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Cummins sales and service locations

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The trains convert hydrogen fuel into energy and turn existing, non-electrified infrastructure into zero-emission rail lines. These trains emit only steam and condensed water while in service and operate with low noise levels that improve both operator and passenger comfort. The facility was fully operational in , enabling accelerated adoption of hydrogen technologies across Europe and the globe.

This year, we drove the green hydrogen economy forward across the globe by supporting new infrastructure projects and advancing government decarbonization goals. Construction is scheduled to be complete by the end of The , sq. Operation began at our new Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems Production Center in Herten, Germany this year, which further enables the adoption of hydrogen technologies across Europe.

We expanded our Mississauga, Ontario, Canada campus by adding a third facility dedicated to hydrogen technology. We unveiled the Meritor 17Xe ePowertrain integrated with a Cummins battery system.

The 17Xe is designed for heavy-duty trucks with the capacity to support 44 tons of gross combined weight. Our clean drivetrain options offer performance and packaging advantages for diverse applications across the globe.

We announced that we'll begin producing electrolyzers in the U. To drive the domestic green hydrogen economy forward, we'll start at megawatts MW of manufacturing capacity annually, scalable to 1 gigawatt GW in the future.

Cummins Inc. Now in its 23rd year, the award recognizes employees who demonstrated excellence in innovation and technology by developing significant intellectual property for our products. The first winning patents relate to the mitigation of sulfur accumulation on a selective reduction catalyst SCR. Ancimer, Currier, Kamasamudram, Kumar, and Yezerets developed methodologies to not only monitor this accumulation of sulfur but regenerate the catalysts faster, and at lower temperatures, through the synchronization of engine operating conditions during regeneration.

Wilson developed a different approach targeted for the service channel in areas with high sulfur fuel, particularly the Euro V products in South America. A key feature of his invention involves the deactivation of cylinders, and his work has been cited numerous times by non-Cummins patents. This feature automatically senses a variety of factors, such as grade and weight, and selects the optimum torque for performance and fuel economy. The invention was first in production in and has been a standard offering of the X15 product since This award was created to honor Dr.

Perr, who passed away in , joined Cummins in after fleeing Communist Hungary. In his lifetime, he was named the inventor or co-inventor of granted patents and remains an inspiration to many in our industry.

The other three winners were unable to attend, but their award and special recognition have been provided to them separately. Members of a selection committee, made up of leaders from across all business units, meet yearly to evaluate patents that have created significant value for our products. In , over 1, patents were reviewed for consideration before selecting the final patent award recipients.

Since , only 84 patents have been selected for this prestigious award with each invention adding value to our brand promise of innovation and dependability. Congratulations again to the recipients on the honor of winning the Julius Perr Innovation Award. Smart phones, smart TVs, virtual assistants, smart thermostats, smart locks and doorbells. Our homes are now filled with smart devices. Unfortunately, most of them become useless without power to run or recharge. This is why homeowners should consider installing one smart device above all other: a home standby generator.

With increasingly severe weather, rolling blackouts, and aging power grids, I can tell you without a doubt a backup generator is a worthwhile investment. The best part of owning one of these smart devices? It does it automatically. When we install a Cummins home standby generator, we also install a Cummins automatic transfer switch. This transfer switch constantly monitors the electric utility power coming into the home.

If it detects a break in service, it will automatically disconnect the home from the electric utility line in a split second and turn on the Cummins generator to power the home instead.

The generator is fed either by a natural gas line or by a propane tank. While the Cummins generator is powering the home, the transfer switch will continue to monitor the electric utility line. The generator and the transfer switch do all the work. Just as critical as having a Cummins Authorized Dealer professionally install your backup generator and transfer switch is making sure you choose the right size generator for your home.

At this time, Coach Care facilities are not equipped to handle these types of repairs. While Cummins is not currently contracted with a third-party warranty company, our service advisors will work with you to provide any invoice information you may need to submit a claim. The information you are looking for is on cummins. Performance you can count on. Service you can believe in. Current Coach Care Promotions No current promotions. Please check back soon. First Name. Last Name. United States.

I agree to receive exclusive offers, updates and promotions regarding Cummins Inc. I can withdraw my consent at any time. For more details see our privacy policy or contact us.

Questions about Coach Care? We have answers:.

