paper from her.

January 23, Manning and his team track the man Bauer informed him about and they find the empty compound where traces of Sentox nerve gas are found. Cummings orders his operative to kill Bauer. The operative manages to enter CTU with Wolff's help. O'Brian finds out about Wolff's actions and Buchanan arrests him, but he refuses to talk. Cummings' operative lures Bauer to the medical subunit and attacks him, but Bauer manages to kill him.

He interrogates Wolff, who reveals Cummings' involvement. Since CTU can not arrest him without hard evidence, Bauer suggests confronting him alone. Meanwhile, Martha tells Charles what happened to her, but he does not believe her. Cummings convinces him to send her to a psychiatric institution.

She escapes her room and Secret Service is ordered by Charles to find her. Raines is tasked by McGill to debrief Diane. January 30, He contacts Mike Novick and arranges a secret meeting at the Presidential retreat. Martha is found by Secret Service and returned, arranged for transfer. Bauer confirms his love to Raines. Cummings reveals his involvement to a seemingly ignorant President Logan, stating that he and his American associates have aided a group of Russian separatists to acquire the gas and carry it to the Russian region, where the disclosure of the existence of the gas will allow the U.

Armed Forces to enter the region according to the treaty Charles has signed with Suvarov. Cummings convinces President Logan to arrest Bauer instead of himself. Bauer persuades agent Aaron Pierce to free him. They capture Cummings, and Bauer starts torturing him, who reveals the location of the canisters.

President Logan has Cummings arrested. CTU fails to find the canisters. Cummings receives a call from the operative, who promises upcoming attacks on the U. Logan tells Martha that she was right and thus keeps her at their retreat. February 6, Ivan Erwich, the operative Bauer recognized at the airport, contacts a man named Jacob Rossler, who instructs him how to prepare the canisters. One of Erwich's men challenges his decision to attack the U. Bauer, Manning and other agents move to Rossler's residence.

They storm in and capture him before finding a scared teenage girl in the bedroom, whom Rossler was keeping as a sex slave. Rossler agrees to help acquire the canisters in exchange for immunity and a safe way abroad with the girl. Bauer starts torturing him instead, but Lynn orders him to accept the deal. After a technician successfully prepares the canisters, Erwich kills him.

The girl fatally shoots Rossler, killing the only known connection to the canisters. Meanwhile, Lynn's sister Jenny convinces him to meet her outside the building, where he is attacked by her boyfriend, who robs Lynn's wallet. Cummings is found dead as a result of apparent suicide. February 13, Bauer answers Rossler's phone.

The meeting is arranged and Bauer heads there while wearing an earpiece. Erwich's operatives take the arranged item from Bauer, and they force him to accompany them to their destination in order to confirm it. Bauer sees a canister in the van and informs CTU. They arrive at a shopping mall , being followed by CTU. Bauer and Erwich's operatives enter a room with access to the ventilation system and prepare to release the gas.

They demand a code from Bauer necessary to activate the canister. A debate starts at CTU on whether or not to let the operatives kill the people at the mall in order to maintain Bauer's cover and recover the other canisters. They ask Charles, who approves the sacrifice. Bauer disobeys the order and gives the wrong code, locking the canister instead. Erwich instructs his operatives to activate the canister another way.

Bauer frees himself and kills one of the operatives while the other escapes. Some of the gas is released before Bauer disables the system. He orders an evacuation before joining agents to chase the operative, who is informed by Erwich and ordered to kill himself, which he does.

February 20, Manning arrests Bauer on Lynn's order. Bauer gets a call from James Nathanson, an associate of Cummings', offering to help if Jack comes alone. He escapes from Manning and heads to the meeting location. Erwich is killed by his boss, Vladimir Bierko, for wasting a canister on Americans.

Bauer arrives at the location, where Bierko's men also arrive to kill Nathanson. A shootout starts and Nathanson dies after giving a chip to Bauer, who escapes.

Meanwhile, Lynn has Buchanan detained for facilitating Raines' communication with Bauer. Lynn calls Jenny and requests his keycard in the wallet. She agrees but her boyfriend stops her. The long-awaited two-night four-hour season premiere aired on Sunday, January 11 and Monday, January 12 , To account for the long wait before the premiere of the season, a two-hour prequel was produced, set in Africa, entitled Redemption.

It aired on Sunday, November 23 , Season 8 begins and ends at pm. The first trailer called "Survive" was posted on the fox. He is officially retired and wants to move to Los Angeles with his daughter , son-in-law and granddaughter. Plans change when an informant provides intel that an assassin plans to kill the Islamic Republic of Kamistan President Omar Hassan at a peace agreement between him and President Allison Taylor.

Jack is forced to go back to the newly established CTU and returns to the life he was ready to leave. In the afternoon of March 26 , , a statement was issued from FOX explaining that Season 8 would conclude 24' s run on television. Kiefer Sutherland gave a statement:. Executive producer and showrunner Howard Gordon was also a part of the decision.

He was quoted saying:. In May of , almost three years after the series finale, it was announced that Fox would produce a 24 miniseries of twelve episodes, titled Live Another Day , as part of its new strategy of limited-run "event series. Bauer's intervention puts him at odds with the local CIA station and its agents, while also pitting him against new and old enemies.

The new series, planned to run twelve episodes, stars Corey Hawkins as a retired Army Ranger who becomes caught up in a terrorist incident and seeks the aid of CTU. The first season debuted on February 5 , , the first Fox series to premiere immediately after the year's Super Bowl broadcast.

In February , it was reported that this spin-off didn't make it to a pilot order this season. Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier said that the network wasn't "announcing anything" yet and stressed the seriousness with which they take the franchise.

He added that they would only bring back the franchise if "the creators and writers feel like they have the right story to tell". Following the series finale, plans were made to produce a 24 feature film, based on a script by Billy Ray and later rewritten by Mark Bomback. Various directors attached to the project include the late Tony Scott and Antoine Fuqua.

In March , the project fell through due to budgetary disputes, as well as scheduling conflicts with Kiefer Sutherland 's new series Touch. The following is a selected list of major awards for which the show has been nominated or has won for acting, writing, directing and casting. Anil Kapoor Film Company , an Indian production company founded by actor Anil Kapoor who played President Omar Hassan in 24' s eighth season, produced a Hindi language television drama series based on 24 , with Kapoor playing the lead role.

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