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Hazbin hotel baxter

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Though left in a state of confusion, and unable to escape the lab as it had gone into lockdown, Baxter adjusted to his environment, though he was angered by the burden of a miserable life. With the brain of the most intelligent scientist in Germany, Baxter then devised a plan to create a portal to an alternate dimension so he could find a better life.

Over the course of several months, he scrounged up any resources he could to build a portal, along with creating his own experiments by experimenting on the same scientists that tortured him, eventually murdering them.

Just as Baxter had finally built a seemingly functioning portal one that was just his size, so only he could use it and was just about to test it, a recovery team was sent to the laboratory to find out the fates of the murdered scientists.

When the lab's lockdown mode was disabled, Baxter saw an opportunity to escape and fled, messily lugging his portal around with him. He managed to escape into the lab's sewer system until the pipe he was crawling began pouring out water, sending him and his portal to the outside world in a river.

Due to partially being an anglerfish, Baxter survived, though his portal began sinking to the bottom. Unable to let his chance to finally live sink to the bottom, Baxter swam too deep into the river in an attempt to retrieve it, resulting in him drowning to death as he was ultimately still "human", thus finally putting him out of his misery - in life, at least.

Baxter has the attitude one would expect from a wacky, classic mad scientist; Intellectual, devious, ill-tempered, and introverted, constantly claiming to be busy and insisting on finishing his experiments. He possesses an extremely self-inflated ego, always thinking himself to be the smartest person in the room, putting his work above himself and others, and blatantly possesses a god complex.

He lacks manners and is extremely impolite and rude, often shoving people out of his way or screeching over them, and demanding that they refer to him as "Doctor" or "Captain". He persistently attempts to persuade the other hotel members into allowing him to perform invasive and potentially lethal experiments on them, and at times attempts to do so even without their consent.

He suffers from paranoia and anxiety, worried that people are trying to steal his ideas. He operates on an illogical and "outside the box" way of thinking, since he wants to be smarter than everyone else. Initially, he was very introverted and wanted nothing to do with anyone, preferring to conduct his experiments alone in peace.

However, years of being stuck in Purgatory with no one but his asocial assistant and sycophantic robot minions made Baxter starved for contact with "test subjects" and seems to have softened him up. Thus, when Vaggie , Angel Dust , Fergus, Cherri Bomb , and Husk stumbled into his laboratory, he was ecstatic to finally interact with new "test subjects", though he was only to thinly disguise his true intentions with a hospitable exterior.

Baxter is incredibly crass and insensitive, lacking any sense of personal space; he pounced on Vaggie's chest in excitement upon meeting her, and tried to perform brain experiments on Husk to obtain his supernatural luck. He also routinely experiments on and even tortures Squish , justifying it by saying that Squish signed up for it, though Squish himself says otherwise.

He is also very inconsiderate and has a general disregard towards the feelings of others, as he seems completely oblivious to the fact that Crymini does not enjoy being his intern, and fails to notice when he is disturbing others or putting people off by his mannerisms and habits.

Furthermore, he is disrespectful towards Niffty for her advances, even calling her a "slut". Despite his brilliant mind, he is extremely arrogant, snapping at people who so much as question his inventions, even when said inventions malfunction as a result of Baxter overlooking any flaws. He is also heavily implied to be a tad insane, as he frequently carries on entire conversations with himself, and nonchalantly mentions having voices in his head.

Angel Dust even called him a little "unstable" when introducing him to Charlie. The only thing Baxter values more than himself is science, proclaiming it to be the most important thing in the world, and will happily put himself and others in danger for the advancement of it. Although he is very arrogant and tends to inflate the overall importance of his experiments, Baxter is exceptionally intelligent in many regards; even while trapped in Purgatory on a dead planet, he was able to find a military base and convert it into a home and laboratory for himself and Crymini.

He also constructed an army of functioning robots who followed his bidding, and was capable of somehow constructing a functioning spaceship with many amenities within, despite limited resources. After the eight year timeskip, he successfully built a portal back to Hell which would have been able to transport himself and the hotel crew back to Hell, if not for the portal being destroyed by Vox.

Based on him inventions, he seems to have a very adaptive mind for the time he lived in. Despite having little in the way of manners, Baxter was surprisingly friendly and cordial to the hotel crew in Purgatory. Although he abandoned Vaggie's team when the Army of Darkness attacked his laboratory, he justified that he was leaving them behind to protect himself and Crymini, and after escaping, he used the B.

X Galaxy Light to travel and rescue the hotel crew from Lucifer, Satan, and the Vees , proving he didn't completely abandon them. Even after the hotel crew split during the eight year timeskip, Baxter frequently kept in touch with Fergus by contacting him on his laptop screen, frequently checking in on him for eight years, even when the latter didn't desire Baxter's company. He also protected the seven angels on his ship when it was under siege by the Army of Darkness.

