humane pest control
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Humane pest control

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Please contact us with any comments, questions, or suggestions via careforwildlife at gmail. Thanks for your interest. Wild Neighbors: The Humane Approach to Living with Wildlife, by John Hadidian A page paperback, Wild Neighbors provides "practical, humane, and effective advice on how to share living space with 35 of the most common species—from alligators to woodpeckers—found in the lower 48 states.

Advice focuses on how to: properly and accurately define a wildlife problem; determine what type of animal is causing it; identify the damage; effectively take action for a humane and permanent solution; and proactively avoid future conflicts. Powered by Joomla! Live trapping is the primary nuisance wildlife control method for 48 percent of PMPs, found the survey, and PMPs reported in follow-up interviews that their goal is to relocate trapped animals to natural habitats.

This may require special permits to transport the animals, as well as written permission of the landowner on whose property the critters are being released. Sometimes states do not allow the release of certain species, such as vectors of rabies, and so PMPs are required to euthanize the animals.

In fact, exclusion is the primary method used by 35 percent of PMPs to control nuisance wildlife, found the survey. By sealing roofline gaps and entry points and screening vents, animals can no longer enter the structure and become a problem. Those access points are sealed once the skunks have left. PMPs also need a strategy to deal with groups opposed to wildlife control in general, said Clegg. He ran into this after trapping and relocating a family of gray foxes that were living near the Durham Bulls minor baseball league stadium in downtown Durham.

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