founder of centene
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Founder of centene

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James Dallas is the Centene board of directors chairman. However, he has announced his intention to step down from his position by the Annual Meeting of Stockholders. Dallas will continue to serve on the board and is eligible for reelection next year. Sarah M. Over his year career in finance, he has gained experience in company finance, economics, capital markets, and investment strategy. Samuels is also an independent Bristol Myers Squibb and Perrigo board member.

Chris Coughlin has vast experience producing shareholder value as a senior finance and operations executive at a wide range of global public firms. The New Jersey Chapter recently named Mr. Coughlin a Director of the Year. In January , Wayne S. DeVeydt was promoted to the executive chairman position of Surgery Partners, Inc. He previously led the company as CEO in February Orlando Ayala is a retired chairman and corporate vice president of emerging businesses for Microsoft Corporation.

Jessica L. She participates in Audit, Compensation, and Technology Committees. Frederick H. Eppinger has worked in the insurance business for over 35 years and has a lot of experience in the industry.

Richard A. Gephardt started Gephardt Group in after serving for 28 years in the U. Air Force General Lori J. Robinson is one of the newly elected board of directors members. After 36 years in the military, Gen. Robinson left the Air Force in July Centene uses cutting-edge technology and a data-driven approach to improve the quality of its service.

Throughout the years of dedication and commitment to quality health care, Centene received health plan accreditations and program awards. Sign Up Now! Dawn Pamulaya. September 2, Table of Contents. Video of the Day. Last Name. Email address:. Centene Corporation provides government-backed high-quality healthcare services to uninsured and underinsured individuals in all 50 states and Washington D. Learn about Centene Corporation leaders, founders, executives, and how they bring their individual expertise to the table.

Centene Corporation is one of the biggest names in the health insurance landscape selling an array of healthcare services to government-sponsored healthcare programs. It is the largest Medicaid managed care organization in the country. Centene Corporation is built upon humble beginnings as a nonprofit Medicaid plan whose only aim is to make health care accessible to everyone.

It was later named Centene Corporation in Currently, Centene Corporation headquarters is in St. Louis, Missouri. Almost four decades later, Centene continues to grow as one of the largest providers of quality health care. Running the day-to-day management is Chief Executive Officer Sarah London who with her strategic thinking and fresh perspective puts Centene at the forefront of innovation in providing healthcare services.

Through data-driven insights and technology, she harnesses the potential of Centene in transforming healthcare services into a value-based care model — one that values the quality of services, rather than quantity.

As Senior Vice President of Technology Innovation and Modernization, London also held responsibility for enterprise-wide technology and execution with a focus on next-generation products and services. London began her career in health care at Health Leads. Layton brings in 20 years of experience with increasing responsibility in the health care industry.

He used to run a managed care consulting firm and created a diverse group of health care from Avesis, Absolute Care and other managed care companies. He joined Centene in Around March of , he became President of the U. Health Plans, Products, and International. He spent five years as an auditor and accountant serving clients that included managed care.

Having worked at WellCare before joining Centene in January , Drew Asher brings his technical and financial skills to the managed care space. His track record in the managed care space proves his worth in leading a growing enterprise.

Based in the Greater St. She aims to establish a purpose-driven workforce strategy, helping enhance culture using new employee programming, communication, and engagement channels.