He is also capable of showing a more fun-loving side, as he enjoys playing games with high levels of thinking, such as chess. However, it is implied that he will return to his grumpy, introverted ways now that he is at the Hazbin Hotel as he insisted that Charlie find him the emptiest, largest room in the hotel and to leave him alone so he could create a new laboratory.

Baxter is an anglerfish sinner who has grey skin with a blue-grey tone. He has a notably short stature, being the second smallest member of the hotel crew after Niffty. He has two fins on the side of his head, which resemble ears, and has three cyan-colored, bioluminescent freckles dotted on his "hair" and on both of his cheeks, underneath his eyes.

He has styled, short and swept back "hair", which are actually royal blue scales with blue-grey streaks.

He has sharp, cyan-colored teeth, and his mouth curls at the sides whenever he grins. He has cyan sclera with coral pink irises, and his eyelids are a dark royal blue. Baxter almost always wears glasses which he insists are goggles , the frames of which are coral pink with yellow lenses.

Whenever experimenting of crafting inventions, he wears actual goggles with black straps, and cyan lenses. Baxter primarily wears a full-length, grey laboratory suit with yellow buttons down the length.

He wears a small black hat with his esca protruding from it. The "light" is of a yellow gradient that glows in the dark, and there are two cyan stripes above it.

He wears wrist-length black lab gloves, and boots. Prior to the events of the series, Baxter hired Crymini as his assistant and "intern". Baxter appears to view Crymini as a type of ward and a friend. During their experiments, he usually shouts at her in a dramatic manner to perform various actions for his experiments, much to her chagrin. He also enjoys playing games such as chess with Crymini in his free time, with the latter mindlessly playing along while on her phone and paying no attention.

In addition, Baxter is protective of Crymini, as when the Army of Darkness attacked his base to kill the hotel crew, Baxter prioritized his and Crymini's safety by choosing to leave the hotel crew behind and save them at a later time.

Even though Baxter is generally friendly, if a little bossy, towards Crymini, she has the tendency to behave asocial and aloof to both Baxter and his experiments, and superficially does not seem to enjoy his company, although Baxter seems oblivious to this, or just chooses to ignore it. That being said, Crymini does ultimately see Baxter as a friend, although she has difficulty expressing it.

It is shown that she does not accept Baxter being insulted or degraded by other people. After Baxter used the B. X Galaxy Light to rescue the hotel crew from Satan, Lucifer, and the VVV Overlords, Fergus called the scientist a "crackpot" behind his back and questioned whether the hotel crew should stay with the scientist, which caused Crymini to become rather irritated, threatening that if Fergus did not take back his insult, she would drive the Galaxy Light right back to Satan and leave the hotel crew there.

Baxter and Vaggie first met when Baxter's robot minions attacked Vaggie and her side of the hotel crew upon them trespassing into Baxter's laboratory. Once Vaggie made it clear that she and her group were only seeking help, Baxter became ecstatic and pounced on Vaggie, hugging her with excitement, and allowed her and the others to stay at his laboratory. In their sporadic interactions, Vaggie is often put off by Baxter's overly affectionate tendencies, such as invading her personal space and at point, forcing her and Husk to sleep with him in his bed, even when they weren't willing and couldn't sleep due to Baxter's bright lure keeping them awake.

With Baxter now a patient at the hotel, Vaggie respects Baxter as a competent scientist and helpful addition to the hotel crew, but has to keep him in line so he won't experiment on the hotel crew or the angel children. Baxter both respects and is scared of Vaggie and is often intimidated into listening to her. Baxter treated Fergus with as much hospitality as he did the rest of Vaggie's team, allowing him and Angel Dust to test the firearms in his laboratory's shooting range.

He is often seen with a nervous expression on his face due to his nerves becoming even worse since the downfall of Hell. Baxter is a former friend of Alastor, his little heart has been broken by what Alastor has become but that does not diminish him from his goals of overthrowing the mad demon. He works as the Resistances Inventor and Scientist to invent new weapons to take on the Tyrants. He finds ways to infuse normal weapons with that deathly touch the angel weapons possess but overworks himself constantly to do so.

His old personality full of wonder and excitement because of his work has seemed to falter since the takeover, rarely ever showing once he completes a project because he knows it will be used against his former friend. Katie Killjoy. Katie Killjoy makes sure misinformation is spread through the media about Baxter and the Resistance; he despises her for this fact. Wiki Content. Explore Wikis Community Central. Don't have an account? History Talk 0.

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