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Accenture technology apprentice salary Take a look read article to see how Cummins Genuine Parts outperform wnd substitutes. When you need us most, Cummins is ready to answer the call. I agree to receive exclusive offers, updates and promotions regarding Cummins Inc. Just as critical as having a Cummins Authorized Dealer professionally install your backup generator and transfer switch is making sure you choose source right size generator for your home. First Name. Our homes are now filled with smart devices. What amenities do Coach Care facilities offer?
Cuantos musculos del cuerpo humano Making this available through CUMMINS will link customer handoffs, reduce downtime, and ensure our customers receive responsive and proactive software anx support, every time. Learn more about Cummins resources at your service, and sign up for news and updates on Genuine Cummins Parts programs, bundled service kits, and other tools that can help your business and your customers. While visiting an authorized dealer or service center is the best way to keep your engine humming, operators can also find self-service help through Cummins QuickServe Online. Dec 22, by Cummins Inc. The first winning patents relate to the mitigation of sulfur accumulation on a selective reduction catalyst SCR. Outlying Islands U. Smart phones, smart TVs, virtual assistants, smart thermostats, smart locks and doorbells.
Cognizant placement papers with solutions Perr, who passed away inread more Cummins in after fleeing Communist Hungary. Oct 25, read article Cummins Inc. What type of services do Coach Care Complete facilities offer? For more details see our privacy policy or contact us. This transfer switch constantly monitors the electric utility power coming into the home. Over time, non-genuine parts can impact performance, cause service issues and increase lifetime maintenance costs. Join us as we reflect on five wins from our New Power business unit that helped make this year truly cumminss.
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While many projects focus on phosphorus containing compounds, the Cummins lab is broadly interested in main group and transition metal chemistry as well as crucial organic synthesis. We are fortunate to have this work supported by both the NSF and the NIH as well as a number of corporate and academic partners. Graduate students, post doctoral researchers, undergraduate researchers, and visiting students often pursue a new, exciting research direction.

However, a few key, current research directions in the Cummins group follow. Synthesis of Reactive and Strained Molecules. The Cummins group has always been interested in the generation and study of reactive small molecules as well as the trapping and reactivity of these compounds.

Initial research often focused on transition metal complexes of these compounds, and recent research often focuses on the synthesis of suitable organic precursors. Depending on the nature of the substituent, these compounds are able to release reactive phosphinidene species into the solution or gas phase either for further reactivity or spectroscopic characterization.

Such platforms have been used to generate a wide variety of reactive small molecules including P 2 and phosphaalkynes. We are currently exploring the effect of new R substituents such as aryl groups as we endeavor to generate new phosphorus containing compounds with applications as ligands and as possible sources of interesting reactive fragments.

Reagents with incipient anthracene leaving groups are useful as group transfer reagents for generation of systems featuring reactive metal-ligand multiple bonds. Recent Highlights. Sustainable Phosphate Reduction and Utilization. All phosphorus containing compounds are ultimately derived from phosphate rock minerals. The vast majority of this resource is cheaply converted to phosphoric acid, an essential fertilizer component. All reduced phosphorus and phosphorus-carbon bond containing compounds are instead produced from the energy intensive carbothermal reduction of phosphate to white phosphorus P 4.

We seek to render obsolete this energy intensive process by converting phosphates directly to value added reduced phosphorus containing compounds, circumventing redox inefficient and dangerous white phosphorus. Utilizing lipophilic cations such as bis triphenylphosphine iminium and tetrabutylammonium, we have isolated a variety of protonated or dehydrated phosphate compounds which would be inaccessible in aqueous solutions.

We have furthermore utilized these compounds as ligands for transition metals to stabilize terminal oxo species or act as electrolytes for redox flow batteries. Recently, we have applied these dehydrated and activated phosphates as phosphorylation reagents.

These new reagents are able to efficiently introduce long oligophosphate chains in one transformation. Furthermore, the resulting cyclic intermediates can be further functionalized and ring opened to access terminally disubstituted oligophosphates with varying phosphate chains lengths. Current research is aimed at the selective introduction of even longer chains a new complex morphologies. With the Raines lab MIT , we are actively engaged in collaborative biochemical applications for these oligophosphates as inhibitors of Ribonuclease A.

Always customer-driven. With more than 9, locations around the world, service is always nearby. The future pulls us forward We are Cummins. Watch our story. Always responsible. Cummins careers Power your potential An appetite for innovation. Explore careers. Cummins sustainability Our commitment Our environmental, social and governance strategy focuses on reducing emissions, using natural resources responsibly, and helping communities address real environmental challenges.

Explore sustainability. Always trusted. Nov 15, Specialising in Produce Transport Read article. Nov 08, Home Standby Generators are smart tech and a smart choice Read article. Oct 25, Counterfeit parts not worth the risk, warns Cummins Read article. See All News. Connect with us Get support Contact sales Dealer locator. Redirecting to cummins.

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